Bottlenose dolphin near Dutch Ameland island

This video shows a bottlenose dolphin in the North Sea, north of Dutch Ameland island.

For over an hour on 21 October 2015, the animal swam along with shrimp fishing boat GRE34.

Good Sandwich tern news from Ameland island

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

A large colony of Sandwich Terns with brooding birds and chicks on a beach of shells. The chicks all vary in age, and a few of the older birds carry fish in their beaks.

Warden Robert Pater reports today from Ameland island in the Netherlands. He writes that 2015 has been a succesful nesting seasons for black-headed gulls and terns at the Feugelpôlle nature reserve.

About 100 young Sandwich terns have been provided with white coloured rings. Last year, the young terns got red rings.

Slow worm discovery on Ameland island

This video says about itself:

20 April 2014

A baby female Adder Vipera berus berus is shown curling up alongside an adult male Slow-worm Anguis fragilis. The tiny snake would have been born during the previous year and it is just as venomous as an adult.

Translated from the press agency of Ameland island in the Netherlands:

Slow worm seen on Ameland

July 25, 2015

HOLLUM – This Saturday, Annelies Lap from Hollum village saw on the horse trail near the Duck Pond a slow worm. She immediately photographed it.

It is a remarkable observation, because slow worms do not live on the Wadden Sea islands. In 2014 one was reported in a garden on Texel island. Ecomare museum on Texel suspects the animal lifted to the island, eg it made the sea crossing with compost or straw. Probably also the Ameland individual arrived like this as a stowaway on the island.

What young Sandwich terns eat

This 13 July 2015 video is about Sandwich tern mating season on Ameland island in the Netherlands.

Today, 19 July 2015, Dutch Vroege Vogels radio interviewed a researcher into the big Sandwich tern nesting colony in Utopia nature reserve on Texel island.

They found out that Sandwich tern parents there feed their chicks mainly sprat; also some lesser sand eels. The parents themselves eat mostly lesser sand eels.

Oldest Dutch herring gull in Friesland province

This video is about adult and juvenile herring gulls (and a few black-headed gulls in winter plumage)

Translated from the Waddenvereniging in the Netherlands today:

The oldest ringed herring gull in our country turned up last weekend in Leeuwarden‘s [capital of Friesland province] new district Blitsaerd in front of the lens of nature photographer Ruurd Jelle van der Ley …

Meanwhile, the seagull has reached the respectable age of 28 years and eight months. On July 3, 1986, on Ameland island, this bird got two colored rings. An orange one with letter A and a green one with letter Y. Birdwatchers know him as OAGJ or Green J. he lost the orange ring about six years ago. Thanks to the remaining green ring and the fact that he walks with a slight limp he is still recognizable.

Birds of Ameland island

This a 3 December 2014 video about the Feugelpôlle wetland on Ameland island. Brent geese, waders and other birds live there.

The second biggest nesting colony of Sandwich terns in western Europe is there.

There has been erosion, making the Feugelpôlle smaller. Work has been done to stop that.

See also here.

Still golden buttons flowers on Ameland island

Golden buttons

Warden Marjan reports today from Ameland island in the Netherlands that golden buttons are still flowering.

The normal flowering time for this species is July-October. Golden buttons need a brackish environment; which they find on the Noordkeeg area of Ameland.

Golden buttons are originally from South Africa. In 1972, it was seen for the first time in the Netherlands; first in Flevoland province, later also elsewhere.

This video is about felling a dead poplar tree on Ameland.