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Here are some frequently asked questions about Dear Kitty. Some blog … well, at least things which readers of this blog might want to know but are afraid to ask 🙂

Like other features in my blog, this page is a work in progress. Probably, I will add more questions and answers.

1. What is your Internet Gravatar?

Red-billed firefinch gravatar photo, Gambia, February 2012

It is a photo of a red-billed firefinch, made in the Gambia. See here.

2. Why do you blog?

See here.

3. Have you ever been interviewed about your blog?

Yes. The interview is here.

4. Why this name of your blog?

For the first, Dear Kitty, part, see here.

My blog is called Dear Kitty. Some blog, as a wordplay on Blogsome, where it was originally.

Blogsome stopped in December 2011, and I had to move to WordPress.

5. Did you blog before going to Blogsome?

Yes, in January 2005 I started blogging at ModBlog. Then, a big corporation took over ModBlog. They let the ModBlog blogs go down the drain.

6. I clicked on a Dear Kitty. Some blog link, and it did not work. Why?

Maybe, a link to my old Blogsome blog which is gone by now. I have many internal links. When my blog moved to WordPress, all these URLs still linked to Blogsome. I am repairing these links. Surely, but rather slowly. They are many thousands of links. I prefer writing new posts to repairing old posts.

Thousands of old links to have to be replaced with new links If you do that replacement in your browser, if you get to a non-working old link, then you will probably land at the correct new link.

7. According to some bloggers, it is very sinful to change old blog posts. What is your view on this?

If I find a link which does not work, then I will replace it with a link which does work. If I discover a typo or wrong spelling, then I will correct it. I am grateful to readers pointing out such things.

There is some sense in the “don’t change old blog posts rule” in preventing bloggers from making themselves look more intelligent or prescient than they really are.

Eg, let us suppose a blogger in 2003 believed all the lies of George W. Bush and Tony Blair for starting the Iraq war.

And that that blogger today, after over a million dead Iraqi civilians, millions of injured or seriously ill Iraqi men, women and children, four million Iraqi refugees, thousands of dead United States and other soldiers, etc. later, has finally realized the Iraq war was and is wrong. And that that blogger would now destroy the evidence of his 2003 credulity; replacing it with 2013 stuff making it look like he already opposed the war in 2003. That would be untruthful. But it would be another issue than with my old blog posts.

8. There are many quotes in your blog. Usually longer quotes in italics, short quotes with : here, with hyperlink in the “here”, after them. Do you agree with all items which you quote?

Not necessarily. If I quote something, it just means that I think that it is interesting. The authors of the quoted stuff are responsible for the contents; not me.

9. Are you on Facebook?

I am not a Facebook user, as there are privacy issues with Facebook.

10. Why is your Internet name petrel41?

Petrel because of the beautiful snow petrel which I was privileged to see near Antarctica. And 41 because of a number in a street where I used to live, but don’t live any more.

11. Why is Dear Kitty. Some blog an anonymous blog?

This blog  is anonymous, because:

A. This blog is not about promoting myself as an individual. It is about things which I see, or read on the Internet, and consider to be interesting.

B. Because nazis threatening lives have easier work if they know personal details about people whom they may want to kill; as I have experienced.

12. Sometimes, you have national flags, figures and other WordPress statistics data in your blog posts. How do you do that?

A. I start Add New Post.

B. I put “Visual” mode on: if you have opened Add New Post, then on the right, under the space for writing the title text, there are two buttons: Visual and Text. You should choose Visual if you want to copy blog statistics items like flags etc. into your new blog post.

C. Then, I open “My Stats” in another tab.

D. I copy the stats from the “My stats” pages which I want to be in my new blog post.

E. I go to the Add New Post tab, to the place where I want the flags, figures etc. from the My Stats page to appear.

F. I paste these stats from the clipboard into my new blog post.

13. How about Related articles links in your blog posts?

There are three links called “Related”, at the end of WordPress blogs, made by WordPress. In my blog posts, there are also links above that, called Related articles.

