Brown looking for Thatcher’s advice

This video from Britain says about itself: ‘UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks about his undying admiration for Margaret Thatcher.’

From British daily The Guardian:

Thatcher to meet with Brown on nostalgic return to Chequers

Margaret Thatcher is to return to Chequers tomorrow at the invitation of Gordon Brown, it emerged last night. The prime minister is expected to discuss the global downturn with the woman who dealt with some of Britain’s toughest postwar economic conditions.

In a departure from his high profile courting of Thatcher exactly a year ago, when she visited Downing Street in full view of the cameras, Brown has arranged for a low key lunch in the relative privacy of the prime minister’s official country residence in Buckinghamshire. …

Downing Street is likely to be careful to play down the political significance of tomorrow’s meeting. Thatcher, who will celebrate her 83rd birthday next month, is in fragile health. Her daughter Carol said last month that the former prime minister has been suffering from dementia for at least seven years.

Some people will say that Thatcher suffered from dementia already during her time in office, even before the full effects of her alcohol consumption showed.

What a sad reflection on the leader of what officially is still called the “Labour” party that he values advice on economic policies from someone who is not only demented, but also very Rightist.

Gordon Brown in Afghanistan

This video from the USA is called Labor International Conference To Stop The War 10/20/2007 San Francisco.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Political epitaph

(Thursday 21 August 2008)

WHICH genius dreamed up the idea of sending Gordon Brown off to Afghanistan to meet puppet president Hamid Karzai and to mimic Tony Blair‘s previous media stunt of posing in brilliant white shirt surrounded by British soldiers?

President Karzai could only have been the answer to the question of what international leader’s grip on his job is more tenuous than our Prime Minister’s.

Commentators used to joke that his writ only ran as far as the outskirts of Kabul. This overstates his real influence.

The Afghan president continues to be guarded by US contractors because he distrusts his own armed forces and he is utterly dependent on NATO military power, which remains incapable of suppressing resistance to the occupation of Afghanistan.

Mr Brown’s lavish praise of British troops, likening them to Olympic heroes on a daily rather than a four-yearly basis, is unlikely to have endeared him to them, knowing, as they do, that he is responsible for placing them in the dangerous and unwinnable situation that faces them.

British troops were originally dispatched to Afghanistan in what was said to be a cross between a peacekeeping and a nation-rebuilding mission.

It has turned out to be an all-out war, especially since they were redeployed, at Pentagon insistence, to Helmand province, where resistance is fierce and where casualty levels have inexorably risen.

Despite this reality, the Prime Minister claims that “substantial progress” is being made against the Taliban and the proof for this is that the Afghan resistance is having to adopt tactics “more of a guerilla nature than head-on confrontation with our forces.”

How very unsporting. Wouldn’t it be so much better if the Afghans formed up into massed ranks to charge tanks and heavy machineguns or to present a clear target to the occupiers’ aerial power rather than using roadside bombs and suicide attacks.

The government’s advisers should have known that such guerilla tactics would be favoured in a long-lasting war of attrition, but new Labour put subservience to the White House before any concern for British troops, to say nothing of the Afghan civilian population, who are the real sufferers in this US imperial aggression.

Still, it’s an ill wind that blows no-one any good and the arms traffickers of BAE Systems aren’t doing too badly at all, thank you very much.

Our government’s slavish determination to support every Made in Washington war has meant a bonanza for the company’s private shareholders, with the latest contract to supply ammunition to our armed forces over the next 15 years weighing in at £3 billion.

That should guarantee plenty of bonuses and dividends for senior civil servants and new Labour ministers who jump on board after being deservedly turfed out at the next general election.

Armed Forces Minister Bob Ainsworth is delighted that this programme will ensure “a modernised, sustainable munitions industry which will support British jobs.”

What a pity that such concern for industry and jobs has never extended to the rest of Britain’s manufacturing sector, which new Labour has allowed to disintegrate without lifting a finger.

And it is this obsession with war and private profits that will be new Labour‘s political epitaph.

From British daily The Guardian:

As more and more British soldiers are killed and wounded, their commanders are becoming increasingly frustrated by the failure to make a breakthrough in Afghanistan.

Cartoon on Brown’s Afghanistan trip: here.

Blairism-Brownism makes British Labour fifth party

This video is called Blair, Iraq and Britain (Blair lies for Bush).

Hurrah for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, with their Iraq war, their Afghanistan war, their slavishness to George W. Bush, their privatizations, their corrupt administrations, their neo-conservatism … NOT!!

They have made the British Labour party into a fringe party.

From British daily The Guardian:

Humiliation for Labour in Henley poll

* Patrick Wintour, political editor

* Friday June 27, 2008

Gordon Brown suffered a scathing first anniversary verdict on his premiership early this morning when Labour not only lost its deposit in the Henley byelection, winning less than 5% of the vote, but was pushed into fifth place behind the Greens and the British National party.

