British floods, natural and David Cameron-ite disaster

This video from England is called Elland Bridge Flood, Calderdale, West Yorkshire 26/12/2015.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

UK flooding: Government rejected warnings of high flood risk from own advisers

Decision not to develop comprehensive strategy to address flood risk came just a few weeks before flooding in Cumbria

From England: Calderdale flood victims survey the damage: ‘I can’t go through this again’. Homes, pubs and other businesses, many left uninsurable by previous flooding, have been ruined by the rampaging river Calder: here.

Syria bloodshed bloody blowback in London Underground

This video from London, England says about itself:

Brian Eno, Stop the War Coalition, Don’t Bomb Syria Demonstration, 28 11 2015.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Stabbing in London Underground: “This is for Syria!”

5 December 2015, 23:40

A man has attacked several people in the London Underground with a knife. The police sees the incident as a terrorist act. The perpetrator shouted before the attack, according to several eyewitnesses, “This is for Syria, your blood will flow.”

The stabbing seriously injured a man, but his life is not in danger. There are two slightly wounded people as well. …

An eyewitness says that he has seen how the perpetrator attacked people. He stuck his victims with a small knife, the blade was about 8 centimeters long. …

The stabbing incident was around 19:00 (local time) at the metro station Leytonstone, northeast London.

British Prime Minister David Cameron proclaimed days ago that his bombing of Syria, which probably is already killing innocent Syrian civilians right now, would supposedly make the danger of terrorist violence in Britain less. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said no, the bombing is one more escalation in a cycle of violence. It will make the risk of terrorism in Britain bigger.

Tragically, Jeremy Corbyn turns out to be right within a few days. I wish the people in London speedy recovery from the injuries of this criminal attack. Though the man with the small knife (7 centimeter, according to another report) directly caused their wounds, they were caused indirectly by the man with the big warplanes, David Cameron.

We still hardly know anything about the London Underground perpetrator. We do know that Islamophobic racial discrimination at home mixed with warfare for oil abroad is a toxic mix for Britain. Thousands of times, people have been refused entry to discotheques because of their black hair and brown eyes. Thousands of times, people called Mohamed or Aisha have been refused jobs which they would have got if called John or Jane. The recent Paris massacre became the pretext for attacking innocent London Muslims, in the Underground and elsewhere.

A good reaction to that discrimination would be to help to make the anti-racism movement stronger. A good reaction to the wars for oil in the Middle East would be to make the peace movement stronger. Tragically, people do not always react to problems in a good way. We don’t know yet whether this man in London would have used his small knife only for peeling apples if David Cameron would not have started bloody war on Syria, as the ‘straw’ breaking the camel’s back. But it looks like a possibility.

British Prime Minister Cameron, what’s wrong with him

This satiric video from Britain says about itself:

F*ck the Working Class – David Cameron

20 April 2011

The Prime Minister lets slip his True Blue slogan on the Big Society.

By Peter Frost in Britain:

David Cameron as Tory leader: 10 terrible years

Saturday 5th December 2015

It is 10 years since Cameron became leader of the Tories. PETER FROST lists a few good reasons why we shouldn’t be celebrating

– Our Prime Minister may like to tell us “we are all in this together” but we don’t have to believe him.

Son of a millionaire stockbroker, he went to Eton where fees are around £35,000 a year — or three times the minimum wage.

He went straight from university to the Tory Central Office as a researcher. That didn’t stop him using his inherited wealth buying two adjoining houses in fashionable Notting Hill Gate as well as a country estate in Chipping Norton.

– Cameron has scrapped plans to eradicate child poverty by 2020. He says measuring poverty by defining poor people as those living in a household with an income of less than 60 per cent of the average is unsustainable.

– Doing his bit to save money in austerity Britain, Cameron is spending £10 million of taxpayers’ money on a prime ministerial jet.

– Cameron hates trade unions. He wants to ban strikes by key public-sector workers unless they are supported by at least 40 per cent of all of those eligible to vote.

Cameron won the 2015 general election with just 36.7 per cent of the poll. In other non-essential public services, the plans would curb strike action without a 50 per cent turnout. Pickets would need to wear nazi-style identifying armbands.

Both Cameron and his wife Samantha’s families gained some of their wealth from owning slaves. Gen Sir James Duff, the son of one of Cameron’s great-grand uncles, had over 200 slaves in Jamaica.

Samantha is descended from the 19th-century businessman William Jolliffe, who had 164 slaves in St Lucia.

– After Eton, Cameron went to Oxford where he joined the obnoxious Bullingdon Club. The members’ wealth and influence allowed them to get away with breaking up restaurants and bars and taking drugs.

Now Cameron has tried to ban the publication of a famous photograph of himself with club members Boris Johnson and George Osborne in their ludicrous but very expensive club fancy-dress outfits.

Cameron’s attacks on students include scrapping grants for students from low-income families. He has also given universities the power to raise tuition fees even further, having already increased them three-fold to their record level of £9,000.

