Rügen island birds, bye, bye!

This 2015 video is about cranes on Rügen island in Germany.

On 13 October 2018, the day after 12 October, we had to leave Rügen.

For the last time,we saw the cranes on the fields of the island.

And a flock of starlings; migrating, like the cranes.

We won’t forget you!

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Birds and jellyfish of Rügen island

This 9 October 2016 video on a flock of starlings is called Hitchcock on Rügen.

12 October 2018, the day after 11 October, was our last full day on Rügen island in Germany.

In the morning we went to a wetland in the east of the island. As the 2018 summer had been dry in Germany, like in other countries, the land was not as wet as usual; probably meaning less water birds than usually.

There was a grey heron. A hooded crow. A great black-backed gull.

Mallard ducks. Four starlings.

Scores of grey lag geese.

Sea thrift flowers.

I arrived at Klein Zicker village.

Shaggy ink cap mushrooms.

In the afternoon, we went to the harbour of Sassnitz.

A decommissioned British submarine, HMS Otus, is now a museum in the harbour.

Jellyfish, 12 October 2018

Many jellyfish swimming.

Mute swans swimming as well.

Black-headed gull, 12 October 2018

Like this black-headed gull in winter plumage.

Great cormorants, 12 October 2018

Great cormorants, like these ones, sometimes had to rest from swimming and diving, as, unlike other water birds, they have to dry their wings.

Cranes, Sandwich terns, medieval church of Rügen island

This July 2011 video is about bad rainy weather in Jasmund national park near Lohme village on Rügen island in Germany.

After 10 October 2018 came 11 October for us on Rügen. The weather was pretty good then.

Many cranes had arrived from Scandinavia on their autumn migration.

Six cranes, 11 October 2018

This photo, from near Bobbin village, shows two adult couples with each one youngster (still no red on the head).

Cranes, 11 October 2018

Many cranes resting or flying over the fields near Bobbin. Some gray lag geese as well.

Cranes, Rügen

Baltic sea bay, 11 October 2018

We continued to a sheltered Baltic sea bay.

Great black-backed gulls, herring gulls, black-headed gulls and a mallard on a causeway.

Two Sandwich terns flying past.

Churchyard, 11 October 2018

We continued to an old churchyard.

It is the churchyard of the Mary Magdalene Lutheran church in Vilmnitz village. This church is originally from the Middle Ages.

Mary Magdalene church, 11 October 2018

However, much of the interior is from the eighteenth century.

Outside, at the churchyard, nuthatch and jackdaw sound.

We continued, from medieval-eighteenth century buildings to the twentieth century: Prora.

Prora was built as a big 4.5 kilometer long complex along the beach, 1936-1939. Nazi Germany intended it as a holiday resort and as military buildings in wartime. In 1939, World War II broke out, with Prora still unfinished. It was never used as holiday resort, though it was used for Hitler’s military.

Prora, 11 October 2018

Now, one of the Prora buildings houses a documentation centre. The sign says: ‘Have a holiday’, in a rather military command tone.

Other parts of Prora are now being reconstructed.

Dilapidated part of Prora

Still other parts are in ruins.

Prora sign, 11 October 2018

This sign, close to the coastal cliff, warns of mortal danger.

Kill nazis, 11 October 2018

Fortunately, the swastikas and other Third Reich signs are gone. This recent graffiti points into another direction.

Antifa, 11 October 2018

As does this recent graffiti about Antifa (anti-fascists).

This July 2014 video shows a hooded crow on a Rügen beach.

We ended 11 October 2018, however, not with hooded crows; but as we had started it, with cranes.

Cranes sunset, 11 October 2018

From a hill, we could see these cranes flying past the setting sun.

Stay tuned; there will be more Rügen on this blog!

Swans and cliffs of Rügen island

This June 2014 German video is about Lohme village on Rügen island in Germany, and a sunset there.

After 9 October 2018 on Rügen came 10 October.

Sunrise, 10 October 2018

This photo is about the 10 October 2018 sunrise.

Rügen, 10 October 2018

This photo shows some of the cliffs of Rügen, near Sassnitz town, later in the morning.

