Fungi and late butterfly of Gooilust

Strict-branch coral fungi, Gooilust, 24 November 2014

After 23 November in the Corversbos nature reserve, the next day, 24 November, to Gooilust, not far away. We found these strict-branch coral fungi there.

Before finding these fungi, we had heard nuthatches.

A red admiral butterfly, flying to the top of a coniferous tree; basking in the sunshine on a branch. This was about the last mild autumn day. Next night, it would freeze. Has the butterfly survived that?

Clouded agaric mushrooms. A robin on a branch.

Mycena, Gooilust, 24 November 2014

After the coral fungi, these small mushrooms. Probably one of many Mycena species.

Mycena, in Gooilust, 24 November 2014

This, on a fallen tree, looks like another Mycena species.

Whitish-greenish fungus, 24 November 2014

On a stump, much bigger fungi. Some of them whitish, some greenish like salad; between orange-reddish fallen autumn leaves.

As we went to the exit, a buzzard landed on a branch.

Don’t let their small size fool you. Fungi are capable of mind-blowing feats: here.

Rare mushroom discovery in the Netherlands

Agaricus subfloccosus, photo by Piet Brouwer

Translated from the Dutch mycological society:

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

In the park surrounding Recreatieplas Twiske, close to Oostzaan, there was an extraordinary discovery. During a walk of two members of the mycological society a group of mushrooms was found. The flawless specimens stood out because of their subtle beauty and photos were made. After identification they turned out to be Agaricus subfloccosus, a very rare Red List species that is threatened with extinction.

Fungi and nuthatch

Clouded agaric, 23 November 2014

On 23 November 2014, to the Corversbos nature reserve. Where we saw this clouded agaric fungus.

Before we arrived there, a great cormorant flying over the canal near the old harbour. A robin singing.

Clouded agaric fairy ring, 23 November 2014

Many fairy rings of clouded agaric mushrooms.

Mycena, 23 November 2014

In some fairy rings, smaller Mycena mushrooms joined their bigger colleagues.

Sulphur tuft on a fallen tree.

Shaggy ink cap, 23 November 2014

A bit further, a shaggy ink cap.

Nuthatch sound.

Common ink caps.

Birch polypores on a fallen birch tree.

Shaggy ink cap, old, 23 November 2014

Still further, another shaggy ink cap; older than the earlier one.

Shaggy ink cap, old one, 23 November 2014

Clouded agaric, on 23 November 2014

As we continued, more clouded agarics.

Autumn leaves, 23 November 2014

Beautiful autumn leaves on the forest floor. Some also still on trees.

Shaggy ink cap, young  one, 23 November 2014

Still further, this young shaggy ink cap.

Candlesnuff fungus, 23 November 2014

On a stump, candlesnuff fungus grows.

Candlesnuff fungus, on 23 November 2014

Rare mushrooms in the Dutch coastal dunes: here.

Texel island fungi: here.

New mushroom species discovery in the Netherlands

This video is about the Scleroderma polyrhizum fungus.

The Heiderijk site in the Netherlands reports that this autumn, a fungus species, new for the Netherlands, was discovered.

Between Molenhoek and Groesbeek, Scleroderma polyrhizum, the star earthball, was found.

Rare mushroom discovery in the Netherlands

This is a video from Russia on Suillus fungi.

Translated from the Dutch Mycological Society:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Mushrooms Working Group Drenthe found during an excursion the very rare Suillus flavidus fungus. The working group has regularly in recent years looked for Suillus flavidus but found none. However, the discovery came as a surprise to members. The Suillus flavidus was found in a nutrient low and skimpy mossy area near the Oude diep in Drijber. The fir tree with which Suillus flavidus lives in symbiosis had started to grow here spontaneously.

Little fly on mushroom, video

This video shows a fly on an amethyst deceiver mushroom.

The video was made in Amelisweerd woodland near Utrecht in the Netherlands, by Marieke van der Doef.

Rare fungus discovery in Dutch Flevoland

Trichoglossum walteri

Translated from the Dutch Mycological Society:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Recently, on black clayey soil, some black fungi were found in the Spijkbos woodland among fallen leaves. The finder sent them to a specialist to see if it were some earth tongues. They turned out to be the rare Trichoglossum walteri. This is only the second time that this earth tongue species has been found in the Netherlands.