Hermit crab on Ameland island beach

The maker of this video from the Netherlands, Anita Kiewied, says about it (translated):

Jan 10, 2017

“This is a recording of a hermit crab in a whelk on the beach of Ameland island near beach post 18. After a storm with very high water this hermit crab was close to the sand dunes. After recording, I brought it back to the shoreline.”

Rare angular crab on Ameland island beach

Angular crab

Translated from Ecomare museum on Texel island in the Netherlands, 12 September 2016:

On the beach of Ameland a particular animal was seen. In late August, two hikers discovered an angular crab on the eastern tip of the island. In 2003, this striking crab was first reported in the Dutch sector of the North Sea, at the Frisian Front. Fishermen got them suddenly in their nets. So, further away at sea they had already been seen, but to our knowledge, an angular crab had never before seen on any Dutch beach. So it seems that this crab has now for the first time actually set foot on land. …

Now climate change warms the sea, making it in winter warm enough here for the angular crab.

After the crab had been photographed on the beach, it was freed into the sea.

Olympic cycling training on Ameland island

This 20 July 2016 Dutch video is about Bauke Mollema, a participant in the cycling road race of the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The video shows him training on Ameland island, where his family is originally from.

This video says about itself:

Rio all set to host the Olympic games

29 July 2016

Four years later, it’s time for London to hand over to Rio. But people in London still remember the 2012 games.

This video says about itself:

Olympic dream crashed

29 July 2016

Indian wrestler Narsingh Yadav and shot putter Inderjeet Singh have tested positive for a banned substance and their chances of representing India at the Rio Games are almost over.

Ringed buzzard feeds on dead deer

This 18 July 2015 video is about a roe deer which had died in the sand dunes of Ameland island in the Netherlands.

As wildlife warden Robert Pater writes, at first this only attracted carrion crows feeding on carrion. No feral cats, no gulls, no rats.

After a week, a buzzard landed to feed on the dead deer. Not so unusual, these birds often feed on carrion. However, this buzzard had been ringed; near the Bergumermeer lake in Friesland province; where quite some bird are ringed.

Rare jellyfish on Ameland island

Ameland Cassiopea lunulata, photo by Petra de Jong

On 17 June 2016, Ms Petra de Jong found a dead jellyfish on the beach of Ameland island in the Netherlands.

It turned out to be a Cassiopea lunulata, a tropical species, very rare in the Netherlands.

In 2007, one had been found on the beach near Egmond aan Zee.

Bearded vulture over Dutch Ameland, Schiermonnikoog islands

This video shows adult and young bearded vultures; and some griffon vultures and ravens, in Spain.

Dutch NOS TV reports that this afternoon, a young bearded vulture flew over Ameland and Schiermonnikoog islands. For some time, a buzzard flew along with the vulture, showing the big size difference.

This vulture has a transmitter, showing it is originally from central France. Bearded vultures are very rare in the Netherlands.

I have been to Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, but I never saw any bearded vulture there. Though I did see them in Aragon in Spain.

New wetland for birds on Ameland: here.

Bats of Ameland island

This is a serotine bat video.

On the wildlife wardens’ blog of Ameland island in the Netherlands, there is today a blog post about bats.

Apart from rare species, three bat species live on Ameland year after year. They are Nathusius’ pipistrelle; common pipistrelle; and serotine bat.