Free Chilean indigenous political prisoner

This video says about itself:

18 August 2016

Feminist and indigenous movements are demanding the freedom of Machi Francisca Linconao. She is an important Mapuche spiritual leader and she has been in Chilean prison since 2013. Now, with failing health, they say her life is in danger.

French prime minister Valls, stop dictating on women’s clothes

Moroccan golfer Maha Haddioui

Today, the tournament for women starts at the Olympic golf links in Rio de Janeiro in Brasil.

Among the golfers is Ms Maha Haddioui from Morocco. As the photo at the top of this blog post shows, Maha Haddioui plays sometimes while wearing shorts. Like a Moroccan woman Olympic boxer did today as well. Though some people in Israel and in other countries would like to ban shorts.

Ms Haddoui plays today in Rio in a miniskirt.

Some people in Morocco (and in other countries) don’t like miniskirts. However, recently a court in Morocco decided that women wearing miniskirts are not criminals.

That verdict in Morocco should be a signal for people, especially politicians, everywhere, to let women wear whatever they feel comfortable in.

However, Blairite prime minister Valls of France thinks differently about the right of women to choose their own clothes. He said today that the supports the bans in France of so called ‘burkini’ bathing gear.

Supposedly, full-body swimsuits are connected to terrorist violence.

That is moronic. Columnist Aleid Truijens writes today in Dutch daily De Volkskrant (print edition) that she personally hates ‘burkini’ swimwear; but that banning it is ridiculous: associating it with terrorism is as irrational as banning falafel food for some supposed association with terrorism. She also points out that less than a century ago, French and other European women used to be punished for ‘indecency’ for not wearing ‘burkini’-like clothes on beaches.

Let us compare with Israel, where there are more violent attacks than in France. The Israeli government takes lots of ‘anti-terrorism’ measures. Many of them correctly criticized as spurious and/or oppressive. However, they don’t include a ‘burkini’ ban. Swimming at beaches of Tel Aviv or elsewhere in full-body swimwear is legal.

As for real reasons, Dutch NOS TV points out that there is an authoritarian tradition in France of dictating to women what they should wear. A tradition going back at least to the nineteenth century, when Algeria became a French colony. Thomas-Robert Bugeaud, marquis de la Piconnerie, duc d’Isly, general of the French occupation army in Algeria, complained in 1840 about Algerian women wearing too many clothes, which the French occupiers should change.

Let us go to the Rio Olympics again.

Two days ago, Dutch Ms Sharon van Rouwendaal won the gold medal in 10 kilometer swimming in Copacabana bay there.

What did she wear? What did the other Olympic swimmers there wear as well?

Sharon van Rouwendaal, photo © epa

Ms Van Rouwendaal’s swimsuit, like a ‘burkini’, covers her legs completely. Her swim cap usually covers her hair. The only difference with some versions of the ‘burkini’ is that her arms are not covered (in other versions of the ‘burkini’, arms are not covered, Dutch daily De Volkskrant, paper edition, writes today on page 3). That difference may be too subtle for bureaucratic right-wing policemen, like the ones who recently arrested ‘burkini’-wearing women on the beach of Cannes. Sharon van Rouwendaal was born in the Netherlands, but trains in France. She should be careful that some stupid bureaucratic right-wing French policeman will not arrest her.

Egyptian women beach volleyball players at the Rio Olympics, playing against Italy, AFP photo

Still, the Rio games. The Egyptian women beach volleyball team wore ‘burkinis’ there. If the weather in Rio became cold, then other beach volleyball players also covered up more than when the weather was warm. Are these Olympic sports people ‘terrorists’, Mr Valls!? They are just as unconnected to terrorism as Moroccan golf player Maha Haddioui and other women wearing miniskirts are.

‘Burkini conflict’ in Corsica, pretext for burkini ban, was not about ‘burkinis’, but about beach space: here.

Full-body swimsuit ban in France

A burkini (full-bodied swimsuit) clad woman on a beach

Once again, French authorities (like authorities in other countries) wage ‘war on terror’ by waging war on women’s rights to dress in whatever way they want.

Sometimes, they wage war on women for wearing miniskirts; sometimes on women for wearing maxiskirts; sometimes on women for wearing trousers; sometimes on women for wearing headscarves.

Now, yet another war.

From Agence France Presse:

Burkinis banned on France’s Cannes beaches by mayor

11 August 2016 • 9:48pm

The mayor of Cannes has banned the wearing of burkinis – full-body swimsuits

Burkini‘ is not really a good name for these swimsuits. It alludes to ‘burqa’, often used wrongly in Western countries for face-covering women’s clothes in Afghanistan. These should be called chadaris, not burqas. Burqas are rare clothes for upper class Pakistani women.

‘Burkinis’ do not cover faces, and so are not only unlike real burqas, but also unlike chadaris.

on the beaches of the French Riviera resort famous for its annual film festival, officials said on Thursday.

