Birds and US Independence Day fireworks

This video is about North American birds.

By Melissa Mayntz in the USA:

The Fourth of July may be a time to celebrate with brilliant fireworks displays, but conscientious birders should remember that fireworks of all sizes can be dangerous for birds.

To protect wild birds without forgoing the celebration, remember these tips for birds and fireworks safety.

Light fireworks well after dusk when birds are less active.

Avoid lighting fireworks near feeders or bird houses.

Clean up all firework debris so it does not tempt foraging birds.

With just a few simple precautions, you can enjoy fireworks without endangering your local birds. Learn more fireworks safety tips and keep yourself safe as well!

Halloween is a favorite fall holiday, but it’s not always a favorite for birds. Understanding the risks that this holiday poses to birds can help you enjoy the spooky season without casting a conservation curse on your favorite bird species: here.