In an excellent night for David Cameron, the Conservatives easily held the leafy Oxfordshire seat, beating back the Liberal Democrat challenge. The Conservative candidate, John Howell, a local businessman, won with a majority of 10,116, a 4% increase on his share of the vote at the general election. The turnout was just over 50%, relatively high for a byelection.

Labour had been bracing itself for the loss of its deposit, but had never expected to collapse in to fifth place. The last time one of the major parties finished fifth in an English byelection was when the Liberals contested Walsall North in 1976.

Howell secured 19,796 votes, 56.95%, and a 3.46% increase on the Conservatives’ general election share in 2005. Stephen Kearney, the Liberal Democrat candidate, won 9,680, a 27.85%, share and a 1.84% increase on the Liberal Democrats’ 1997 result. The Greens came third with 1,321 votes, (3.80%) and the BNP fourth with 1,243 (3.58%).

Labour was consigned to fifth place with 1,066, securing just 3.07%, down from 14.7% on its 1997 share. It only narrowly avoided coming sixth behind Ukip.

The byelection was caused by the resignation of Boris Johnson following his election as mayor of London in May.

Alexander quits as Scottish Labour leader: here.

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Glasgow East by-election: here. And here. And here.

Brown and trade unions: here.

In British elections, Labour now third party, ‘thank you’ Blair and Brown

This video is called Bye bye Blair.

Yesterday, there were local elections in England and Wales.

Not all results are known yet; for instance, the London results are not in yet.

However, as far as results are in, the Labour party vote has collapsed into becoming the third party, smaller than the Conservatives, even smaller than the Liberal Democrats.

The BBC says:

[Labour Prime Minister] Gordon Brown says it has been a “bad” and “disappointing” night for Labour, as the party suffers its worst local election results in at least 40 years.

BBC research suggests Labour won 24% of votes cast in England and Wales, behind the Tories on 44% and Lib Dems on 25%.

So far Labour has lost more than 160 seats with the Tories gaining 147.

‘Thank you’, ‘New’ Labour Rightist fake ‘reformers’!

‘Thank you’, Tony Blair, for your Iraq and Afghanistan wars and your Thatcherism!

Thanks, Gordon Brown, for your admiration for United States neo-conservative Gertrud Himmelfarb!

Socialist Unity blog in Britain about the election results: here and here.

No Blair Force One, Brown says

This video from Australia is called Iraq – Only ‘sadness’!!!

From the Prestwich and Whitefield Guide in Britain:

Brown scraps Blair Force One plans

5:04pm today

Gordon Brown has scrapped plans to buy two private jets to carry him and the Royal Family around the world.

Instead the Government is scaling back proposals made by former premier Tony Blair, which were expected to cost taxpayers £100 million, and will buy only a small plane for trips around the UK.

The decision to abandon plans for the jets – nicknamed “Blair Force One” – was disclosed in a written statement to MPs by the Department for Transport.

See also here.

Well, at least Gordon Brown scraps one small part of Tony Blair´s disgusting policies.

It would be even better if Brown would bring the British troops back from Iraq and Afghanistan, where Blair sent them, based on lies.

And if he would use the small plane which will be brought now, to send Blair to a court of law to stand trial for his war crimes.

British scientists criticize Brown’s unsafe nuclear plans

This video from Britain says about itself:

Nuclear Gordon Brown. One tune for the WWF and another for the CBI. It’s a nuclear Brownwash. He’s making vague promises.

From British daily The Guardian:

Scientists take on [Prime Minister Gordon] Brown over nuclear plans

Academics say safety concerns of new generation of plants not yet addressed

Read the full text of the report here (pdf)

See also here.

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Britain: Brown government slashes science budget: here.

UK New Labourite Gordon Brown inspired by US neoconservative Himmelfarb

This video from Britain says about itself: ‘UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown talks about his undying admiration for Margaret Thatcher.’

After Gordon Brown’s and Tony Blair’s praise for Margaret Thatcher

From British daily The Independent:

Gertrude Himmelfarb: Brown‘s guru

It is the unashamed moralism of the doyenne of US necons that appeals

By Paul Vallely

Published: 03 November 2007

Tony Blair, you will recall, was the chap with the Big Tent. Nothing so crass as that for Gordon Brown. But consider the speech he gave on liberty and the need for a new Bill of Rights earlier this month. And look at the list of sources he cited: the Magna Carta, Milton, Locke, Voltaire, John Stuart Mill, Macaulay, de Tocqueville, Orwell, Churchill, Green, Hobson and Tawney, Jonathan Sacks, Gertrude Himmelfarb

Hang on a minute. Gertrude Himmelfarb? Isn’t she the extraordinarily right-wing historian who has been described as “Queen Bee of US conservative intellectuals and cheerleader for the Bush administration“?

