67 giant millipede babies born

This 22 April 2016 video shows 67 giant African millipede babies, born in Amersfoort zoo in the Netherlands. See also here.

Tiger, giant tortoise, penguin 360° Virtual Reality videos

This video series from the Netherlands says about itself:

February 2016: VR Gorilla and Dierenpark Amersfoort collaborated in creating several 360° VR experiences.

We shot footage of [African] penguins, coypus, meerkats, [Aldabra giant] tortoises and.. one big tiger! This was the main event for the day. Our plan was to place our 360° cam inside the tigers’ terrain, close to a bungee cord with a big chunk of meat attached to it. We sort of assumed the tiger would leave the camera alone and go straight for the meat. We also figured the tiger would possibly leave most of the camera intact in case it would go for it..

We were wrong on both accounts! A full-grown Siberian tiger will eat our camera like candy, and as it turns out that’s exactly what it tried to do.. Fortunately for us he didn’t succeed, with thanks to the keepers at Dierenpark Amersfoort who insisted on coming up with a back up plan to pull the camera up into safety from the tiger’s claws. We are very glad they insisted on this, since our camera survived to shoot more videos.

Feathertail glider babies born, video

This 10 March 2016 video is about two feathertail glider babies born recently in the nocturnal animals building of Amersfoort zoo in the Netherlands. Their parents had arrived in October 2015.

A griffon vulture couple in that zoo is on eggs. See webcam here.

Two-toed sloth baby born, name her

This 24 December 2015 video from Amersfoort zoo in the Netherlands is about the birth of a Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth.

Sloths don’t often reproduce in zoos. However, for Amersfoort zoo this is the tenth youngster born in their nocturnal animals‘ hall. For mother Amaka and father Quasimodo of the newborn baby, is is the sixth time.

The youngster is female, but does not have a name yet. Amersfoort zoo asks people to suggest suitable names on their Facebook page. As Linnaeus‘s two-toed sloths are from South America, names with connections to that are prefered.

Welcome to The Sloth Institute, the protector of wayward baby sloths: here.

21 spiny flower mantis babies born

This 20 November 2015 video from Amersfoort zoo in the Netherlands is about the recent birth there of 21 spiny flower mantis babies.

After about two months, the eggs of this African insect species hatched.

The youngsters will need to molt seven times before they reach adulthood, when they will be as colourful as their parents.

This 26 September 2014 is about when the spiny flower mantis adults had just arrived in the zoo.

This video shows some adults as well.

Artificial rain for Amersfoort zoo birds

It is hot summer weather in the Netherlands. Maybe sometimes a bit too hot, like for birds in Amersfoort zoo.

This 7 August 2015 video shows how a sprinkler system makes the weather more bearable for parrots, cattle egrets, black-crowned night herons and other zoo birds.

Same-sex heron couple are good parents

This video is called Building a nest: black-crowned night heron.

Translated from Amersfoort zoo in the Netherlands:

Chick grows up at lesbian black-crowned night heron parents’ nest

Posted on April 22, 2014 at 10:52

Two female black-crowned night herons decided a few weeks ago to build a nest together. They deposited in it nine unfertilized eggs, but still now they together bring up a chick in Amersfoort zoo.

The caretakers of the Amersfoort DierenPark have about two weeks ago put another couple’s chick in the nest of the two ladies. “The biological parents had two youngsters, but did not give them enough food,” said chief animal caretaker Bas Aalders. ”In order to ease the task of the parents, we have placed one youngster in another nest. Both chicks are growing well now.”

Why It’s OK for Birds to Be Gay: here.

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