Dutch autumn wildlife video

This 12 November 2016 video shows autumn in Gelderland province in the Netherlands; including robin, great spotted woodpecker, kingfisher, fungi and more.

Spider climbs mushroom, video

This video from the Netherlands shows a spider climbing a toque mycena mushroom.

Roland van Dijk made the video.

Fly agaric mushroom video

This is a 9 November 2016 fly agaric mushroom video from the Netherlands.

Italian oyster fungus in Dutch forest

This 26 September 2016 video shows an Italian oyster fungus in the forest near Zeist in the Netherlands.

False tinder fungus video

This video from the Netherlands is about Fomes fomentarius, false tinder fungus.

First European Fungi Day, 24 September 2016

German language fungi day logo

The first European Fungi Day will be on 24 September 2016.

It is an iniative of Ms Karin Montag in Germany.

So far, activities have been announced in seven countries: Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech republic and the Netherlands.

On this day, fungi lovers will promote knowledge and conservation of fungi.

The British Mycological Society‘s UK Fungus Day festivities will take place over the weekend of the 8th and 9th of October 2016.

Chanterelle fungi in Dutch Zeeland

This 25 June 2016 video is about chanterelle fungi near Westhove castle in Zeeland province in the Netherlands.