Er, yes, that’s the one. And the Labour leader is not just quoting her. He’s written the introduction to the British edition of her new book The Roads to Modernity: the British, French and American Enlightenments. More than that, he invited her to lead a seminar at No 11 Downing Street when he was Chancellor. And if the doyenne of American neocons feels well enough – she’s 85 now – he’s promised her she can have the launch party for the new volume in No 10.

Gordon has long been keen on American intellectuals. A few years back he did the intro to a book called God’s Politics, by a US leftist evangelical, Jim Wallis. But then Wallis is big on fighting poverty, and though he is anti-abortion he’s pro-gay rights.

Himmelfarb, by contrast, is a fully signed-up reactionary who thinks that, since the “liberated” Sixties, the West has descended into “grievous moral disorder”. She has called for a return to Victorian values and a re-establishment of the distinction between the deserving and the undeserving poor. …

The year she graduated, 1942, she married [Irving] Kristol. …

Their son William is now the editor of Rupert Murdoch‘s ultra-right magazine The Weekly Standard and chairman of the neocon think-tank Project for the New American Century. “No family has had a greater impact on today’s conservatism,” The New Yorker said recently, “than the Kristols”. …

Critics say she has a blinkered or naive view of the world, ignoring issues such as slavery and racism. They point to the paradox that the untrammelled market she endorses produces the hedonist culture promoted by the likes of Rupert Murdoch.

GORDON BROWN “deliberately” ran down Britain’s manufacturing base when he was Labour chancellor in a bid to mimic the US economy, a former trade union leader has claimed in a new book: here.

Australian Rudd and Murdoch: the fashioning of a Blair-style “Labor moderniser”: here.

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Mother of Scottish soldier killed in Iraq urges Brown to pull out troops

This is video of the song by Edwin Starr – WAR (live in TV Show). Originally written against the Vietnam war. Lyrics are here.

From the Daily Mail in Britain:

Mother of Scottish soldier killed in Iraq urges Brown to pull out troops

Last updated at 12:51pm on 29th June 2007

The mother of a young soldier killed in Iraq has made an impassioned appeal to Gordon Brown to bring British troops home.

Her son Jamie Kerr was one of three British soldiers killed by a roadside bomb in Basra this week.

In a message on her Bebo webpage, Pte Kerr’s mother, Paulene Ward, wrote: “How many more families must go through this pain? It’s not funny – bring our boys home safe and sound asap.” She said Mr Brown had phoned her to offer his condolences.

But she continued: “I can’t even begin to explain the pain I’m feeling right now. My heart is breaking, I feel no pain, just numbness. I see no light at the end of the tunnel.

“My son, my action man, has been taken from me. I can’t believe I will never see or hear from him ever again. I feel empty, sad and bitter. I keep asking myself, why him?

“God only takes the good ones, so I’ve been told, but this does not help to ease my pain and grief. All who knew him will cry a silent tear. His smile lit up every room he entered. My cheeky rogue, everyone loved him, you will be sorely missed.”

Pte Kerr had phoned his mother hours before his death saying he wanted to come home. His father John Paul Ward told the Daily Record newspaper: “Jamie said being out there was not what he thought it would be. He didn’t want to be there. He was more scared than anything else. I think being out there was a reality check.”

The deaths bring to 156 the number of British military fatalities since hostilities in Iraq began.

See also here.

Brown administration: here.

UK: Blair gone, soldiers in Iraq keep dying

Anti Iraq war music video from the USA (2006). Background music is Three Dog Night’s Liar.

From the Daily Mail in Britain:

Brown‘s bloody first day: Soldier from his home town dies in Iraq

Last updated at 18:33pm on 28th June 2007

Gordon Brown’s first full day as Prime Minister has been overshadowed by the deaths of three soldiers killed in Iraq, including one from the new Premier’s own constituency.

In the bloodiest day for British forces in almost three months, three soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb as they patrolled in southern Iraq, including one from Mr Brown’s constituency of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath.

Meanwhile, UPI writes, on Brown’s predecessor Tony Blair:

The former British prime minister will be joining the foundation board of the Geneva-based World Economic Forum, best known for its annual meeting in Davos which brings together business leaders, academics and policymakers at the Swiss resort town.

Apart from supposedly bringing peace to the Middle East, probably in a similar way as a butcher made president of a veganists’ league will promote veganism, Blair will now join the WEF which attracts so many protests.

With someone like Blair, protests will only get bigger.

New cartoon animation as Brown replaces Blair in the UK

Blair and Bown, cartoon

This new animation by Matt Buck from Tribune is about Gordon Brown taking over as British Prime Minister from Tony Blair today; looking somewhat like George W Bush on that infamous aircraft carrier on May Day 2003.

Buh bye Blair: see here; and here.

Bush on Blair: here.