Conservatives deport Caribbean British people, Grenada reacts

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21 April 2018

Grenada‘s Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell is speaking up for the family of a Grenadian member of the Windrush generation who fell on hard times and died in the UK last week.

Britain: CWU Conference ’18: May and Rudd should resign over the Windrush scandal, delegates hear: here.

OFFICIAL expressions of sorrow, sympathy and assurances of recompense to the children of Windrush generation are meaningless because the government stands by its legislation that sparked their problems: here.

May on the ropes over ‘racist legislation’. Tories face mounting fury over Windrush deportations: here.

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn says Prime Minister Theresa May’s ‘hostile environment’ set a ‘deliberately unreachable bar’ for migrants and created the Windrush generation scandal: here.

Grenada’s national parks and rare dove sold to foreign big business. Stop this!

From BirdLife:

Grenada’s “crown jewels” up for sale


The Grenadian government has passed an amendment to the Grenada National Parks and Protected Areas Act, giving the Governor General the right to sell national parks land (and other protected areas) to private developers.

The amendment to the National Parks Act allows the sale of the Mount Hartman National Park – the last stronghold of the Critically Endangered Grenada Dove Leptotila wellsi – for a massive hotel and villa complex.

Half the global population of Grenada Dove –just 120 individual birds- are found within the Mount Hartman Estate, with the majority currently finding safe haven inside the Mount Hartman National Park.

“By paving the way for the sale of the Mount Hartman National Park, the Grenada government seems to have gone back on its word that the park would remain intact,” commented David Wege, BirdLife’s Caribbean Programme Manager.

As recently as the end of February, the Hon. Ann David-Antoine, Minister of Health, Social Security and the Environment stated in a letter that “the Government has not abolished the sanctuary [Mount Hartman National Park] nor will it do so”.

“With foreign investors and developers apparently driving the development process in Grenada, the loosening of the National Parks Act is potentially devastating for the protection of Grenada’s rich natural heritage.” said Wege. …

Noted author Graeme Gibson, who alongside Margaret Atwood [see also here] is a co-patron of BirdLife’s Rare Bird Club, has created a website offering advice and information to those who are interested in supporting the campaign and lobbying both Grenada and Four Seasons.

In August 2011, the Government of Grenada’s Cabinet approved the protection of the last piece of government-owned Grenada Dove habitat through the addition of approximately 100 acres (c.40 ha) of the Beausejour Estate to the adjacent Perseverance Protected Area and Dove Sanctuary. This extremely positive move towards the conservation of Grenada’s national bird – the Critically Endangered Grenada Dove Leptotila wellsi – now requires a survey and then legal designation by the Grenadian Parliament: here.

Grenada: resort for the rich threatens national park

From BirdLife:

Government of Grenada sells off National Park for Four Seasons resort


A ‘high-end luxury resort’ threatens one of the last remaining refuges for the Grenada Dove, a Critically Endangered species with a global population of just 180 birds.

In an unprecedented move the Government of Grenada looks set to sell the whole of the Mount Hartman National Park to make space for a Four Seasons Resort, on the basis of its biodiverse location and “sea-view”.

The Mount Hartman National Park – also called ‘The Dove Sanctuary’ – in the south-west of Grenada, supports at least 22% of the global population of the Grenada Dove – equating to just 20 pairs.

With such a low population in just a few remnant patches of forest, Grenada Dove is facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the near future.

The Sanctuary was created 10 years ago, in order to mitigate for habitat removal elsewhere on the island, partly from development.

This year saw the opening of a visitor centre to mark the educational value of the park for tourists and local people.
But now the proposed hotel project, supported by the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts group, plans a 150 room hotel, 300 luxury villas as well as a golf course, marina and conference centre.

Dove Sanctuary was chosen on the basis of its natural surroundings, a rare commodity in Grenada today, and the unimpeded sea-views that abound throughout it.

Dove Sanctuary has been identified by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area (IBA) for the Grenada Dove and for eleven other species that occur only on Grenada or in the Caribbean region like Antillean Crested Hummingbird Ortho[r]hyncus cristatus and Grenada Flycatcher Myiarchus nugatory.

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