Eurasian migratory birds need big African trees

This video from England is about a common redstart.

This blog reported already about the count this month of migratory shorebirds in west Europe and west Africa.

More inland in Africa, people count migratory birds as well.

There is an international BirdLife program: Living on the Edge; for improving migratory bird habitats and livelihoods in the Sahel region, just south of the Sahara desert.

In this program, there is participation from Burkina Faso NATURAMA, Mauritania, Nigeria Conservation Foundation (NCF) – Nigeria; and Senegal. And also from European countries where the migratory birds are in summer.

This morning, Vroege Vogels radio in the Netherlands reported about it. Where do Eurasian migratory birds like common redstart and spotted flycatcher spend their African winters?

It turns out they do so overwhelmingly in just about ten tree species, all in the Acacia genus. And much more so in older, taller trees than in small, young trees.

This research result means there should be more conservation of acacia trees, especially tall, older ones.

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Migratory bird brings African, Dutch school children together

This video from England is called WWT Slimbridge: Common Redstart.

Translated from BirdLife in the Netherlands:

The common redstart nests in Europe but winters in the Sahel, including in Burkina Faso. The curriculum ‘The Incredible Journey‘ will therefore also be offered, in French, to pupils in Burkina Faso in 2014. Children of Belemtisse primary school in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso and the primary school ‘De Oanrin’ in Twijzel [in the Netherlands] will then be in touch. Together, this way, they will get to know better each others’ world and also the world of the common redstart, which flies back and forth between them.