The film festival where women were refused entry for not wearing high heel shoes. Another example of denying women the right to wear whatever they feel comfortable in.

Mayor David Lisnard signed off on the ruling that “access to beaches and for swimming is banned to anyone who does not have (bathing apparel) which respects good customs and secularism”, which is a founding principle of the French republic.

“Beachwear which ostentatiously displays religious affiliation, when France and places of worship are currently the target of terrorist attacks, is liable to create risks of disrupting public order (crowds, scuffles etc) which it is necessary to prevent,” it says. …

It is as ridiculous and oppressive to associate full-body swimwear with jihadi terrorism, as it would be to associate a women wearing a miniskirt with some conspiracy to violently overthrow some government to replace it with ‘Marxist-feminist’ rule.

Thierry Migoule, head of municipal services for the town, sought to clarify the ruling’s intent.

“We are not talking about banning the wearing of religious symbols on the beach … but ostentatious clothing which refers to an allegiance to terrorist movements which are at war with us,” he said. …

At the Olympic long distance swiming at the Rio Olympics, all women wore smimsuits covering their legs.

The Egyptian women’s beach volleyball team at the Olympics in Brazil wear ‘burkinis’. Yet, NATO countries do not protest about that to the military regime in Egypt; their military allies. Again, if one is so ridiculous to associate ‘burkinis’ with Al Qaeda or ISIS, then it would not be surprising if the same or similar ridiculous authorities would see a woman in shorts or with bare shoulders as a declaration of bloody ‘Maoist people’s war’ or something.

Islamic dress is a contentious issue in France, where the full-face veil is banned in public places. …

Earlier this week a water park in nearby Marseille cancelled plans to host a private event for Muslim women wearing burkinis after protests from politicians.

Look at recent history. Less than a century ago, women at European beaches were arrested for supposedly being ‘indecent’ for wearing anything less than full-body swimwear. Now, the pendulum of authorities’ lunacy has swung from one extreme to the other extreme.

From Associated Press:

A City Hall official said the ordinance, in effect for August, could apply to burkini-style swimsuits. Violators risk a 38 euro ($42) fine.

Middle-aged white men like me have no right to tell women not to wear the burkini. Whether the ban on this modest swimwear is truly a contemporary expression of the French tradition of secularism, I cannot know. What I do know is that it is both wrong and counterproductive: here.

The Cannes Burkini Ban Undermines Freedom Of Muslim Women: here.

Murdoch’s Fox News Ailes’ warmongering and sexual abuse

This video from the USA says about itself:

Proof of Roger AilesDrum Beat for War – Though His Sex Slave!?!?!

1 August 2016

Thom shares the stunning story about a former Fox News booker who claims that she helped lie us in to the Iraq War and was forced to have sex with the network’s leader.

Italian racist politician also sexist

This video says about itself:

19 December 2015

In her keynote address at WINConference in Rome, Italy, Speaker of the House, Laura Boldrini shares her illustrious career with the UNHCR fighting for refugees right up to being elected to the 2013 House of Representatives of the Italian Parliament and how these life experiences inform her public and private life.

From Reuters news agency:

Italian Party Leader Catches Heat For Likening Female Lawmaker To Sex Doll

“With this rally he has passed every limit of decency.”

07/26/2016 04:18 am 04:18:00

ROME ― The outspoken leader of Italy’s anti-immigrant Northern League party drew a chorus of criticism on Monday for comparing the woman speaker of the lower house of parliament to an inflatable sex doll.

While Matteo Salvini addressed the crowd at a rally near the northern city of Cremona on Saturday, a blow-up doll was held up by supporters behind him.

“Boldrini’s clone is here on the stage,” Salvini said, referring to lower house speaker Laura Boldrini. He gave no explanation why he made the comparison. …

The Northern League leader often targets Boldrini, who comes from a small left-wing party, because of her appeals for humane treatment for immigrants. Before being elected to parliament, she was Italy’s spokeswoman for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). …

Maria Elena Boschi, minister for constitutional reforms, accused Salvini of “squalid sexism” which she said offended not only Boldrini but all Italian men and women.

More sexism in Italy. From ANSA news agency:

Naples, July 25 – Carabinieri police on Monday arrested 11 underage boys for the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl in a small town near Naples. The victim reported the incident some weeks ago, saying she was blackmailed into submitting to the gang rape with a video of her having sex with her boyfriend, who is reportedly related to a local Camorra mafia boss.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

According to Italian media the Camorra has tried to cover the incident up. A news site which recently reported on the incident pulled the piece offline after the journalist was threatened.

14-YEAR-OLD KILLED IN INDIA IN DOUBLE RAPE ATTACK She’s the second woman of a lower caste to be brutally attacked by her former rapist this month. [CNN]