Qatari rulers tighten grip on Al-Jazeera

This video says about itself:

In the run up to the 2022 World Cup, the ITUC reports on migrant worker misery behind gleaming boom of Gulf – Doha (Qatar) & Dubai (UAE).

Video documentary (long version: 10′- EN).

Reportage: Paul Ames, Cinematography: Eduardo Diaz.

From weekly Socialist Worker in Britain:

Qatar royal family makes moves to control Al Jazeera TV station

Qatari-owned news network Al-Jazeera’s director general has resigned after eight years—only to be replaced by a member of [the] Qatari royal family.

Wadah Khanfar stepped down last week. He is credited with developing the network’s prominence—particularly the coverage of the Arab Spring.

But Al-Jazeera is owned and governed by the Qatari royal family. The network has largely ignored the massacre of protesters in Bahrain and barely reports events in the repressive regime in Qatar.

The country’s royal family is moving ever closer to allies like Saudi Arabia, and ultimately the US.

Al Jazeera Blocks Anti-Saudi Arabia Article: here.

Robert Fisk: Al Jazeera – 15 years in the headlines: here.

On January 13 [2015], the world learned that Al Jazeera America would soon close. And while some employees could migrate into the network’s expanded digital operations, many will spend the coming days and weeks looking for new work. The news comes as Al Jazeera’s primary patron, the Qatari government, enters a financial downturn; it will have its first budget deficit in 15 years: here.

Kuwait: Three Netizens Detained: here.

Gulf rulers are sending the world an unequivocal message – their countries will remain an exception to the Arab awakening. As the winds of change blow through the Middle East and north Africa, Gulf states are behaving as if it’s business as usual, pursuing small, incremental political reforms that would be deemed irrelevant, if not insulting, in other parts of the region: here.