Bird migration in Georgia news

This video from Georgia is called Batumi Raptor Count 2013.

From the Batumi Raptor Count site in Georgia, today’s results of the counting of migratory birds at Batumi-Shuamta are:

1710 honey buzzards

3 black storks (one adult, two juveniles)

37 black kites

32 marsh harriers

3 pallid harriers (one male, one female, one youngster)

48 hen harriers

1 goshawk

2 steppe buzzards

2 long-legged buzzards

4 booted eagles

1 osprey

56 bee-eaters

Dutch birdwatching TV game show

This 13 July 2015 video introduces the new Dutch TV show In de ban van de condor.

On 4 September 2015, on Dutch TV, there will be the start of a new game show about birdwatching. The name of the show is In de ban van de condor (Fascinated by the condor).

Teams consisting of one birdwatcher and one celebrity will compete who is best at birdwatching.

Among the birdwatchers will be Debby Doodeman, and Camilla Dreef. Among the celebrities will be actress Inge Ipenburg and model Sylvia Geersen.

The first round of the game show will be in four areas in the Netherlands: Biesbosch national park, Texel island, the Veluwe, and Waterland.

The winners of the first round will go to Georgia, where there is massive autumn bird migration.

The final round will be in Peru: looking for the Andean condor.

Bird migration in Georgia, beauty and poaching

This video is about autumn bird migration near Batumi in Georgia.

It shows both the beauty of the migration of raptors and other birds, and the killing of birds by poachers.

Great horned owl webcam in the USA

This video says about itself:

Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) calling for its mate on Dixon Branch of White Rock Creek in Dallas, Texas. This particular owl was hooting a territorial call for another owl that can be faintly heard some distance away beginning after the call around the 1:50 mark. The owls call to each other in a duet before finding each other for night hunting and nest building.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in the USA:

Our newest Cornell Lab Bird Cam just went live—Great Horned Owls from Savannah, Georgia (thanks to our partners at Skidaway Audubon).

This cam was initially planned to broadcast from an established Bald Eagle nest nearly 80 feet above the coastal Georgia salt marshes. But last month a pair of Great Horned Owls moved into the nest instead. So, we’ll go with the owls.

Right now the female is incubating two eggs, which should hatch around the end of January. Don’t miss your chance to get to know these secretive denizens of the darkness as they raise owlets in the coming weeks.

Owl species in North America: here.

Batumi, Georgia, big birds of prey migration

This video from Georgia says about itself:

Honey Buzzard migration, Batumi 2013-09-03

A short film of migrating Honey Buzzards in Batumi. The bottleneck of Batumi is probably one of the best places to be if you wanna see a lot of migrating raptors. In early september, the peak time of honey buzzards occurs and thousands of Honey Buzzards migrate.

As this blog noted, bird migration counters in the Netherlands considered yesterday, 27 August 2014, a good day, including 451 honey buzzards.

However, there are always other days, better than good days.

Today, 28 August, in Saghalvasho near Batumi, in Georgia, 81,666 honey buzzards were counted!

Other species there today: black stork 5. White stork 20. Black kite 246. Marsh harrier 64. Pallid harrier 1. Montagu’s harrier 288. Booted eagle 3. European roller 108.

Champions of the Flyway 2014 race helps mobilise falconers to save migratory raptors in Georgia: here.

Much has been written about the Batumi Bottleneck in Georgia and its importance for migrating birds. So it’s great to hear that its protection is valued and will continue, thanks to the Whitley Fund for Nature and the Society for Nature Conservation in Georgia (SABUKO)</a: here.

Dutch government’s cruelty against ill 6-year-old refugee girl

This video from the USA is called Targeting Cancer: The Story of Leukemia.

Renata, © EO/De Vijfde Dag

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant:

Teeven again under fire after disputed deportation of dying Renata

By: Maartje Bakker – 02/08/13, 06:00

State Secretary of Immigration Teeven is again under fire because medical care to an asylum seeker has failed. When 6-year-old Renata from Georgia stayed first in a refugee center, later in a prison, the medical staff did not notice that she was suffering from leukemia.

There was no access to the GP, while there were serious indications of a serious illness

CDA MP Eddy Hijum

Opposition parties in the House of Commons wonder whether deporting Renata’s family was considered more important than proper health care. Renata Agamiryan, in the weeks before she was deported, had fever and nosebleeds and showed signs of anemia: all symptoms of leukemia. Nevertheless the doctor’s assistant in the refugee center did not send her to a doctor.

When Renata’s parents brought the girl on their own initiative to a GP, the doctor prescribed a blood test. Although the parents of Renata repeatedly insisted on that test, it was not done in the next week. The dying Renata was put on a plane to Poland.

Once deported, she was found to suffer from acute leukemia. At the Binnenhof [Dutch parliament] the story evokes memories of the Russian asylum seeker Alexander Dolmatov. While in prison, he also did not get the medical care which he needed. Nurses neglected to warn doctors about the suicidal tendencies of the Russian. Dolmatov hanged himself.

“No more indifference”

In the debate on Dolmatov’s death Teeven, Secretary of Immigration promised that in the future government personnel would act more humanely when dealing with asylum seekers – so, no more indifference. This was for the PvdA

the junior partner party in the coalition government with Teeven’s VVD party

a condition to keep supporting Teeven as Secretary.

CDA MP Eddy van Hijum doubts whether Teeven can live up to his words. In the case of Renata ‘Teeven can say that there should be attention for the human dimension in dealing with asylum seekers. But I do not have the impression that this is happening.” According to Van Hijum the government failed on three occasions. “There was no access to the GP, while there were serious indications of a serious illness. The medical information was not transferred from the asylum seekers center to the prison. And there has been no medical test prior to deportation, while that should be usual.”

Also D66 and SP parties will ask Teeven questions. “It’s like Dolmatov. You feel guilty – this should not be true in the Netherlands” says Sharon Gesthuizen (SP). Gerard Schouw (D66): “The aim of deporting someone seems to have prevailed here above careful assessment of the symptoms of illness.”

Also translated from De Volkskrant:

Renata’s disease has a cure rate of 90 percent, provided that it is detected early. Things are not going well with Renata now. Her fate now depends on a second round of chemotherapy in the hospital in Poland.

Renata Agamiryan’s name sounds Armenian. The president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili, preaches bigotry against the ethnically Armenian minority in his country. This is probably the background of why Renata’s family had to flee to the Netherlands.