Saving leatherback turtles on Dominica island

This video says about itself:

Protecting Leatherbacks By Educating Dominica‘s Children – Blue Planet II Behind The Scenes

12 December 2017

Errol Harris and the other members of the Dominica Sea Turtle Conservation Organisation focus on educating the next generation on how to protect Leatherback Turtles.

Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Dominica

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23 September 2017

Puerto Rico faces the threat of energy privatization in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma devastation.

10 NUMBERS THAT EXPLAIN THE DEVASTATION IN PUERTO RICO Between 80 to 90 percent of homes are destroyed in certain areas.

Already reeling from a bankruptcy crisis and demands of Wall Street for debt repayments, Puerto Rican society has now been devastated by hurricanes Irma and Maria: here.

TRUMP FINALLY TWEETED ABOUT PUERTO RICO And bashed the U.S. territory’s debt and lack of infrastructure. Needless to say, Twitter was appalled. [HuffPost]

This video says about itself:

22 September 2017

Hurricane Maria pounded parts of the Dominican Republic with heavy rain on Thursday causing severe flooding especially in eastern parts of the country.

This video says about itself:

Dominica‘s Supply Shortage After Hurricane Maria

23 September 2017

This is the harsh reality Dominica is living through after being hit by a destructive hurricane.

Save Montserrat’s rare frogs

This video is about mountain chicken frogs.

From BirdLife:

Mountain Chicken’s portrait

Wed, Jul 4, 2012

The Mountain Chicken Project, funded by the UK government’s Darwin Initiative and executed by the Department of Environment of Montserrat and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, is pleased to announce the publication of a poster and a brochure aimed at raising awareness of the Critically Endangered Mountain Chicken Leptodactylus fallax on Montserrat.

The Mountain Chicken is a terrestrial frog surviving only in small populations within the Centre Hills and Northern Forested Ghauts Important Bird Areas (IBAs) of Montserrat (where it co-occurs with the Critically Endangered Montserrat Oriole Icterus oberi), and in Morne Trois Pitons National Park (also an IBA) in Dominica. It has cultural significance for Montserratians and Dominicans but is now under threat of extinction. The frog has faced many pressures over the years including hunting, habitat loss, impact of volcanic activity, exposure to increasing populations of invasive species, such as rats and feral pigs, and decimation by the chytrid fungus (Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis) that has caused the extinction of hundreds of amphibian species worldwide.

The poster’s main image shows a healthy Mountain Chicken showing its moist textured skin, coloration and markings on the hind legs – which distinguish it from the invasive Cane Toad. A series of inset pictures and accompanying text briefly describe the lifecycle of the frog, the two islands where remaining populations are still found, its diet and the effects of the deadly skin disease chytridiomycosis.

Rare tropical frogs rescued from a killer fungus in the Caribbean have produced a bumper brood in the UK: here.

Global bullfrog trade spreads deadly amphibian fungus worldwide: here.

Study finds link between global warming and frog susceptibility to fungal disease: here.

November 2013: A deadly amphibian disease chytridiomycosis has caused the extinction of Darwin’s frogs, believe scientists from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) and Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB), Chile: here.