Striped dolphins stranded on Ameland island

Beached striped dolphin on Ameland, photo by Natuurcentrum Ameland/Johan Krol

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands, 20 January 2016:

Striped dolphins washed up on Ameland

On Ameland yesterday two striped dolphins washed ashore. Hikers saw the animals lying around 23:00. They were already dead. They are females, a mother and a daughter.

Striped dolphins are rarely observed in the North Sea. Usually they remain in warmer waters. To our knowledge nine times previously striped dolphins beached on the Dutch coast, says biologist Johan Krol of the Ameland Nature Centre.

The animals were today moved to Utrecht University. There, they are examined to find out why they died.

Omrop Fryslân reports that the mother was about two meter long, her daughter one meter. After Utrecht University, they will go to Naturalis museum in Leiden, where they will be cleaned. Then, they will return to Ameland, where the Ameland Nature Centre will exhibit their skeletons.

Rare black ‘grey’ seal on Dutch Ameland island

Ameland black seal, photo by Bert Meerstra

Nature Today in the Netherlands reports today (translated):

14 January 2016 – The Wadden Unit made a special observation on the Wadden Sea. During an inspection tour along the Blauwe Balg, a sandbank between Terschelling and Ameland islands, the crew of motor ship De Krukel discovered a pair of gray seal pups. One of them turned out to be jet black; it was an animal with melanism.

Melanin is a pigment and black animals that stand out from their peers for their colour have an excess of melanin. It is like the opposite of an albino. …

[Krukel crew member] Meerstra is hopeful that this animal has a bright future. ‘This animal is in good health and will hopefully live for a long time.’

Terschelling island seals: here.

Dutch Ameland Sandwich terns now in Namibia

This video is called Sandwich Terns Love Dance.

Warden Robert Pater on Ameland island in the Netherlands reports today about Sandwich terns, ringed on Ameland.

On 20 December 2015, tern Red A06 was recognized near Swakopmund in Namibia.

The next day, tern Red A62 was near Walvis Bay in Namibia. Both birds had been ringed on Ameland on 21 June 2014, at the Feugelpôlle nesting colony.

Other Ameland Sandwich terns were in France and Spain.

Bottlenose dolphin near Dutch Ameland island

This video shows a bottlenose dolphin in the North Sea, north of Dutch Ameland island.

For over an hour on 21 October 2015, the animal swam along with shrimp fishing boat GRE34.

Good Sandwich tern news from Ameland island

This video from the Netherlands says about itself:

A large colony of Sandwich Terns with brooding birds and chicks on a beach of shells. The chicks all vary in age, and a few of the older birds carry fish in their beaks.

Warden Robert Pater reports today from Ameland island in the Netherlands. He writes that 2015 has been a succesful nesting seasons for black-headed gulls and terns at the Feugelpôlle nature reserve.

About 100 young Sandwich terns have been provided with white coloured rings. Last year, the young terns got red rings.

Slow worm discovery on Ameland island

This video says about itself:

20 April 2014

A baby female Adder Vipera berus berus is shown curling up alongside an adult male Slow-worm Anguis fragilis. The tiny snake would have been born during the previous year and it is just as venomous as an adult.

Translated from the press agency of Ameland island in the Netherlands:

Slow worm seen on Ameland

July 25, 2015

HOLLUM – This Saturday, Annelies Lap from Hollum village saw on the horse trail near the Duck Pond a slow worm. She immediately photographed it.

It is a remarkable observation, because slow worms do not live on the Wadden Sea islands. In 2014 one was reported in a garden on Texel island. Ecomare museum on Texel suspects the animal lifted to the island, eg it made the sea crossing with compost or straw. Probably also the Ameland individual arrived like this as a stowaway on the island.

What young Sandwich terns eat

This 13 July 2015 video is about Sandwich tern mating season on Ameland island in the Netherlands.

Today, 19 July 2015, Dutch Vroege Vogels radio interviewed a researcher into the big Sandwich tern nesting colony in Utopia nature reserve on Texel island.

They found out that Sandwich tern parents there feed their chicks mainly sprat; also some lesser sand eels. The parents themselves eat mostly lesser sand eels.