Snowfinch on video

This is a snowfinch video.

These birds live in Europe and Asia.

Water pipit video

This is a water pipit video.

This species nest in mountainous regions in Europe, and winters in, eg, the Netherlands.

Lesser grey shrike video

This is a lesser grey shrike video.

These birds live in Europe and Asia, and winter in Africa.

Kittiwakes on video

This video is about kittiwakes.

The video is from the Netherlands, where these gulls mainly come to the coast in winter.

I was privileged to see these birds in Scotland, England and Svalbard, where they nest.

Subalpine warbler video

This is a subalpine warbler (Sylvia cantillans) video.

I have seen this fine bird species in Greece and in Spain and in the Gambia.

These birds nest in southern Europe and northern Africa. Rarely, they go further north, eg, to the Netherlands.