Herta Mueller, German poetess, wins Nobel prize

This is a video of Harold Pinter’s Nobel lecture.

Harold Pinter´s Nobel Prize for Literature speech was called Art, Truth & Politics.

Herta Mueller, German poetess, wins the Nobel prize in literature this year.

As British daily The Guardian notes: “Müller becomes only the 12th woman to have won the Nobel since it launched in 1901”.

The Nobel Prize in Literature has been awarded 102 times to 106 Nobel laureates between 1901 and 2009. Only 10 of those winners were women. Meanwhile, the Man Booker Prize has been awarded to 15 women in 40 years: here.

“The judges are usually men, and they tend to prefer men’s writing,” Mexican journalist and novelist Elena Poniatowska, a perennial candidate for the Miguel de Cervantes Prize, said with a note of resignation in her voice: here.

Harold Pinter, pro peace writer, dies

This is a video of Harold Pinter’s Nobel lecture.

From the BBC:

UK playwright Harold Pinter dies

Many of Pinter‘s plays are considered classics

Nobel Prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter has died aged 78.

He had been ill with liver cancer, it is understood.

Pinter wrote more than 30 plays including The Caretaker, The Homecoming and The Dumb Waiter. His film scripts include The French Lieutenant’s Woman.

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Harold Pinter was a staunch opponent of wars, like in Yugoslavia or Iraq. Warmongers hated him for this.

Pinter’s The Caretaker at the Harvey Theater in Brooklyn: A classic has lost none of its power: here.

Three of US director Joseph Losey’s best films were made in collaboration with British playwright Harold Pinter: here.