Stop badger killing in England, 21 November demonstration

Stop badger killing

From the Badger Trust in Britain:

On the 21st November a peaceful march will be taking place in Herefordshire to bring awareness to the public of the cruel situation surrounding the Badger Culls.

There will be a march around the town at 13:00, followed by speeches and discussion from:

Dominic Dyer, CEO Badger Trust

Mark Jones, Vet – Born Free Foundation

Lynn Sawyer, Wildlife Campaigner

Meeting point for the march at 13:00 is:

Castle Green,



Demonstration report: here.


Winter butterflies in Britain

Peacock butterfly seen in Herefordshire on 18th December 2012

From Wildlife Extra, about England:

Butterflies in December

Peacock butterfly in December

December 2012. Was driving along today (December 18th), a nice sunny day with temperatures hovering around 7-8 degrees, when something fluttered across my bows. Unfortunately, I was armed with only a mobile phone camera, so my apologies for the quality, but the image does show a peacock butterfly.


Although it is quite unusual, several butterflies can sometimes be seen flying in the UK, even in mid-winter. Peacock and Red admiral are probably the most common, and small tortoiseshell can be found sheltering in houses and other buildings.

Read more about wintering and hibernating butterflies and moths with Butterfly Conservation.

Dutch butterflies in winter: here.