British Conservatives, Macron plan more wars in Africa

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‘Sh*t Show’: Obama blames Cameron & Sarkozy for ‘mess’ in post-Gaddafi Libya

11 March 2016

US President Barack Obama has blamed UK Prime Minister David Cameron and other European leaders for the current chaos in Libya, saying he had ‘more faith’ in them being invested in the follow-up, given Libya’s proximity.

Meanwhile, Trump has replaced Obama, Theresa May has replaced fellow Conservative Cameron, and in France Macron has replaced fellow right-winger Sarkozy.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Anglo-French summit plans new imperialist wars in Africa

YESTERDAY, PM Theresa May met with French President Macron in a UK-France Summit that was, however, no ordinary summit.

Firstly, it took place at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, an unusual place to hold a summit. Secondly, as the ‘2018 United Kingdom-France Summit Communique’, published by Downing Street confirms, ‘In advance of the Summit, and to deepen our strong ongoing cooperation, the heads of the United Kingdom’s Secret Intelligence Service, the Security Service, and the Government Communications Headquarters met with the French counterparts, the heads of the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure and the Direction Générale de la Sécurité Intérieure.’

As the Communique points out: ‘This was the first time in our history that these five intelligence chiefs have all been brought together in a single meeting.’ The summit was also attended by British cabinet ministers and their French counterparts.

This meeting was not only about the UK and France signing ‘the first joint treaty on the Calais border in 15 years’, as billed. It is true that at the summit May committed to hand the French £44.5m for the ‘Le Touquet’ border agreement in Calais to ‘support the reinforcement of security measures in and around the ports of Calais, Dunkirk, Ouistreham and Le Havre, Eurotunnel premises.’

And it is also true that construction work is well underway of a UK-funded £22m, 13ft high, three quarters of a mile long concrete wall dubbed the ‘Great Wall of Calais’, in an attempt to stop refugees and asylum seekers climbing into the back of trucks heading for Britain.

But what was made clear at this extraordinary summit was that the rulers of France and Britain are under no illusions that a wall, no matter how tall and no matter how long, will stop refugees and asylum seekers trying to cross the channel. What this summit was about was stopping ‘the migration problem at source’.

The Communique spells it out in black and white: ‘Upstream in the migration route, we will seek to support and empower host governments and communities to work across borders and address migration across the entire route through joint work in countries of origin and transit in regions such as North, East and West Africa.’

So the cat is truly out of the bag. This summit was to plan new imperialist military interventions in Africa, to stop the ‘migration problem upstream’. For this, Britain has pledged immediate support for France’s imperialist occupation of Mali. The Communique states: ‘Therefore, following French requests for additional support for Operation BARKHANE, the United Kingdom has decided to deploy three CH-47 Chinook heavy lift helicopters to Mali to provide logistical support to the French operation.’

In return for the UK joining France’s imperialist adventure in Mali, France will join the UK-led battlegroup in Estonia. However, this is just for starters. A ‘Combined Joint Expeditionary Force’ is to be assembled. It is to have ‘A programme of work that will deliver a force that could number over 10,000 with Full Operating Capability in crisis management operation involving early entry in a potentially hostile territory by 2020.’

The Communique adds: ‘The United Kingdom and France commit to working together to bring greater peace, stability, resilience and security in the Sahel and southern Libya, north-eastern Nigeria and the Lake Chad basin; to continuing to support the international community’s efforts in the Horn of Africa.’

The UK, French and US imperialists used this approach to totally destroy Libya in 2011, bombing the infrastructure, arming terrorist groups, murdering the Libyan leader Gadaffi and allowing rival Islamic gangs and militias to ransack the country, opening the door to the mass fleeing of refugees and asylum seekers that we see today.

The UK rulers are now once again partnering with the French imperialists to launch a new assault on North Africa to attempt to occupy, plunder and control it, and prevent a flood of people leaving for a better life.

This is how the French and British imperialists intend to deal with the ‘migration problem’ at source or ‘upstream’, as they put it, in North Africa. This drive to new wars comes out of the desperate crisis of imperialism. It will be answered by the revolutionary mass movement of the workers of North and South Africa and Europe. It will put an end to imperialism with socialist revolutions and go forward to socialism!

They agreed on a series of reactionary measures, including stepped-up military spending, joint spying operations, and attacks on immigrants trying to reach Britain from the French port of Calais. They pledged to intensify cooperation on nuclear weapons programmes, aircraft carriers, and naval deployments to the Pacific and Indian Oceans and the Caribbean sea. Also agreed were provisions for draconian Internet censorship: here.

