Angela Davis, others at Women’s March

This video from the USA says about itself:

Women’s March on Washington: Historic Protest Three Times Larger Than Trump’s Inaugural Crowd

23 January 2017

In one of the largest days of protest in U.S. history, millions took to the streets Saturday one day after the inauguration of Donald Trump. The largest protest was the Women’s March on Washington, where more than 500,000 packed the streets. According to crowd scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University in Britain, the crowd was roughly three times the size of the audience at President Trump’s inauguration a day earlier. Women-led marches took place in over 600 locations spread across seven continents—including Antarctica. In addition to Washington, massive protests took place in Boston; Chicago; Denver; Los Angeles; Madison, Wisconsin; New York; Oakland; Portland, Oregon; St. Paul; San Francisco and Seattle. According to one count, as many as 4.6 million people took part in the global day of action.

This video from the USA says about itself:

23 January 2017

Angela Davis & Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Alicia Garza in Conversation across Generations

This video from the USA says about itself:

23 January 2017

Full Speech: Legendary Activist Angela Davis at Women’s March on Washington

This video from the USA says about itself:

23 January 2017

Watch Six-Year-Old Sophie Cruz Deliver Speech at Women’s March on Washington

An estimated 250,000 people participated in the Women’s March in Chicago on January 21. Protesters came from all parts of Illinois and from neighboring states to voice their opposition to the Trump administration. They marched through the streets of downtown Chicago, holding signs and posters carrying anti-Trump slogans and references to women’s rights: here.

Anti-Trump demonstrations reports

This 21 January 2017 video from Japan is called Women’s March in Tokyo in response to Trump’s Inauguration.

Millions of people participated in demonstrations throughout the United States and the world Saturday in a powerful and unprecedented show of opposition to the administration of US President Donald Trump. The protests were the biggest demonstrations coordinated on a global scale since the 2003 protests in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, with some estimates calling it the largest one-day protest in US history: here. And here.

Thousands of people took part in protests across Australia on Saturday opposing the inauguration of US President Donald Trump. Rallies were held in most capital cities, and were attended by students, young people, professionals and workers: here.

Thousands of people joined anti-Trump protests in New Zealand on Saturday. About 1,000 protested in Auckland, 600 in Wellington and hundreds more in Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill. Those in attendance included students, workers and retired people, among whom were immigrants from the US: here.

A strange and disturbing sequence took place behind President Donald Trump as he delivered his inaugural address Friday, which has gone virtually without comment in the news media. Early in his address, ten military officers walked up and stood behind the president so they would prominently appear with Trump in the camera shots beamed across the US and the world. After 45 seconds, a Marine officer prompts the sailors and soldiers to leave, and they walk away: here.

Trump delivers diatribe against press at CIA headquarters: here.

Women’s marches against Trump in Britain

This video is adbout the Women’s March in London, England, 21 January 2017.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Build bridges not walls, says planet

Monday 23rd January 2016

Global message of hope seeks to drown out US leader

HUGE protests were held across Britain on Saturday as part of the international Women’s March on the first full day of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Women’s rights activists took part in more than 600 rallies worldwide, including those in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Belfast, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Sheffield and Bradford.

Organisers said that up to 100,000 people took part in London. The biggest march was in the US capital Washington DC, the day after Mr Trump was sworn in.

The march in London started off at the US embassy in Grosvenor Square shortly after noon and chanted: “Build bridges, not walls” as demonstrators made their way via Piccadilly to Trafalgar Square for a rally. Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, his lawyer wife Saadiya and his two daughters were spotted among the crowds.

People of all ages had descended on Grosvenor Square toting a plethora of placards with slogans such as “dump Trump,” “reject hate, reclaim politics” and “no to racism, no to Trump.”

Labour MP Yvette Cooper, who spoke at the rally, told the Press Association: “When the most powerful man in the world says it’s OK to sexually assault women because you are rich and powerful, we have to stand up and say no way.”

She added: “I think this is a march for equality and action for the future. We don’t want the clock being turned back on women’s equality.”

In West Yorkshire, 1,400 protesters marched through Shipley in solidarity with women in the US, writes our northern correspondent Peter Lazenby.

The protest also targeted Shipley’s notorious Tory MP Philip Davies, an anti-feminist who last year said: “Feminist zealots really do want women to have their cake and eat it.”

Mr Davies is a firm supporter of Mr Trump, and has been quoted as saying: “I would vote for him in a heartbeat.”

His comments led to the start of a Facebook group, Feminists eating cake. It now has 1,000 members. Protesters ate cake on their way past his office, while the Shipley Feminist Zealots group baked and sold cakes to raise funds for Bradford Women’s Refuge and male suicide prevention charity Calm.

Equal enthusiasm was displayed in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, at an anti-Trump rally outside the city hall attended by more than 200 people, with home-made placards focusing on some of Trump’s outrageous comments about women.

This video is about the Women’s March in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Women worldwide against Donald Trump

This video says about itself:

Women all Over the World Take to the Streets Against Trump

22 January 2017

In over 600 marches across 57 countries, millions of women took to the streets to protest against US President Donald Trump.

Truthdig’s coverage of Women’s March demonstrations in cities far and wide: here.

Where did all those “pussyhats” come from at the Women’s March? Here.

United States women of colour march against Trump

This 21 January 2017 video from the USA says about itself:

Women of Color March on Washington