These are made by Zemanta. To get Zemanta on your blog, go to And then there download Zemanta for your browser (for Firefox if you use Firefox, etc). Then, next time you make a new blog post, or want to edit an old one, go to the Visual mode of your blog; so, not Text mode.

Then, Zemanta, now installed, should suggest links to your blog post (based on what you have written in the post). I usually include some of those suggested links by clicking, and I don’t include others. Zemanta has more features (like suggesting links in your main text; suggesting pictures; etc.), some of which I use, and some of which I don’t use.


46 thoughts on “Frequently asked questions

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  12. Thank you so much for your very generous nomination for the Liebster Award! Yours is the first nomination I’ve received for anything blog related, and I appreciate it so very much. It may take me a day or so to fulfill the requirements, but I will get there.
    Thank you also for taking time to follow my little Forest Garden blog and for the kind comments you post. It is a work of love, as I can see your blog is as well. I appreciate the illustrations you’ve given above for how you’re handling this one . Best wishes, WG

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  18. @”Eg, let us suppose a blogger in 2003 believed all the lies of George W. Bush and Tony Blair for starting the Iraq war.” – we did NOT believe bushy’s lies and manipulations about saddam’s invisible/inexistent wmd… US freedom and democracy?! NO way, I do understand your point, dear kitty, as I was living in the US between ’98-2003… as French citizens, we had to leave the US after France and 99% of the planet had refused to join the shame coalition and opposed the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq!!! 😦
    * * *
    my very best, friendly thoughts and good luck in all your endeavours… cheers! Mélanie

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  26. Kitty.

    I shared your link re rohingya today in my Twitter @yasminisyasmin.

    Please go look.

    Thank you for that comprehensive post.

    And please get in touch or share work I am doing to change how world see and experiences ‘Third World’.

    Yasmin xxxx

  27. Hello!

    My name is Susan and I am the content manager of, a US based online publication. I came across your blog and really enjoy the content you have on your site. We would like to discuss a potential collaboration with you. Would you be able to talk to us on Thursday via Skype? If so, I am available at

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Susan Xu
    Content Manager at Clapway
    195 Plymouth St #6/17
    Brooklyn, NY 11201

  28. Hi, I have trying to use zemanta on but couldnt find where to turn it on in settings. It seems it has vanished! So your FAQ is very useful, I’ll download zemanta then 🙂

      • Yes that’s what I figured out… there is an old wordpress article from 2010 telling you how to use it but none of the stuff mentioned is in the settings now… I saw they had their own “related post” feature, but it seems to only link to my own previous posts, not to other people content…

            • Zemanta suggests links, both from your blog and from other sites. You can click on links which you want to include, and not click on links which you don’t want to include.

              • ok! that’s great if Zemanta includes links from both your site and the internet, I thought it was only suggesting related articles on other websites! So far I had to submit an application to Zemanta and it says they will get in touch soon… I though it was just a case of registering with them… ? Thanks! 🙂

                • I am not sure on registering … I just downloaded/installed Zemanta for Firefox (my browser), and next time I wrote/edited a blog post in visual mode, Zemanta worked. Under Zemanta Preferences, you can add URLs of sites which are espicially interesting for you. If you have added some, then you can see suggestions for especially these prefderred sites.

  29. Hi, you have mentioned me in an article which states:

    “From daily The Morning Star in Britain:
    Monday 21st April 2014
    NUT Conference: Delegates hear of harsh treatment handed out to black visitors
    Two black teachers told yesterday how they were harassed by Israeli security officers who singled them out because of their skin colour.
    Bodrul Amin of Luton and Seema McArdle from Brighton were in Tel Aviv as part of an official NUT delegation to Palestine when they were separated from colleagues and held for more than two hours by soldiers.”
    I have just contacted Morning Star & am now contacted you to tell you that I was not detained at Tel Aviv airport, so please can you remove this article from your website? Bodril Amin & Caroline Ezzat were in fact detained and went straight through security.
    Thanks a lot.

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