Support feminists against Dutch anti-refugee politician Geert Wilders

Dutch feminists demonstrating against anti-refugee politician Geert Wilders

This photo shows Dutch feminists demonstrating against anti-refugee politician Geert Wilders in Spijkenisse town. The slogans on their signs say, translated, from left to right: Do white testosterone bombs [term of abuse by Wilders for male refugees] exist as well? Refugees are welcome, racists not. Wilders racist. [Wilders] fake feminist. My feminism is anti-racist.


Thanks for your overwhelming support! Any donations in excess of what we need for legal costs will go to supporting refugees

Donation bank account (for those without paypal): NL42 ABNA 0441 4778 44

Support feminists against Geert Wilders!

Feminists for “verzetsspray” need your (financial) support.

On Saturday January 23rd we, 10 women of all ages, were arrested in Spijkenisse at the protest “Feminists for verzetsspray”. Wilders was in Spijkenisse to hand out fake pepper spray to women to protect themselves against asylum seekers who, in Wilders words, are “Islamic testosterone bombs”.

We peacefully spoke out against Wilders’ cynical use of women’s rights to further his agenda of racism, exclusion and fearmongering against migrants, Muslims and refugees. The police infringed upon our right to free speech, while Wilders’ supporters were allowed to hurl sexist abuse at us. We refused to identify ourselves to the police because they had no grounds to demand this, and had we complied with this demand it would have effectively ended our protest. Because of this refusal we were detained and were held for hours, and one women was even held overnight. We have been fined for not complying with police orders and failure to identify ourselves (on the spot).

Our lawyer Willem Jebbink considers both charges to be unfounded. We will contest the arrest and these fines before a judge. Willem Jebbink is representing us at a reduced tariff.

We are confident that all charges and fines against us will be dropped. However, in the meantime we do need some money to defend ourselves against these unjustified arrests and fines. We need approximately 1280 euros and therefore are asking for your (financial) support!

Every donation, great and small, will be much appreciated!

When we are acquitted, as we anticipate, we will also be reimbursed for all legal costs. Of course we shall make sure that any donated money goes toward welcoming and relieving the suffering of refugees.

Apart from your financial support we especially hope you will support us in action; against racism, for feminism and in solidarity with refugees.
On February 6th at 13:00 at the Dokwerker in Amsterdam we will be there to march against the presence of the racist organization PEGIDA in Amsterdam and hope to see many of you there.

Interview with the arrested women: here.

Europe is firmly in the grip of winter, and the Balkans are covered in snow with temperatures below freezing. Nonetheless, one government after another is closing its borders and sending hundreds of thousands of desperate refugees back to war zones that they have risked their lives to flee: here.

Berlin town hall meeting protests discrimination against refugees. By Verena Nees, 26 January 2016. On Thursday evening, about 1,400 people flocked to the old terminal building of the former Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. It was one of the biggest ever town hall meetings in the German capital: here.

Homophobic misogynist Portuguese president sabotages parliament

This video says about itself:

Women on waves sailed to Portugal in 2004 but was stopped by the minister of defence who send a warship as he claimed it was a threat to national security.

Women on waves can help women outside territorial waters of countries where abortion is illegal with a safe and legal medical abortion.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Portugal: President vetoes reform of abortion and adoption law

Tuesday 26th January 2016

CONSERVATIVE President Anibal Cavaco Silva vetoed parliamentary Bills yesterday that would have granted full adoption rights to same-sex couples and removed abortion restrictions.

The president insisted that recently passed legislation granting gay couples the same adoption rights as heterosexuals is a radical change requiring broader public consultation.

He says that parliament has failed to demonstrate that it is in the best interest of children.

The head of state is also blocking parliament’s decision to waive mandatory counselling for women seeking an abortion, claiming that such counselling is a common requirement in other European countries and eliminating it would diminish the right to information.

Presidential vetoes can be overturned by a two-thirds majority in parliament, but it is not immediately clear whether the Bills’ backers could muster that many votes.

Mr Cavaco Silva is coming to the end of his mandate and will be replaced by fellow rightwinger Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, who romped home in Sunday’s presidential election, collecting more than half the votes against nine rivals.

The president-elect warned that he would use the largely ceremonial post to disrupt the Socialist Party government’s economic plans.

He will take up his duties in March, replacing Mr Cavaco Silva, who has served the maximum of two five-year terms.

The president has no executive power, but he has the power to dissolve parliament if he feels the country is going off track.

The Socialist minority government, which has pledged to reverse capitalist austerity, runs Portugal with the backing of the Communist Party and Left Bloc.

British environmentalist women sexually abused by policemen

This video about Germany and Britain says about itself:

The Stasi & Metropolitan Police Spycops

15 January 2016

A visit to the Stasi Museum in Berlin by Kate Wilson, one of the Police Spies Out of Lives women taking legal action against the Metropolitan Police for undercover officers deceiving them into relationships.