Mute swans, 10 October 2018

Close to the shore, these mute swans.

Mute swans, Rügen

Or on the shore.

Seaweed, 10 October 2018

Also on the shore, this seaweed.

Trees, 10 October 2018

On the Rügen cliffs, the trees grow close to the shore.

In Lohme village, house sparrows use the house martin nests of summer to spend the night.

Meanwhile, more cranes keep arriving from Scandinavia.

This 24 September 2011 video is about cranes at RÜgen.

Stay tuned for more Rügen blog posts!

Hooded crow and rocks of Rügen island

This January 2018 video is about the coast near Lohme village on Rügen island in Germany.

After 8 October 2018 on Rügen came 9 October.

In the morning, house sparrows.

And a hooded crow on a Lohme roof.

Lohme coast, 9 October 2019

This photo shows the coast near Lohme on 9 October 2018.

This video shows a sea eagle, and a mute swan, on Rügen island.

Redstarts and great cormorants of Rügen island

This December 2014 drone video from the air is about the harbour of Lohme village on Rügen island in Germany.

After we had arrived in Lohme on 7 October 2018, we woke up there on 8 October for our first full day on the island.

Lohme, 8 October 2018

We went to the coast near Lohme, where we saw these rocks, with two mute swans.

White wagtail, 8 October 2018

On one rock, this young white wagtail.

Female redstart, 8 October 2018

This photo shows a female redstart. Her eye-ring shows she is a common redstart, not the related species black redstart.

There were two female redstarts on the jetty. Probably, in their autumn migration to Africa these two birds had just crossed the Baltic sea from Sweden. As soon as they reached Rügen, there was at least a meal for them: plenty of flies on the jetty.

Great cormorants, 8 October 2018

Many great cormorants on another jetty.

Gulls, 8 October 2018

Another jetty, closer to the ships of the harbour. Many gulls, mainly herring gulls, but also great black-backed gulls. And two grey herons.

Herring gulls, 8 October 2018

In the afternoon we walked to Cape Arkona, almost the northernmost point of Rügen.

We passed a nature reserve with a sign depicting a long-eared owl (originally designed in the then German Democratic Republic).

House sparrow, 8 October 2018

Sea buckthorn and other berries attracted this female house sparrow.

Other birds: blackbird, and a robin on a bench.

On one of the lighthouses, many house martin nests. Their builders had departed for wintering in Africa. Now, house sparrows went in, to spend the cold nights.

Male house sparrow, 8 October 2018

Like this male house sparrow.

Stay tuned!

Many cranes, hooded crows of Rügen island, Germany

This August 2016 video says about itself:

A seaside holiday on Rügen | Check-in

Check-in presenter Lukas Stege explores Germany’s biggest island. He tries out standup paddleboarding on the Baltic, stokes the Racing Roland steam locomotive and samples a typical island specialty.

On 7 October 2018, we departed to Rügen island in Germany.

An island where now, during the autumn migration, many birds from Scandinavia arrive: from big birds like cranes and sea eagles, to the smallest birds of Europe: goldcrests.

We had planned to go to Rügen earlier. However, the ship supposed to take us there, never made it to Rügen as there was a storm.

As we departed at 7:25 am from Deventer railway station, a carrion crow with unusual white feathers among its black feathers.

Later, at 10:30 past Osnabrück, a buzzard flying, with the sun reflecting on its wings.

At 11:35 we passed the former nazi concentration camp Belgen-Belsen, where Anne Frank and so many others were murdered.

At the other side of the road, a roe deer.

In the afternoon, six roe deer running to a pond to drink.

16:45: we are on Rügen island. Scores of migrating cranes on a field.

This 9 November 2017 video shows dancing cranes on migration on Rügen island in Germany.

17:15 in Sassnitz: a hooded crow along the road.

Later in the day, we arrived in Lohme village to spend the night there.

A great cormorant flying over the Baltic sea as the sun sets. Two herring gulls on a jetty. Three mute swans swimming.

As we walk back, a bat flies in the evening dusk.

Stay tuned!