French neofascists expel bigwig for eating ‘treasonable’ African food

This 2016 video is called How To Cook Simple Vegetarian Couscous.

Couscous is a famous originally North African dish, now eaten in many countries.

Recently, Florian Philippot, the vice president of the French neofascist National Front party, was spotted eating it.

Philippot’s fellow neonazis did not like that ‘treasonable’ eating of ‘Muslim’ food.

The quarrel between National Front fuehrer Marine Le Pen and deputy fuehrer Philippot led today to Philippot no longer being deputy fuehrer and no longer being a National Front party member.

In Italy, the French National Front‘s racist colleagues, the xenophobic Lega Nord Party, who used to be in the Rightist Berlusconi government coalition; a party whose Members of the European Parliament praise mass murderer Anders Breivik from Norway, are infamous for their crusade against other ‘Islamic’ food: kebab.

One should hope that a Lega Nord bigwig will spot another Lega Nord bigwig secretly eating kebab. And that the quarrel resulting from that will harm the Lega Nord like couscous is harming the French National Front now.


French Macron party politician beats socialist into hospital

This video from France says about itself:

27 July 2017

President Emmanuel Macron‘s “La République En Marche” party is having its first teething problems, as it transitions from a grassroots movement to France’s most powerful political organisation. Its members are being asked to vote on “statutes”, the written rules which would determine the party’s leadership structure. The vote was supposed to be a formality, but it’s causing tensions among members who want more of a say in the party’s future. Claire Paccalin-Williams and Karina Chabour report.

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant today:

MP of Macron‘s party injures socialist politician into hospital

A member of the Macron party La République and Marche has been charged because he has beaten a socialist politician with his scooter helmet into hospital. The socialist got into a coma, had to be operated and still has trouble talking, says his lawyer.

By Peter Giesen

It is a known risk for new parties like [Macron‘s] La République and Marche: attracting successful applicants and candidates who do not turn out to have bad behavior. Half of their group in the National Assembly consists of ‘civic politicians’ without political experience. But so far, they are mainly in the news because of their amateurism and lack of knowledge of parliamentary procedures.

The real scandals are caused by politicians who have switched from the socialists to the Macron party. Against their caucus’ Vice President Richard Ferrand there is court inquiry into conflicts of interest in a real estate transaction for his former employer, an insurance corporation.

Last week, the government of French President Emanuel Macron detailed its plans to rewrite the country’s labor code, aiming to remove all legal barriers for business to lay off workers, lengthen working hours, and slash wages and benefits: here.

Three days before its presentation of decrees to destroy the labor code on August 31, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced a series of measures to complete his break with what remains of the “French social model”. Under the pretext of “modernizing” social welfare systems, the government of French President Emanuel Macron is setting out to destroy all the social rights the working class gained in struggle during the 20th century: here.

French president spending lots on make-up

This video says about itself:

Emmanuel Macron Has Spent $30,000 On Makeup In First Three Months As President

25 August 2017

Emmanuel Macron may have been president of France for just three months, but he’s already managed to spend €26,000 (£24,000 or $30,000) on makeup.

The sums were claimed by a personal makeup artist who was hired to beautify Macron as “a matter of urgency,” according to a report in France’s Le Point magazine cited by other French media.

The bill came in two parts, one for €10,000 and another for €16,000, the reports said.

A spokesman for Macron said the makeup expenditure was so high because of “press conferences and foreign travel” where the makeup artist had to travel with the president, according to France Info news.

It also cost a lot because the contractor was called in “as a matter of urgency.”

Also according to Dutch NOS TV today, French president Macron during the past three months spent 26,000 euros on his makeup artist Natacha M. smearing make-up on his face.

That is slightly more than his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy, who paid his makeup artist 8,000 euros a month.