By Joana Ramiro in Britain:

New spy cop exposed as Met lose court case

Wednesday 20th January 2016

Activist Kate Wilson wins payout for undercover relationship

ENVIRONMENTAL activist Kate Wilson won her High Court case against Scotland Yard yesterday, after her boyfriend of two years was revealed as an undercover cop sent to spy on her group of friends.

Ms Wilson was the eighth woman to to be offered an apology and a payout by the Metropolitan Police after accusing the force of deceit, assault/battery, misfeasance in public office and negligence.

Her victory comes less than 24 hours after another woman, known by the pseudonym Andrea, revealed she is suing the Met police for the “psychological torture” she has suffered as the victim of a newly uncovered police spy.

According to a BBC Newsnight investigation, a man under the name of Carlo Neri was sent to infiltrate the Socialist Party in Hackney and targeted Andrea because she mixed with activists in the organisation.

Commenting on how Neri proposed to her in 2003 as their relationship developed, Andrea told Newsnight: “As far as I was concerned, I was going to spend my life with this man and his life was my life.”

Instead after two years together it fell apart. A recent “hunch” following the exposure of other undercover officers eventually led to the discovery that Neri was indeed a copper.

Public Interest Lawyers solicitor Paul Heron, who is representing members of the spied-on Socialist Party, told the Star that the relationships men like Carlo Neri and Ms Wilson’s ex Mark Kennedy had with female activists is only “the sharp end of a very very big problem.

“It’s the question of legitimate political parties, as far as the state is concerned, being fair game. Notwithstanding the fact that in doing so the state is undermining the very thing they claim to uphold which is the democratic pluralist society which allows protest as part of our democratic tradition and democratic right.”

He added that his clients’ demands were twofold: “On the one hand that the Home Secretary and the Metropolitan Police should release the cover names of the police officers who have been involved in undercover political policing.

“Currently the inquiry has all the police officers listed as initials and numbers,” he explained.

“Our second clear issue is that my clients understand that, to put it bluntly, that police officers in some ways are just footsoldiers and we believe and we hope that the inquiry starts to consider the desk sergeants, the commissioners, the senior civil servants and the government ministers who signed this off.”

Britain’s David Cameron bullies Muslim women

This video from Britain says about itself:

Zahra Al-Alawi’s response to Prime Minister David Cameron‘s statement

18 January 2016

Zahra Al-Alawis response to Prime Minister David Cameron

On Thursday 14th January 2016 Zahra Al-Alawi along with other influential British Muslim women attended a meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron at 10 Downing Street.

On Monday 18th January 2016 the Prime Minister made a statement that Muslim women should learn English so that they can integrate into society in response to some families and communities who speak no or little English to prevent radicalisation.

By Lamiat Sabin in Britain:

PM threatens Muslim women

Tuesday 19th January 2016

Poor English language skills make women ‘more susceptible’ to Isis, claims Esol-slashing Cameron

A “LAZY, misguided and sloppy” David Cameron threatened yesterday to deport Muslim women who don’t improve their English, claiming they were easy prey for Islamic State (Isis) extremism.

The Prime Minister limply stated there was no “causal connection” between language and terrorism before warning that the 40,000 women in Britain who do not speak English — and 190,000 whose English is very poor — are “more susceptible” to the group’s message.

Women arriving in Britain on spousal visas are expected to have English skills at A1 level, equivalent to a native speaker starting primary school, but would need to reach A2 level within two-and-a-half years under his proposals.

Those who fail “can’t guarantee [they] will be able to stay.”

He announced a new £20 million fund in England to boost Muslim women’s language skills — less than six months after slashing £45m from the Esol (English for speakers of other languages) budget.

The cuts have ended the very classes that are designed to help people improve their English, the University and College Union (UCU) said.

Esol has already had its funding for non-apprenticeship courses cut by 40 per cent since 2009.

UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said: “The Prime Minister’s strong words on the importance of learning English simply do not fit with his actions.

“His government has repeatedly cut funding to help foreign language speakers learn English and this money, although welcome, does not go far enough.

“Politicians need to back that rhetoric up with proper funding.”

Mr Cameron visited a project for Bangladeshi women in Leeds to promote his new plans — but reporters were banned from speaking to them, complaining the PM had set up a “propaganda” trip.

Mr Cameron also faced backlash from Islamic groups and former Tory minister Baroness Warsi for singling out Muslim women.

Lady Warsi, the Tories’ first female Muslim cabinet minister, attacked her party leader for his “lazy, misguided, sloppy linking” of language skills and extremism.

She told BBC Radio 4 that his threats of deportation was “a very unusual way of empowering and emboldening women.”

Ramadhan Foundation head Mohammed Shafiq accused Mr Cameron of once again using British Muslims as “a political football to score cheap points to appear tough.”

And Muslim Council of Britain secretary-general Shuja Shafi said Mr Cameron’s aim for better integration “falls at the first hurdle” if he has to bully Muslim women to drive his ideology.

Shadow home secretary Andy Burnham said: “His clumsy and simplistic approach to challenging extremism is unfairly stigmatising a whole community.

“There is a real danger that it could end up driving further radicalisation rather than tackling it.”

