Stone circle in Gozo, Malta, threatened by development

This video is about the Gozo Ggantija megalithic temple.

‘At nearly 6.000 years old, the Ggantija temples are the world’s oldest free-standing structures, and the world’s oldest religious structures, pre-dating the Pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge.’

New look for Ggantija temples: here.

From Archaeo News:

Maltese stone circle threatened by development

The Malta Environment and Planning Authority’s Development Control Commission (MEPA) has been advised to grant permission to a private developer to build a two-storey house and swimming pool adjacent to Gozo‘s prehistoric Xaghra Circle.

The site in question, in the shadow of the Ggantija Temple and in the middle of an archaeologically rich area, lies partly within the limits of the important Xaghra Circle archaeological site.

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