Refugee loses both his legs attempting to cross to UK amid ‘increasingly desperate’ situation in northern France. Exclusive: Aram Sabah Xalid, known by many as Alan, was hit by a train near Dunkirk: here.

THE UK government ‘needs to pay much more attention to establishing safe and regular routes for people to reach safety and their loved ones in the UK,’ said the Refugee Council: here.

The Trump administration’s defense secretary, former Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis, rolled out a new National Defense Strategy Friday that signals open preparations by US imperialism for direct military confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia and China: here.

British Conservative government sells weapons to Turkish regime

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Torture in Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey: Amnesty finds evidence of torture including rape of detainees

10 August 2016

Amnesty International petitions against Turkey’s post-coup crackdown on political dissent.

Petition Link: here.

“There are well-founded fears for people’s rights and freedoms in Turkey, as a crackdown of exceptional proportions continues following the failed coup attempt on 15 July 2016.

At a time of great fear and uncertainty the government must not trample over people’s rights in the pursuit of justice.

Abuses that took place during the attempted coup must be investigated and perpetrators brought to justice, but human rights must be upheld – not disregarded – during this process.

The state of emergency does not override Turkey’s obligations under international law and should not discard hard-won freedoms and safeguards.

Nobody can feel safe when human rights are not upheld.

Tell President Erdogan rights hard-won cannot be taken away, even during a state of emergency.

Turkish authorities must respect human rights as they carry out investigations, releasing people where there is no evidence of criminal acts and granting fair trials.

The prohibition of torture is absolute and can never be compromised or suspended. Amid torture allegations, independent monitors must be given access to detainees in all facilities. All detainees must have regular access to lawyers and family members.

The state of emergency must not be used as an excuse to crack down on peaceful dissenting voices or for widespread purges in civil society, media, the judiciary, education and other sections of society.

Censorship of media simply for criticising government policy is unlawful, even in a state of emergency.

Workers’ rights to challenge their suspensions or dismissals, in fair and transparent procedures, must be upheld.”

By Steve Sweeney in Britain, Saturday, January 13, 2018:

Liam Fox oversees arms sales in Turkey on the day democracy goes on trail

KURDISH solidarity campaigners joined anti-arms trade activists in branding the government “appalling” today for overseeing arms sales to Turkey on the same day that an opposition leader was put on trial.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox travelled to Turkey for a visit to build on the “strong foundations” laid when Prime Minister Theresa May met President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last January, striking a £100 million fighter-jet deal.

Turkey has been under a state of emergency since a failed coup attempt in July 2016, with hundreds of journalists jailed and over 100,000 public-sector workers sacked in the ensuing clampdown.

Opposition MPs and activists from the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) were arrested in November 2016, including co-leader Selahattin Demirtas who appeared in an Istanbul courtroom today.

The United Nations warned that there are more than half a million people displaced in Turkey’s largely Kurdish south-east, where cities including Nusaybin and Cizre have been flattened by the Turkish military in an attempt to “flush out” Kurdistan Workers Party guerillas.

Campaign Against Arms Trade spokesman Andrew Smith said Mr Fox should use his visit to promote human rights, not arms sales.

“He should put the interest and rights of Turkish people above arms company profits”, he said.

Britain has licensed £415 million worth of arms to Ankara since Mr Erdogan became president in August 2014, having previously ruled as prime minister since 2003.

A recent poll from Opinium found that 68 per cent of British adults oppose arms exports to Turkey, with only 13 per cent in favour.

Despite its appalling human rights record, Turkey remains a “priority market” for British arms sales.

Kurdistan Solidarity Campaign co-secretary Rosa Gilbert condemned Mr Fox’s trip as “utterly appalling” on the day an opposition MP went on trial “following a politically orchestrated judicial set-up.

Our disgraced government is flogging weapons to the very regime that is repressing him and his party, the HDP.

“This is a regime whose military has attacked Kurdish civilians in south-east Turkey and northern Syria, yet our government sees no problem with facilitating their actions.”

Ms Gilbert argued that most British people would be appalled at Mr Fox making trade deals with “a regime that has supported Isis militarily and financially.”

The Department for International Trade had not responded to the Star’s request for comment at the time of going to press.

British Conservative defeat on fox-hunting

This is a red fox video.

