Obama blames Britain’s Cameron for disastrous Libyan war

This video from England says about itself:

Libya: Stop the War Coaliton protest at Downing Street 19.04.2011

As Cameron, Sarkozy and Obama escalated the attack on Libya to a regime-change war, Stop the War Coalition joined with CND and War on Want to protest at Downing Street, London, calling on the British government to end its bombing campaign. Video by Anupam Pradhan and Keith Halstead.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

United States: Obama slams Cameron’s Libyan fiasco

Friday 11th March 2016

BARACK OBAMA took a rare swipe at David Cameron yesterday, blaming the Prime Minister for turning Libya into a “shit show”.

The US president placed the blame for the fallout of 2011’s bombardment of Libya, during its civil war, squarely at Mr Cameron’s doorstep.

A rattled Mr Obama even went as far as to admit the military action, which led to Colonel Muammar Gadaffi’s downfall, “didn’t work.”

He accused Mr Cameron of becoming “distracted” after giving the green light to air strikes and that now the country is a “mess” because it’s become an Isis haven.

Mr Obama said [this] in the candid interview for US magazine The Atlantic, in which he argues he placed too much faith in Britain’s PM and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Mr Cameron’s spokeswoman says the PM does “share” Mr Obama’s assessment that there are real challenges in Libya.

Barack Obama says David Cameron allowed Libya to become a ‘s*** show’. Unprecedented attack by serving US President: here.

Blaming Cameron and Sarkozy for the bloodbath in Libya is correct. However, President Obama might have extended the criticism to the ‘hawks’ in his own State Department (paradoxically, in this case not the Pentagon), like Samantha Power and Hillary Clinton.

US President Barack Obama has said the biggest mistake of his presidency was the lack of planning for the aftermath of the fall of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, with the country spiraling into chaos and grappling with violent extremists: here.

Die Zeit campaigns for military intervention in Libya: here.

The US and NATO are considering another round of military attacks against Libya, US President Barack Obama told media outside the White House on Monday: here.

Teams of United States Special Operations commandos have been active in Libya since last year, the Washington Post reported Thursday, citing statements from unnamed US military officers: here.

PROSTITUTES AND FINANCIAL INCOMPETENCE Inside the allegations in the trial between Libya’s sovereign-wealth fund and Goldman Sachs. [WSJ]

Stop British government’s anti-refugee policies

This music video from Germany is called Moving – Refugees Welcome (Songs for Refugees by hdpk).

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

PM‘s disgrace on refugees

8 March 2016

EVEN if Britain was utterly blameless for the tragic situations unfolding in countries now haemorrhaging refugees into Europe, David Cameron’s attitude would be reprehensible.

The Prime Minister boasts of our country’s “rock-solid opt-out” from the Schengen agreement on open borders in the European Union, insisting that “there is no prospect of Britain joining a common asylum process in Europe.”

Not wishing the EU to take control of Britain’s borders should not equate to turning our backs on millions of refugees forced from their homeland by war and poverty.

If Britain is still the fifth or sixth biggest economy in the world, it is capable of offering succour to many more refugees than the government has already agreed to accept.

To offer asylum to just 20,000 Syrian refugees by 2020 is to enshrine inhumanity in government policy.

To try to justify such a pittance by suggesting that Britain is overcrowded, has too many problems of its own to worry about and is incapable of taking on the worries of the world speaks of a selfishness that should be an anathema to any country claiming to be civilised.

How shameful this is when compared with the response of Syria’s neighbours, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, which are sheltering 1.4 million, 1m and 2.6m refugees respectively.

Within Syria itself, 6.5m people have been displaced and have sought protection from foreign-financed jihadi death squads, mainly in government-controlled areas.

Britain and many fellow EU member states believe they have the right to rampage across Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and other countries while accepting no responsibility for the problems that such conflicts generate.

Germany, which frets about future economic problems due to an ageing population and low birth rate, took a different path, opening its borders to all refugees before reversing that position following far-right-organised xenophobic protests.

Other EU states, especially new entrants in eastern and south-eastern Europe, have simply refused to accept dispersal of refugees after EU summits agreed to do precisely that.

They have closed borders, building barbed-wire fences as a means of concentrating new refugee numbers on Greece, which has already been bled dry by the EU and its ECB central bank at the behest of foreign private banks.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has demanded immediate relocation of refugees throughout the EU and proposed financial penalties for member states that have reneged on commitments to accept these desperate people.

It beggars belief, given Greece’s recent experiences, that Tsipras maintains his naive assumption that the EU is motivated somehow by international solidarity.

As far as the rest of the EU is concerned, refugees from war-torn western Asia and north Africa can remain in Greece or, better still, in Turkey.

Rather than show some humanity for the plight of those fleeing war, Cameron prefers to deploy the Royal Navy in the eastern Mediterranean, ostensibly to counter people-trafficking gangsters but in reality to discourage desperate people from entering Europe.

The rich EU core wants Turkey to clamp down on opportunists offering flimsy vessels to transfer refugees onto outlying Greek islands, dangling £3 billion as an inducement that has not so far materialised.

Ankara will drive a hard bargain, wanting visa-free travel to the EU for its citizens and revived negotiations to join the bloc on top of financial inducements.

Europe’s political elite should be ashamed of its failure to prioritise the needs of people forced into extreme measures to save themselves and their families over narrow self-interest.

Saving people’s lives and offering them a chance to build their future has to be the priority.

The 28 European Union member states worked out a deal at a special summit with Turkey on Monday that would make it even more difficult for the millions of people fleeing the wars in the Middle East to enter Europe: here.