ATTEMPTS to link a lack of fluency in English with susceptibility to propaganda from the Isis death cult betray a fixation with scapegoat-seeking rather than community integration. David Cameron takes care to admit that there is no “causal link,” but he knows that conjoining the two in a speech will encourage people to believe that there is: here.

Female refugees sexually abused

This September 2015 video from France is called Meet the brave women of “the Jungle“, Calais’s refugee camp, facing perils on a daily basis.

From Amnesty International:

18 January 2016

Governments and aid agencies are failing to provide even basic protections to women refugees traveling from Syria and Iraq. New research conducted by Amnesty International shows that women and girl refugees face violence, assault, exploitation and sexual harassment at every stage of their journey, including on European soil.

The organization interviewed 40 refugee women and girls in Germany and Norway last month who travelled from Turkey to Greece and then across the Balkans. All the women described feeling threatened and unsafe during the journey. Many reported that in almost all of the countries they passed through they experienced physical abuse and financial exploitation, being groped or pressured to have sex by smugglers, security staff or other refugees.

“After living through the horrors of the war in Iraq and Syria these women have risked everything to find safety for themselves and their children. But from the moment they begin this journey they are again exposed to violence and exploitation, with little support or protection,” said Tirana Hassan, Amnesty International’s Crisis Response director. …

A dozen of the women interviewed said that they had been touched, stroked or leered at in European transit camps. One 22-year-old Iraqi woman told Amnesty International that when she was in Germany a uniformed security guard offered to give her some clothes in exchange for “spending time alone” with him. …

Violence by police and conditions in the transit camps

Women and girls reported filthy conditions in a number of transit camps, where food was limited and pregnant women in particular found little or no support. Women also reported that toilet facilities were often squalid and women felt unsafe as some sanitary facilities were not segregated by sex. For example, in at least two instances women were watched by men at the facility when they accessed the bathrooms. Some women also experienced direct violence from other refugees, as well as by police, particularly when tensions rose in cramped conditions and security forces intervened.

Rania, a 19-year-old pregnant woman from Syria, told Amnesty International about her experience in Hungary:

“The police then moved us to another place, which was even worse. It was full of cages and there wasn’t any air coming in. We were locked up. We stayed there for two days. We received two meals a day. The toilets were worse than in the other camps, I feel like they mean to keep the toilets like that to make us suffer.

“On our second day there, the police hit a Syrian woman from Aleppo because she begged the police to let her go… Her sister tried to defend her, she spoke English, was told that if she doesn’t shut up they will hit her like her sister. A similar situation happened to an Iranian woman the next day because she asked for extra food for her kids.”

Maryam, a 16-year-old from Syria:

(In Greece) “People started screaming and shouting, so the police attacked us and was hitting everyone with sticks. They hit me on my arm with a stick. They even hit younger kids. They hit everyone even on the head. I got dizzy and I fell, people were stepping on me. I was crying and was separated from my mother. They called my name and I was with my mother. I showed them my arm and a police officer saw my arm and laughed, I asked for a doctor, they asked me and my mother to leave.”

See also here.

Syrian refugees rescued sexually assaulted woman in Cologne

From right to left, Caitlin Duncan, Syrian refugee Mohammad and Duncan's boyfriend

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Cologne attacks: American woman tells how Syrian refugees rescued her from New Year’s Eve sexual assault

A group of Syrian men helped Caitlin Duncan escape the crowds and find her boyfriend

Lizzie Dearden

Saturday 16 January 2016

An American woman has told how she was rescued from being sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve in Cologne by a group of Syrian refugees.

Caitlin Duncan, a neuroscience student from Seattle, told the New York Times she had become separated from her boyfriend in the crowded square outside the city’s famous cathedral and main railway station.

She described a man stealing her hat before another “grabbed” her from behind, searching through her pockets and a third man tried to kiss her face and neck.

The 27-year-old escaped and attempted to complain to police but they were busy trying to clear the square and shoved her back into the crowd, where another group of men started groping her and pulling her hair.

“I went into a kind of fighting mode, and kicked and hit and pushed until I got away,” she said. “I was getting really scared.”

That was when she was approached by a group of Syrian refugees offering help.

They formed a protective cordon around Ms Duncan to help her through the crowd, offered to phone her boyfriend and searched for him with her when she could not remember his number.

The couple were eventually reunited inside the railway station, with Ms Duncan crying in relief.

Among the group was Hesham Ahmad Mohammad, a 32-year-old primary school teacher who fled Aleppo and was celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cologne with other Syrian friends who have recently arrived in Germany.

He told the New York Times he was also frightened by the groups committing the attacks, saying they had “lost their minds” on drink and drugs.

“We keep hearing news about refugees all day: ‘They are bad people, they must go back to their home,’ ” he said.

“When I hear that in the news, I am sad. Because we know that there were bad boys and bad people. But the good people, nobody speaks about them.”

Ms Duncan said she and Mr Mohammad are now friends and speak regularly, adding: “In the end it turned out really well.”

An American student and a Syrian man have described their harrowing experience in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. After the student was assaulted by several men, the Syrian and his friends protected her: here.