Caterpillar on apple, video

This video shows a caterpillar of a privet hawk moth on an apple in the garden of Xandra van den Oever in Haarlem in the Netherlands.

Ring-necked parakeets conquer Haarlem city

This video is about ring-necked parakeets in Greece.

Dutch SOVON ornithologists estimate there are now about 10,000 ring-necked parakeets in the Netherlands. Mainly in the big cities The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

However, they are spreading to other cities like Haarlem.

The birds showed up for the first time in Haarlem in 2005. Last winter, 500 parakeets were counted at Haarlem sleeping roosts. In June 2014, 937 individuals were counted.

Dutch lies on ‘North African crime’

This Dutch video is about an anti-racist demonstration in 2010 in Amsterdam.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Declaration about abuse proves to be false

Monday 14 Oct 2013, 14:43 (Update: 14-10-13, 14:46)

The 20-year-old woman from IJmuiden who claimed she was assaulted by six men appears to have invented that story. The woman has confessed that she made a false declaration.

The woman said she was in a bus [#75] in Haarlem and had a discussion with six men. When she got off the bus, they supposedly chased her and beat her up.


The police investigated camera footage and questioned witnesses, but these did not confirm the statement by the woman. When police confronted her with that, she confessed that she had lied.

The PVV [Geert Wilders‘ xenophobic party] asked parliamentary questions on this issue. According to the woman she was supposedly attacked by men looking like North Africans.

See also here.

Audubon’s Birds of America, other old books, online

This video from the USA is called JOHN JAMES AUDUBON: THE BIRDS OF AMERICA.

Translated from Historiek in the Netherlands:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Teyler’s Museum in Haarlem this Tuesday put online fifty highlights from its own library collection. People can now browse the Internet for the most famous bird book in the world and for the well=known eighteenth-century Atlas Major of Reinier Ottens.

One of the works which the museum has put online is the rare book The Birds of America (1826-1838) by John James Audubon. Teyler’s Museum is the only institution in the Benelux countries which owns a complete copy of this, the world’s most famous bird book. US American writer and naturalist John James Audubon (1785-1851) wrote the book in the nineteenth century. Audubon painted birds, often life-size, during his journey to America. Back in London he decided to make a book. In that book one can admire 435 pictures and 1065 birds.

Haarlem poetry festival

This is a video about the Haarlem poetry festival in the Netherlands in 2011.

This year, 17 May 2012, there was a festival as well.

It was at six places near the inner city central market square, where the medieval main church is.

Haarlem, 17 May 2012, near the medieval main church

The official opening of the festival was by the two poets Rick de Leeuw and Erik Jan Harmens; reading from their new poetry book which they had published together.

Rick de Leeuw and Erik Jan Hermens reading their poetry, Haarlem, 17 May 2012

There were a hundred poets participating. Including yours truly. I read some poems of mine twice.

The first time was on the street before the Koops pub.

The first poet there was Maarten Willems. Also a singer-songwriter, he sang a few songs as well.

Then Jos Zuijderwijk. His poems included one on birds’ songs (including wheatears and shrikes).

Jack Terrible, Haarlem, 17 May 2012

Third was Jack Terrible. All his poems this time were about psychology and psychiatry, and his bad experiences with them.

Then, me, with poems on the Dutch government, insects, and other subjects.

Audience in Haarlem, 17 May 2012, while I read my poems

Then, Harry Aukes from IJmuiden.

Then, Dick van Hoeve from Bergen.

Finally, Jando (stage name of Jan de Dood). His poems included one about anabolic steroids.

Then, to the Waag building to hear other poets.

Mirjam Al had a poem against the Greek “Golden Dawn” nazis.

Mirjam Bros had one on great crested grebes.

Then, to the archaeological museum. There was my second time to read my poems.

Til Schaap reading a poem, archaeological museum, Haarlem, 17 May 2012

One poem by Til Schaap was about bankers’ bonuses.

Ex-nurse Liesbeth de Kat had poems about Auschwitz. Ex-homeless bicycle repairman Michel Fakkeldij had poems on homelessness.

Priest suspended for supporting football team

According to NOS TV in the Netherlands, the Roman Catholic bishop of Haarlem, Punt, has suspended parish priest Vlaar from Obdam for celebrating a mass in support of the Dutch national football team. During the mass, on the final day of the World Cup tournament in South Africa, priest Vlaar prayed for unity and team spirit in the soccer team, which became second after losing from Spain in the final.

So, now the Roman Catholic hierarchy suspends a priest for something as innocent as supporting a football team.

On the other hand, the Roman Catholic church hierarchy never suspends a priest for a mass linked to something as secular as the carnival festival (recently, after for the first time, an openly gay Roman Catholic man became “prince” of the carnival festival, he was refused communion; which caused much revulsion).

The Roman Catholic church hierarchy never suspends priests, bishops or archbishops for blessing bloody wars, whether conducted by Italian dictator Mussolini in Ethiopia (see also here), German dictator Adolf Hitler, or US President Johnson in Vietnam.

And most of the Roman Catholic priests who have raped children have only been suspended after a very long time, if at all. Often, they have just been moved to other parishes, where they started their practices once again.

So, my cynical “advice” to priest Vlaar: you should have become a paedophile or a warmonger instead of a football fan. Then, you would still be in your job …

Update September 2010 here.

This is a video about the Roman Catholic church during the fascist dictatorship in Croatia during World War Two.

Catholic Church will ‘never’ recognise gay marriage, bishop tells Cameron: here.

This week in 1910 Spain recalled its ambassador to the Vatican after the Holy See issued an ultimatum demanding Madrid reverse a new law granting rights to non-Catholic religious organizations: here.