After Imelda Marcos, fashion lines by Rice and Rumsfeld?

Condoleezza Rice during Hurricane Katrina, cartoon

From Associated Press:

Former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos, who made headlines for her vast shoe collection, is embarking on a new project, a fashion line.

The 77-year-old widow of dictator Ferdinand Marcos told reporters Monday that she planned to launch “The Imelda Collection” of fashion jewelry and accessories on Nov. 18.

Marcos became notorious for her shopping trips to ritzy shops in New York while her country wallowed in poverty under martial law declared by her husband.

What next?

Not from Associated Press:

George W Bush’s Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, plans to launch her own fashion line.

It will include Ms Rice’s ‘Birth Pangs’ perfume, said to contain real drops of Lebanese children‘s blood.

And ‘Katrina shoes’, referring to when Hurricane Katrina killed thousands of people in the southern US, and Secretary of State Rice, instead of handling the scores of offers of help for the Katrina victims from foreign countries, chose to buy expensive shoes in New York City.


George W Bush’s Secretary of ‘Defence’, Donald Rumsfeld, today launched his own fashion line.

It includes body armour guaranteed not to stop any bullets.

As the catwalk broke down in the middle of the show, breaking the necks of, and killing, scores of models, Mr Rumsfeld reacted: ‘Stuff happens’; and ‘You have fashion shows with the catwalk you have, not the one you would like to have’.

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Condoleezza Rice in the Middle East: cartoon

Condoleezza Rice, shoes, and war in the Middle East, cartoonFrom Internet Weekly in the USA:

BEIRUT (IWR News Satire) – After nearly two weeks of hostilities with 375 Lebanese killed and 600,000 displaced, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice finally found enough time in her demanding shoe shopping schedule to visit the Middle East.

“I wish I could have gotten here sooner to help jump start this peace process thingy, but you how important these Midsummer shoe sales are to a fashion conscious girl like me.

After all, you don’t want me to look like the Frump, do you?

Besides more people are dying in Iraq at the same time as this conflict, and you don’t hear anyone bitching about me going to Baghdad, right?

There’s no decent garment stores in the Green Zone anyway.

BTW, isn’t it great how our Bush Doctrine is playing out in the Middle East?

Anyway, I got to run. I hear there are some great Gucci sales in Tel Aviv,” said Ms. Rice.

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Condoleezza Rice, The Sound of Music, and war in the Middle East, cartoon