Dutch painter Henk Helmantel

Yesterday, a male pheasant in Losdorp, its head coming out of a grain field just behind the garden.

In the afternoon, from Losdorp to Westeremden, more to the south in Groningen province.

The originally medieval rectory of the Westeremden church has been rebuilt by well-known Dutch painter Henk Helmantel. Helmantel now lives there and works there. Part of the rebuilt rectory is a museum for Helmantel’s paintings.

This video is about Henk Helmantel working on a new painting.

Helmantel is a superb craftsman. His style is not avant-garde, it is rather reminiscent of seventeenth century Dutch still life painters. Helmantel considers Rembrandt a main source of inspiration.

Among the paintings in the museum now, some depict birds. Including a robin, a hawfinch, a kingfisher, a magpie and a goldfinch. All those birds are dead and lie on their backs.

Photographer captures Kingfisher beak to beak with its reflection in high-speed bomb for food: here.