By Peter Frost in Britain:

Friday, January 12, 2018 – 00:27

Wildlife: Reynard can breathe easy now – well, almost

Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision not to allow Parliament a vote on allowing fox-hunting, despite manifesto promises, is one that PETER FROST is prepared to applaud unreservedly

PRIME MINISTER Theresa May has confirmed ditching plans that would have allowed a free vote in Parliament to end the legal ban on fox-hunting.

She did this even before starting to rearrange the deckchairs for the reshuffle of her fast-sinking cabinet.

This U-turn has angered some Tory Party members and supporters in its rural heartlands.

When the Conservative Party last published its membership figures in 2013, the number recorded was 149,800. Experts reckon the membership today is nearer half that and is declining particularly fast in country villages and towns.

That is why the Tories have had to make undercover deals with pro-hunting groups like the Countryside Alliance which thought it had a contract with May, during the last general election, to get the countryside-based Tory vote out in exchange for May promising a free fox-hunting vote.

May says she has always supported legalising fox-hunting. Her 2017 manifesto promised: “We will grant a free vote, on a government Bill in government time, to give Parliament the opportunity to decide the future of the Hunting Act.” That pledge has now gone the way of so many of her promised policies.

The reason for the volte-face is that May’s advisers pointed out that, with every new poll on fox-hunting, fewer and fewer people are in favour of the bloody sport.

But there are some who still support hunting. Up to 300 hunts turned out on Boxing Day, traditionally hunting’s biggest day, at the end of last month.

As usual and despite public opinion and the law banning the hunting of foxes being over a dozen years old, posh country folk, horses and hounds gathered on the busiest day of the year for this antiquated and barbaric custom.

As at every Boxing Day since the law was passed by a Labour government in 2005, foxes were killed illegally by the hunters and their savage trained packs of killer hounds.

In many of those locations the hunts claimed they were carrying out legal trail-hunting, following an animal-based scent drag, often using fox urine.

In fact this was more often used as a cover for actual traditional blood-sport hunting. The deception fooled nobody.

Many people accuse these hunts of not obeying the law and provide video evidence showing foxes meeting a bloody death.

One group opposed to hunting are the Hunt Saboteurs, a non-violent direct action group that attempts to document and prevent the killing of animals.

Other reputable organisations, such as the International Fund for Animal Welfare, say that no genuine trail hunting was witnessed at 98 per cent of the hunts observed in 2015, with scent trails actually laid at only eight of the 478 hunts monitored.

Even the Countryside Alliance (CA), which supports hunting and lobbies for repeal of the Hunting Act, admits that at least 27 convictions in relation to registered hunts have been recorded since 2005.

It claims the majority of hunts use an ethically sourced, animal-based scent, but Freedom of Information Act requests made to the Animal and Plant Health Agency revealed they have issued just one import authorisation licence for fox urine or any other related animal by-product since 2014.

This is simply nowhere near enough to allow the scale of trail hunting that the hunting industry claims goes on.

Although fox-hunting with hounds was supposed to have ended in 2005, the law makes the burden of proof exceptionally high and the huntsman/woman has to be judged to have deliberately killed a fox. This usually requires good video evidence for a prosecution to stand a chance of success in court.

Numerous successful prosecutions are brought each year but still the bloody so-called-sport continues.

Claims by the hunting fraternity, when they were campaigning before the law was passed, that hunts would close and be forced to put down all their dogs have come to nothing. The predicted loss of jobs by hunt servants simply never happened.

At the last election, Theresa May forced the issue of a free vote on the Hunting Act into the manifesto against the advice of senior cabinet members, telling a campaign event she has “always been in favour of fox-hunting.”

In reality the vast majority of public opinion wants to keep the ban and this includes many countryside dwellers as well as urban-based folk.

One of the more surprising groups opposed to hunting is Blue Fox, a large group of Tory MPs, mainly women, totally opposed to blood sports in the countryside. They have welcomed May’s U-turn.

Labour leader and prime minister in waiting Jeremy Corbyn has consistently branded fox-hunting a barbarity and pledged to condemn blood sports to the dustbin of history forever when he comes to power.

Corbyn, who grew up in rural Shropshire, made his first political speech at school aged just 15. He spoke in favour of banning fox, stag and otter-hunting as well as badger-baiting and hare-coursing.

Unlike May, Corbyn has never deviated from this anti-hunting position.

Sounds like Reynard and all the little foxes have a better future to look forward to than does May.