English winter ducklings saved

This video says about itself:

A mother duck looks on while twelve of her adorable ducklings attempt to overcome what is to them a very large obstacle, the stairs. Will they make it? Watch and find out!

From Wildlife Extra:

Early-Bird Ducklings Have A Lucky Escape

With reports of daffodils in December and the warmest winter on record, it looks like spring has sprung much earlier than expected in 2016.

It’s not just the local flora that has been confused by the unseasonably warm conditions, as this week, eight tiny ducklings were picked up in Emsworth, Hampshire, having hatched some four months earlier than expected.

These adorable little ‘early birds’, thought to be just a few days old when found, were rescued from the roadside after their mother and three siblings were tragically struck by a car and killed. They were taken to Arthur Lodge Veterinary Surgery in Horsham, who contacted Tarnya Knight, a local wildlife carer, who works for the Born Free Foundation.

Tarnya will now look after the mini-mallards until the spring. She said: “Normally you wouldn’t see ducklings until around April, but due to the unusually warm weather this little brood has hatched early. Depending on how cold it is outside, I’ll keep them indoors for a few weeks and then they’ll be moved to a duck pen outside where they will stay until they are old enough to fend for themselves.”

The eight ducklings have affectionately been nicknamed: Mike, Carol, Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby and Cindy, after the ‘Brady Bunch’ family.

Tarnya added: ”Despite their sad start to life, these little ones are actually very lucky to have been brought to safety. By the time spring arrives officially, they will be ready to be released back into the wild.”

War profiteers BAE meeting invaded by pro-peace people

This video from England says about itself:

Challenging the arms trade at BAE‘s AGM

5 June 2013

Protesters “completely overwhelmed” the Annual General Meeting of BAE Systems, the world’s third largest arms company. Now we need to do the same for one of the world’s largest arms fairs.

Campaigners took over BAE‘s Annual General meeting questioning the company time and again on its weapons sales to repressive regimes and introduced some surprises too. The Independent newspaper described the protest as a well orchestrated “surge” which overwhelmed the meeting.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

Peace activists from the Campaign Against Arms Trade invade BAE Systems annual general meeting

Thursday 8th May 2014

Campaign Against Arms Trade members travel to Farnborough in Hampshire to disrupt the BAE Systems AGM in protest against its dire record of flogging weapons to tyrants

ARMS dealer BAE Systems’s annual conference was invaded by dozens of peace activists yesterday.

Campaign Against Arms Trade (Caat) members travelled to Farnborough in Hampshire to disrupt the corporation’s AGM in protest against its dire record of flogging weapons to tyrants.

The meetings were previously held in central London, but had been moved to an old hangar at a former military airport in a failed bid to escape protesters.

One shareholder complained: “I thought it would keep these rowdy people at bay.”

Speeches from the stage were drowned out by an orchestra of noises activists made according to instructions on bingo cards — the mention of the firm’s motto, “inspired work,” inspired a choir of vomiting sounds.

Chief executive Ian King’s attempt to deliver an account of the company’s financial year was interrupted by a shout of “blood money!” from a woman protester.

Activists — and the Star’s reporter — took up a quarter of the conference room, having gained entry by buying proxy shares.

Some shareholders smirked as three Caat members dressed as cheerleaders began a chant to welcome new board chairman Sir Roger Carr, only to be forcibly removed from the room.

Protesters kept up an unrelenting stream of tough questions and Mr Carr grew increasingly tense as he was asked about his moral compass.

The grisly record of one of BAE’s largest clients, the misogynist autocracy of Saudi Arabia, came under particular scrutiny — with one young man shouting: “What about Bahrain?” in reference to the Saudi invasion that crushed its pro-democracy movement.

Peace campaigner Symon Hill asked about BAE’s ethical record, but Mr Carr answered lamely: “I’m not here to judge.

Governments are here to judge who our allies are and what is in the interest of world peace.”

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament community campaigner and Caat supporter Anne Shultess said the day was “brilliant.

“Disrupting the meeting and making them feel uncomfortable is such an important part of what we do — that’s what raises awareness.”

The day would be a success if it led BAE employees and investors reconsider their position, she added.

BAE Systems’ AGM was emblazoned with their disturbing slogan “INSPIRED WORK” as its new chair, Roger Carr, tried repeatedly to assert its “ethics” and describe its business as working for “world peace”. But campaigners found some creative ways to subvert the arms company’s attempts at whitewashing: here.

A subsidiary of arms manufacturer BAE Systems has been fined £80,000 after a worker’s leg bone was shattered while test firing a gun on a Northumberland range: here.

British discoveries of wildlife, but no cicadas

This video from Britain is called How a smartphone could become an endangered cicada detector.

From Wildlife Extra:

Search for Britain’s only cicada finds rare wildlife, but no cicada

Close, but no Cicada

June 2013. Rare species of moth, bat and plant were discovered in the New Forest National Park during a 24-hour census of wildlife. Enthusiasts young and old were joined by a host of experts over the weekend in this year’s BioBlitz, organised by the New Forest National Park Authority.

500 species recorded

There were more than 1,200 finds with about 500 different species surveyed including the rare and aptly named moth Scarce Merveille du Jour, and the Daubenton’s bat which was recorded for the first time at Roydon Woods Nature Reserve near Brockenhurst.

No Cicada

But there were no sign of the elusive New Forest cicada despite help from a new smartphone app developed by scientists at the University of Southampton. The rare singing insect is the UK’s only native cicada and hasn’t been seen since 1993, although some evidence of its presence was found in 2000. The ‘Cicada Hunt’ app was launched at the BioBlitz and can pick up the insect’s distinctive mating calls which it sings from May to July. More than 200 people have already downloaded the free software since it was released on 3 June, but so far its songs haven’t been heard.

Next month is the best time to search

Dr Alex Rogers, from the University’s Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering, said: ‘The next month or so is the ideal time to search for the New Forest cicada. It likes warm, still, sunny weather, and is most likely to be found in sunny clearings, where it will sing for a few hours either side of midday.’

The cicada app is available now for both iPhone and Android smartphones on the iTunes and Google Play app stores. Search for ‘Cicada Hunt’. To find out more about the New Forest Cicada Project go to www.newforestcicada.info.

UK: Turtle doves and barn owls are in crisis. Half of wildlife species are in decline. But is the news really all bad? A look at 50 years of change reveals a far more complex picture: here.