British Conservative pro-nuclear weapons McCarthyism

This video from Britain says about itself:

Liam Fox resigns as Defence Secretary over Werritty links

14 October 2011

Defence Secretary Liam Fox has resigned over his connections with his close friend and unofficial lobbyist Adam Werritty.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Cold war heckle for ‘commie’ peacenik

Wednesday 25th November 2015

THE last Communist MPs, Willie Gallacher and Phil Piratin, lost their seats in the 1950 general election, writes Luke James.

But the spectre of communism was apparently haunting the Commons again yesterday during the debate on Trident renewal.

Arch-Thatcherite Tory MP Liam Fox shouted “communist” at Green MP Caroline Lucas after she argued nuclear weapons are “making us less safe, not more safe.”

It was a cold war-era heckle in defence of a cold war-era defence system.

You wonder whether the Tories are running out of bogeymen to justify the cost of Trident.

British Tory ‘Defence’ scandals continue

Liam Fox scandal, cartoon

This cartoon from Britain is about the Liam FoxAdam Werritty scandal.

From The Bureau of Investigative Journalism:

Bureau Recommends: Investigations into Fox ‘shadow’ adviser continue

October 18th, 2011 | by The Bureau

The British press continues to investigate the relationship between former Defence Secretary Liam Fox and his close friend and unofficial advisor Adam Werritty.

Today we are recommending a series of articles from across the British press, which continues to unearth new details about the manner in which Mr Werritty benefited from his relationship with a Cabinet minister, why he attended top-level government meetings and how his lavish lifestyle of first-class flights was funded.

Liam Fox has gone: now hunt all the Tories: here.

As Scandal Engulfs American Legislative Exchange Council‘s UK Affiliate, a Closer Look at Its US Operation. Lee Fang and Scott Keyes, ThinkProgress: “The Atlantic Bridge, the British affiliate organization to the American Legislative Exchange Council, is quickly erupting into a scandal that may force the public to scrutinize the practices of both right-wing groups. Earlier this month, the U.K.’s Charity Commission shut down Atlantic Bridge after an investigation revealed that the nonprofit has operated as little more than a front for various corporate lobbying and Tory party interests. The scandal has already forced the resignation of David Cameron’s Defense Secretary Liam Fox after the revelation that the Atlantic Bridge’s London-based director, Adam Werritty, had improperly acted as a high level advisor to Fox while employed by a number of military industry and lobbying clients”: here.

Liam Fox row: Miliband urges Cameron to ‘show a bit of humility’: here.

Disgraced former defence secretary Liam Fox was forced to apologise to the House of Commons today for breaching the ministerial code following an internal inquiry into his dodgy links with chum Adam Werritty: here.

Resignation of UK defense secretary reveals links between ministers and military firms: here.

Prime Minister David Cameron faced accusations today that he “almost certainly” breached ministerial code by not calling his adviser on ministers’ interests to investigate allegations of impropriety against former defence secretary Liam Fox: here.

British Tory Werritty scandal expanding

Liam Fox and Werritty, cartoon

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Second senior Tory caught up in Werritty access scandal

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Westminster’s wannabe “adviser” scandal engulfed another top Tory today as news broke that Minister for International Security Gerald Howarth had met in secret with dodgy charity director Adam Werritty.

Westminster’s wannabe “adviser” scandal engulfed another top Tory today as news broke that Minister for International Security Gerald Howarth had met in secret with dodgy charity director Adam Werritty.

Defence Minister Philip Hammond told MPs in a parliamentary answer that the Cannock and Burntwood MP had joined Mr Werritty in a meeting with one of his backers – the Iraq Research Group.

There is no record of civil servants attending the meeting – a breach of the ministerial code.

“Adam Werritty was also present at a meeting between Mr Howarth and a representative of IRG Ltd regarding information that could be useful to the department relating to Iraq,” Mr Hammond said.

“The discussion centred on the economic and political landscape in Iraq.

“No further contact or action has taken place,” he added.

Former defence secretary Liam Fox quit in disgrace this month after it emerged Mr Werritty, a “personal friend,” had arranged private meetings with Israeli politicians in breach of ministerial codes, lived off of donations from intelligence agencies and lobbyists and represented himself on business cards as Fox’s “adviser.”

See also here.

Disgraced former defence secretary Liam Fox declared today that he would like to get back to front-line politics, even before the dust has settled on his links with Adam Werritty: here.

ONE of the men closely linked to the Liam Fox/ Adam Werritty scandal has become Tory donor who has given the party enough money to get invited to dine with ministers: here.

Corrupt British War Secretary resigns

This video is called Liam Fox’s friend Adam Werritty to lobby the UK government for arms supplies to Sri Lanka.

From British daily The Guardian:

Defence secretary [Liam Fox] steps down over links to controversial unofficial adviser Adam Werritty. Fox is the first Conservative cabinet minister to leave in the 17-month life of the coalition

See also British daily The Independent on this. And daily The Morning Star; also here.