Jail refugees more harshly, European Union demands

This 30 September 2016 video says about itself:

Rebecca Perring for Express UK reports HUNGARY’S tough-talking prime minister has called on the European Union (EU) to build its own MIGRANT CITY [concentration camp] which would be protected by the bloc’s own armed forces.

These European Union armed forces don’t exist officially yet.

As is rather widely known, in the British referendum campaign on whether or not there should be ‘Brexit‘, Britain stopping being a member of the European Union, the Conservative and UKIP politicians who were the leaders of the official pro-Brexit campaign used racism and xenophobia (contrary to leftist groups ‘who wanted a Lexit‘, left exit from ‘Fortress Europe‘).

Did that mean being pro-Remain in the referendum guaranteed one was anti-racist? Probably so for many rank and file pro-Remain voters. However, not so the political leaders of the anti-Brexit campaign.

Who were and are the pro-Remain leaders?

Most prominently, British Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron. Mr Cameron vilified the refugees from his and his colleagues’ bloody wars, living in the ‘jungle’ camp in Calais, as a ‘swarm’.

Only slightly less prominently, David Cameron’s refugee-hating successor Theresa May. Theresa May was the inventor of the infamous taxpayer-paid ‘hate vans’ riding through Britain with signs telling immigrants to ‘Go home or face arrest’. She campaigned actively for Remain. And, with even more enthusiasm than in her public appearances, Ms May did a pro-Remain secret speech for Goldman Sachs bankers.

The Blairite right wing in the British Labour party campaigned fanatically for Remain. Labour leader Corbyn advocated a Remain vote as well. However, he refused to campaign jointly with the Conservatives and their Liberal Democrat satellites. And he refused to lie to voters that everything about the European Union is fantastic. That way of campaigning by Corbyn may very well have saved Labour in England and Wales from a death-blow like in Scotland. In Scotland, arch-Blairite leader Jim Murphy (an anti-Semite) had campaigned jointly with Cameron’s Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats against independence for Scotland in that Scottish referndum. That destroyed the Labour party’s credibility with its traditional voters so much that it dealt a blow to the party from which it has not recovered yet, and may never ever recover again. The Blairites tried to have a (failed) coup against Corbyn after the referendum, with as pretext that Corbyn should have campaigned jointly with Cameron’s Tories and should have lied to the electorate that the European Union is squeaky clean.

Are Blairites anti-racists? In the 2015 election, they tried to win with mugs attacking immigrants. They did not win. It drove way convinced anti-racists. While racists preferred the Conservative, UKIP or BNP originals to the unoriginal Blairite copy.

Labour 2015 election anti-immigrant mug

After the Brexit referendum, uncritically pro-European Union Blairite Owen Smith tried to win the Labour leadership election from Corbyn by claiming there were supposedly ‘too many immigrants’. Like his Blairite colleagues with their xenophobic mugs in the 2015 election, Smith did not win.

After the Brexit referendum, pro-European Union Blairite politicians demanded that the freedom for workers to immigrate to Britain from European Union countries should be abolished.

Then, the archest arch-Blairite: Tony Blair himself. Guilty of torture and other war crimes killing over a million beige or brown people. Guilty of xenophobic anti-immigration policies, sending refugees back to war zones. Tony Blair was so angry that a majority of the British electorate in the referendum had voted for Brexit, that he proposed there should be another referendum … and yet another one, etc. on European Union membership. Voting again and again, till you drop, until the stupid people would at last agree with ‘intelligent’ Tony Blair that Britain should be a European Union member.

Then, more fat cat pro-European Union campaigners. The fattest of the fattest: the Confederation of British Industry, the Big Business club CBI. Since when is the CBI supposed to be anti-racist? I rather think that Malcolm X was right about capitalism, both in Britain and in other countries: ‘You can’t have capitalism without racism‘.

Outside Britain, Viktor Orban asked the British voters in an open letter to them to vote for remaining in the European Union. Who is Viktor Orban? The prime minister of Hungary, leader of the anti-Semitic Fidesz party, and the most racist head of government in Europe. And, like Tony Blair and others, an advocate of starting a European Union army. One of the tasks of that new European Union army, according to Orban, should be anti-refugee violence.

Then, the European Union itself. How anti-racist is it? With its most powerful government, the German government, sending Afghan refugees en masse back to their deaths in the Afghan war? With its ‘Fortress Europe’ anti-refugee policies, pressuring, eg, the Italian government and the Greek government to be ‘tougher’ on refugees; to put more razor wire on their borders, and to lock refugees from bloody wars up in concentration camps? With its deals with the dictator of Turkey, Erdogan, to send refugees from Europe back to Turkey, which will send them further to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or other war zones? With their European Union-Turkey style deals with Bashir, dictator of Sudan and other African dictators to send refugees from Europe back to Africa?

And, most recently, translated from Dutch daily Trouw:

Brussels: Punish rejected asylum seekers more harshly

Christoph Schmidt, 21:47, March 2, 2017

The European Commission is sending a harsh call to [European Union] member states: jail failed asylum seekers awaiting deportation if needed for 1.5 years. It should be finished with [the supposed] velvet glove approach of rejected asylum seekers in Europe.

EU member states have to send them back faster and in greater numbers to the countries where they are from. If they may flee, they should be jailed, if need for eighteen months. Imprisoning unaccompanied minors is acceptable in extreme cases.

This call does not come from a Eurosceptic or anti-immigration party, but from the European Commission. “The return rates must be raised,” said the Greek EU Commissioner Avramopoulos (migration) this morning. First vice-president Timmermans also was clear. …

An estimated one million people now living in the EU would have to return to their country of origin. They come from countries such as Nigeria, Pakistan and Morocco. …

Nigeria: where bloody war between Boko Haram and the army kills many civilians. Where LGBTQ people are not safe.

Pakistan: where United States drone warfare kills many civilians, besides other violence.

Morocco: where there is a conflict after a fishmonger was killed by police.

The Trouw article in this list of supposedly ‘safe’ countries does not mention Afghanistan. Where there is bloody war. But which the German government and other European Union governments considers ‘safe’ to deport Afghans to their deaths to. As there are NATO soldiers in Afghanistan. If there are NATO soldiers in a country, then that country is supposedly peaceful and safe [sarcasm off].

The Commission makes strong suggestions to national governments. They should align their legislation on detention better with EU legislation. Which allows rejected asylum seekers to be jailed for eighteen months before being put on a plane to their country of origin. In some countries the maximum period is shorter …

Avramopoulos said “We will not hesitate to use all the power which the commission has” to have member states fulfill their commitments. In extreme cases, they can be dragged to the Court of Justice.

European Union climate agreement sabotage?

This 27 February 2017 video from the USA is called Sen. Bernie Sanders & Bill Nye – A Conversation on Climate Change.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Dijksma has major concerns about European climate policy

Today, 08:42

The Netherlands is deeply concerned about the European climate policy, now that [the European Union] will possibly accept a proposal to reduce CO2 emissions less than intended [in the Paris climate agreement]. That said Dutch Government Secretary Dijksma in the NOS Radio 1 news. …

Also, nothing would then happen to the free emissions allowances which some companies sometimes receive as compensation. …

Dijksma: “Our hope was the European Parliament, but they have supported a not really ambitious plan. It is now up to the ministers of the European countries.”