Insect pollination book wins best wildlife book prize

This video says about itself:

The beauty of pollination

7 May 2011

We are all dependent to each other. Taken from Louie Schwartzberg TED talk.

In the Netherlands, there is a prize for the best wildlife book. It is called Jan Wolkers prize, in memory of visual artist, author and wildlife lover Jan Wolkers.

Today, the jury decided that the Jan Wolkers prize 2015 goes to the book Niet zonder elkaar (Not without one another).

It is about how insects make pollination of flowers possible.

Entomologist Louis Schoonhoven wrote this book, together with co-authors.

Students dance like bees, video

This video from the USA says about itself:

Entomology Students Do the Waggle Dance

17 October 2015

During the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America, graduate student Sheena Sidhu asked other students to do the waggle dance, a series of movements done by honey bees to show other bees the location of a good food source.

Caffeine Makes Bees More Likely to Do the Waggle Dance: here.

All the foods we’d miss out on without bees.

Fifteen new cicada species discovered in the Netherlands

This video, recorded in the USA, says about itself:

Amazing Cicada life cycle – Sir David Attenborough‘s Life in the UndergrowthBBC wildlife

24 October 2008

After lying beneath the earth for up to 17 years, cicadas venture above ground as a massive group to shed their larvae shells, sprout wings and sing for a mate. Sir David Attenborough demonstrates how easy it is to hypnotise a male cicada with the click of his fingers in this amazing wildlife video from BBC animal show ‘Life in the Undergrowth’.

Translated from the Dutch entomologists of EIS Kenniscentrum Insecten:

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Cicadas are considered by many entomologists to be difficult animals to recognize. Possibly because many Dutch species are small and only after careful research into their genitals the correct species may be found out. Through focused attention in recent years as many as fifteen new species have been collected in our country, these are described in the latest issue of Entomologische Berichten. In total there are in our country now 402 cicada species.

The Dutch cicada species are two to at maximum 18 millimeters in size, most are about 5 millimeters. Many cicadas are beautifully coloured and have interesting ways of life.

Insect films at Rotterdam Wildlife Film Festival

This is a video about dragonflies by Andy Holt from Britain.

At the Wildlife Film Festival in Rotterdam, the Netherlands will be films on various animals, including insects.

The festival organisers write about this Andy Holt film:

Dragonflies are a colourful and distinctive feature of fresh water habitats. While many of us think of the colourful acrobatic aerial hunter, this is only a small part of a dragonfly’s life-cycle. This 15 minute film charts the dragonfly’s life story and highlights some of the surprising adaptations adopted by different species.

This video is called A Passion of Gold and Fire (trailer) 2015.

The festival organisers write about this film:

A beekeeper shares his worries about the future of his apiary. A passion of gold and fire which definitely helps our environment to keep on living.

This German language video by Dr. Kurt Mündl from Austria is about bumblebees.

The festival organisers write about an English language film by the same filmmaker on the same subject:

They are chubbier, fuzzier and more leisurely than their sisters, the bees. They are a lot less aggressive and awe-inspiring than their cousins, the wasps. Compared to honey bees, these social insects have long been poorly researched, though they‘re at home in temperate regions throughout the Northern Hemisphere and South America.

A few tropical species form colonies lasting several years, but elsewhere only the summer‘s new queens survive into next spring. Macro and high-speed cinematography allow us to witness their behaviour, understand their biology, experience their unique abilities and leave us in awe of these droll little harbingers of spring.

Honey buzzard excavating wasps’ nest, video

This video is about a honey buzzard excavating a wasps‘ nest near Emmen, Drenthe province in the Netherlands.

Arjen de Haan made this video.

New grasshopper species discovery on Texel island

This is a video from Switzerland about the Phaneroptera falcata grasshopper.

Warden Jitske Esselaar reports from Texel island in the Netherlands about the discovery of a grasshopper species, new for Texel.

In the sand dunes near the North Sea, a Phaneroptera falcata grasshopper was seen.

This is a species of the southern part of the Netherlands. However, it is expanding to the north.

Red wood ants at work, video

This video shows two worker red wood ants.

One of them licks fluid from between the moss and transfers it to the other ant.

Danielle Hagenbeek from the Netherlands made this video.