– When Maggie Thatcher was condemning Nelson Mandela and demanding the death penalty for him as a terrorist, Cameron was a rising star of the Conservative Party research department. He took an all-expenses-paid trip to apartheid South Africa.

The trip was funded by Strategy Network International, a firm that had been specially set up with the sole aim of lobbying to end international trade sanctions against the apartheid regime.

– Cameron has scrapped a flagship “green deal” that was hailed as a revolution in transforming Britain’s typically energy inefficient housing stock. His pledge to lead the “greenest government ever” is clearly just a joke.

– Cameron is a fox hunter. He has hunted with the Heythrop Hunt near his home in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire.

His hunt has been convicted of hunting foxes illegally.

– When working as a researcher at Tory Central Office in the 1990s, Cameron drafted the the Sheehy Report on police pay. The report recommended massive cuts in police pay and conditions. The report was widely condemned by the police and public, and thrown out. Cameron has a long memory and over the years he has being getting his own back on the police.

– When looking for someone to become his head of communications at Downing Street, Cameron took the advice of ex-News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks. She recommended her ex-lover, another ex-News of the World editor Andy Coulson, and Cameron gave him the job. Rebekah ended up in court, Andy behind bars.

– In the run-up to the vote on bombing Syria, Cameron called those who had the audacity to oppose his plans for war “a bunch of terrorist sympathisers.” Despite demands for an apology from many across the political spectrum, he refuses to withdraw this despicable slur.

– Every Tory prime minister needs a war to rally the troops and play the jingoism card and Cameron is no exception. Thatcher had her Falklands, Blair the war in Iraq and now Cameron is bombing Syria.

– Cameron has slashed benefits for thousands of asylum-seekers, including a £16 weekly cut in the cash for looking after a child. These cuts make it impossible for refugees to afford food and clothes for their families.

– Almost finally how can we ignore the fact that Cameron allegedly took part in an outrageous initiation ceremony at an event at Piers Gaveston — another exclusive club for Oxford Tory posh boys — putting his future prime ministerial penis into the mouth of a severed pig’s head.

– Cameron has launched a review of the Freedom of Information Act in an effort to keep even more of his dodgy dealings like Bullingdon Club photos, not to mention much more serious issues, secret from the public. Just don’t let him catch you reading this.

War on Syria, British Parliament update

David Cameon wants war by smearing opposition

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Syria vote live: Jeremy Corbyn urges MPs to remember past wars as Cameron refuses to say sorry for ‘slur’

MPs will vote on war in Syria after more than 10 hours of debate throughout the day

Lizzie Dearden, Adam Withnall, Matt Dathan, Jon Stone

Here are the latest updates:

Jeremy Corbyn on Syria war and ISIS

London peace demonstrator on war and ISIS

According to an Independent online poll, 82% of respondents oppose bombing Syria.

LUKE JAMES reports from Parliament on how the vote is likely to go: here.

Is David Cameron planning to include al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra in his group of ‘70,000 moderates?’ If he was, Nusra men are likely to prove very expensive ‘ground troops’ for the RAF and its two Tornados if they bomb Syria: here.

‘Love my bombs or you’re a terrorist sympathizer’, David Cameron says

David Cameron's anti-Corbyn propaganda, cartoon

From daily The Guardian in Britain today:

David Cameron accuses Jeremy Corbyn of being ‘terrorist sympathiser’

Prime minister urges Tory MPs not to vote with Labour leader and ‘a bunch of terrorist sympathisers’ against Syria airstrikes

Government admits there could be extremists among David Cameron’s ‘70,000 moderates’ in Syria. Mr Cameron’s official spokeswoman said the situation on the ground was not ‘black and white’: here.

By Patrick Cockburn in British daily The Independent today:

Britain is on the verge of entering a conflict in Syria in which its political and military strategy is based on wishful thinking and poor information. British air strikes in Syria will be too few to make much difference to Isis, but are important because they signal Britain’s entry into what may be a long war.

In one crucial respect, David Cameron’s approach is similar to that which saw Britain fight two small but unsuccessful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003, in both cases without an effective local partner on the ground. Similarly in Syria, Britain will be at the mercy of events which are being shaped by the numerous other players in the conflict, all of whom have their own highly contradictory agendas.

People are joking that Sir John Chilcot might as well get started on the Syria war inquiry now: here.

David Cameron’s fantasy ‘moderate’ Syrian insurgents

Londoners protest against bombing Syria, photo by Getty Images

By Robert Fisk in daily The Independent in Britain:

David Cameron, there aren’t 70,000 moderate fighters in Syria – and whoever heard of a moderate with a Kalashnikov, anyway?

The Blairite Labour MPs are going to vote with Dave because they loathe Corbyn more than Isis

30 November 2011

Not since Hitler ordered General Walther Wenck to send his non-existent 12th Army to rescue him from the Red Army in Berlin has a European leader believed in military fantasies as PM Dave Cameron did last week. Telling the House of Commons about the 70,000 “moderate” fighters deployed in Syria was not just lying in the sense that Tony Blair lied – because Blair persuaded himself to believe in his own dishonesty – but something approaching burlesque. It was whimsy – ridiculous, comic, grotesque, ludicrous. It came close to a unique form of tragic pantomime.

At one point last week, one of Cameron’s satraps was even referring to this phantom army as “ground troops”. I doubt if there are 700 active “moderate” foot soldiers in Syria – and I am being very generous, for the figure may be nearer 70 – let alone 70,000.

Four or five, according to United States General Lloyd Austin.

And the Syrian Kurds are not going to conquer Isis for us; they’re too busy trying to survive the assaults of our Turkish allies. Besides, aren’t the “moderates” supposed to be the folk who don’t carry weapons at all? Who’s ever heard before of a “moderate” with a Kalashnikov?

The Syrian regime’s army – who really are ground troops and who never worried about the “moderate” rebels because they always ran away – are the only regular force deployed in Syria. And thanks to Vladimir Putin rather than PR Dave, they’re beginning to win back territory. Yet after losing at least 60,000 soldiers – killed largely by Isis and the al-Nusra Front – the Syrian army would be hard put to fight off an assault on Damascus by Dave Cameron’s 70,000 “moderates”. If this ghost army existed, it would already have captured Damascus and hurled Bashar al-Assad from power.

Yet in the Commons last week, we were supposed to believe this tomfoolery – all in the cause of launching two or three fighter bombers against Isis in Syria. It wouldn’t make us more vulnerable, Dave told us. In fact we were already vulnerable because we were bombing Isis in Iraq. Yet Dave knows – and we all know, don’t we? – that Isis will most assuredly try to commit an atrocity in Britain to revenge Dave’s latest schoolboy adventure. Then – à la Blair after 7/7 – Dave will insist that Isis are killing us because they hate our “values”. Then will come the inevitable video of a suicide killer saying he killed our innocents because Dave sent his miniature air force to bomb Isis.

The odd thing about all this is that most Brits I come across – and most Arabs I talk to in the Middle East – are well aware of the above. So is the Labour Party. But the Blairite MPs in the Labour Party are going to vote with Dave because while they loathe the evil cult of Isis, they hate the evil cult of Corbyn even more. Do they too believe – as we are all supposed to believe – that the so-called “Joint Intelligence Committee” is telling the truth about the mythical 70,000 “moderates”? Is this unspeakably valiant committee so stupid that it does not tell Dave about the role of the Saudi Wahabi death cult, which is the direct religious and sectarian inspiration for Isis? And if it did tell Dave, why didn’t he talk about the Saudis in the Commons last week?

No, we are not “at war”. Isis can massacre our innocents, but it is not invading us. Isis is not about to capture Paris or London – as we and the Americans captured Baghdad and Mosul in 2003. No. What Isis intends to do is to persuade us to destroy ourselves. Isis wants us to hate our Muslim minorities. It wants civil war in France between the elite and its disenfranchised Muslims, most of them of Algerian origin. It wants the Belgians to hate their Muslims. It wants us Brits to hate our Muslims. Isis must have been outraged by the thousands of fine Europeans who welcomed with love the million Muslim refugees who reached Germany. The Muslims should have been heading towards the new Caliphate – not running away from it. So now it wishes to turn us against the refugees.

To achieve this, it must implicate hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslim refugees in its atrocities. It must force our EU nations to introduce States of Emergency, suspend civil liberties, raid the homes of Muslims. It wishes to destroy the European Union itself. It wishes to strike at the heart of the European ideal by liquidating the very foundation of the union: by persuading us to tear up the Schengen agreement and to close our frontiers. And we are doing exactly that. Are we, in some auto-panic, actually working for Isis? If that gruesome institution did not ban alcohol, their members would be toasting with champagne our political leaders for their vacuity, their sophistry, the abject fear with which they now regularly try to inject us under the dangerous old cry of “Unify the nation”.

Vladimir Putin comprehends this. He knows that Turkey is helping Isis – this is why he is going to destroy the Isis oil smuggling route to Turkey – and, as a former serving KGB officer, he understands the cynicism of any crisis. If an American aircraft had strayed into Turkish airspace, he asked at his Kremlin press conference with François Hollande last week, does anyone believe that Turkey would have shot down the US pilots? We all know the answer to that. If Turkey wished to destroy Isis, why does it bombard Isis’ Kurdish enemies? Why does it imprison two of Turkey’s top journalists for reporting how the Turkish intelligence service smuggled weapons to Islamist fighters in Syria? And Putin is hardly going to object if the EU is bent on suicide-through-fear.

Amid all this, PR Dave raves on. And why not? Having Photoshopped a fake poppy on to his lapel

as reported by the Daily Mail, which supports Cameron’s Conservative party

to honour Britain’s war dead, why shouldn’t he get away with Photoshopping 70,000 fake “moderates” on to a map of Syria?

BOMBING Raqqa will see a large number of civilians killed, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn warned yesterday: here.

Barely more than two weeks after the terror attacks in Paris, it has become utterly clear that the US and European ruling classes intend to use the events as the pretext for massive escalations of the Syrian-Iraq war: here.