Danish soldiers want to get out of re-started Iraq war

This video says about itself:

Outsourcing Torture – “Denmark knew about the world’s first rendition case”

15 June 2015

Three Muslim Danish citizens reveal how they were asked to cooperate with Danish intelligence services. Their stories point to what could be a hidden role for Denmark and Lebanon in a new form of rendition: the outsourcing of torture.

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Danish soldiers tired and stressed by fighting ISIS

Today, 15:09

Danish soldiers do not want to participate any longer in the international fight against ISIS. They are tired and stressed by the “extraordinary effort” they have made in recent years in various missions. Military trade unions and trustees write this in a letter, addressed to, among others, Prime Minister Rasmussen.

The Danes since last October participate with seven jet fighters and 280 military personnel in the international fight against ISIS. The Danish parliament will have to decide in October whether the mission will be extended.

The letter writers believe that enough is enough. “People are tired and stressed and do not have time for their families. Absenteeism because of illness has never been so high.” The material has also suffered considerably by the missions abroad.

Denmark ‘violated the rules of war’ in Iraq. Military officials announced on Friday that they will investigate the handling of prisoners of war following “unpleasant” revelations that showed Denmark may have been in breach of the Geneva Convention: here.

What factor is common to Canada, Sweden and Denmark? The snow, perhaps? The cold weather? The social programs? Or maybe smoked salmon? How about rendition to torture? And how about cooperation with the intelligence authorities of countries which practice torture with total impunity? These may be some of the darkest common factors shared by the three countries, ones that not everyone is aware of: here.

Investigate ISIS activities in Turkey, MP asks

This video from Turkey says about itself:

1250 wounded ISIS terrorists were hospitalized in Turkey

17 November 2014

Many Turkish physicians and nurses are disgruntled and tired of treating savage Islamist terrorists who are responsible for ultimate brutality and horrible bloodshed in Syria and neighbouring Iraq.

From ANF news agency in Turkey:

HDP submits resolution for the investigation of ‘ISIS activities’ in Turkey

Friday, July 24, 2015 at 12:00 PM

HDP Urfa Parliamentarian Ziya Çalışkan offered a resolution for the investigation of ISIS activities and actions in Turkey.

In his resolution, Çalışkan stated that it has been a necessity to investigate the activities, mobilization efforts, and actions of the terrorist organization ISIS in Turkey. Çalışkan emphasized that the elimination of the murderer gangs had critical importance for the peace, security and well being of Turkey.


Çalışkan touched upon the Suruç massacre and said that the heinous ISIS attack was intertwined with the Turkish state’s policies on Syria. Çalışkan stated that these policies deepen the bloodbath in Syria, make the chaos in the region less predictable and distance Turkey from peace. Noting that Suruç massacre would not be the last ISIS attack, Çalışkan recalled the public criticism of media outlets’ portrayal of ISIS as excusable. Çalışkan said that ISIS activities in Turkey have either been ignored or seen as mundane events, which encouraged the gangs’ actions. Çalışkan emphasized that the government’s defense against ISIS over the past 3 years have been centered around the view that ISIS was not a threat for Turkey.


In his resolution, Çalışkan reminded the ISIS attacks in Hatay’s Reyhanlı district (11 May 2013), Niğde (20 March 2014), Mosul Consulate (11 June 2014), Süleyman Şah Tomb (1 October 2014), İstanbul’s Sultanahmet neighborhood (6 January 2015), Süleyman Şah Tomb (22 February 2015), HDP Adana and Mersin headquarters (18 May 2015), and HDP Diyarbakır rally (5 June 2015). Finally, Çalışkan stated that it was inevitable for civilian politics and the parliament to settle old scores with the terrorist organization ISIS that is trying to draw Turkey into the bloodbath and civil war in Syria.

ISIS terrorist on Turkish beach: here.

Bahrain regime threatens democrats with death, 2011

This 20 February 2011 video is called Bahrain’s army deliberately kills peaceful protesters.

From the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights:

Members of the BYSHR are subjected to harassment and the President is under threat to death

December 6th, 2011

The President of the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR) Mr.Mohammed Al-Maskati yesterday (December 5, 2011) received death threats on social networks (Twitter).

Adel Fleifel-Former official in the security of the state and accused of torturing hundreds in the nineties-broadcast threat to Mr.Al-Maskati and other activists (Mr.Nabeel Rajeb – President of the Bahrain centre for Human Rights And a member of the Centre Mr. Yousef AlMahafdha)

Fleifel called previously to the formation of armed militias to face the pro-democracy demonstrators.

Members of the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights are always subject to harassment :

1-Mr. Yousef Abdul rasool – member of the Board of Directors in BYSHR- subjected to harassment and interrogation by security forces in Bahrain International Airport – Friday, December 2 – After his return from participating in a training session with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

2- Mr.Ahmed Abbas- Member of the BYSHR- authorities are trying to arrest him because the monitoring and documenting human rights violations in the village of Nuwaidrat.

The BYSHR has been a major source of information to international human rights organizations as well as international journalists since the February 14th protests. Members have acted as guides and translators to these organizations and have been documenting cases of human rights violations as observers. The BYSHR has distributed information and restarted its non-violence campaign since then in order to raise awareness on non-violence strategies.

The BYSHR places full responsibility for any harm to the safety and well being of active human rights defenders on the Bahraini Authorities and warns that these calls for liquidation and killing if left without appropriate reaction will set a dangerous precedence and compromise the work of human right defenders. The BYSHR calls on international human rights organizations to approach the Bahraini authorities in regards to this latest development and require guarantees for the safety and security of human rights defenders.

The BYSHR will continue, regardless of these intimidation campaigns, in its work of documenting human rights violations and providing international human rights organizations and journalists with information regarding the human rights situation in the country.


On March 2011, the President of the BYSHR Mr.Mohammed Al-Maskati has received numerous phone-calls since yesterday evening of threats to his life as well as insults after his personal information, personal mobile number, CPR number, photo and home address were being circulated through blackberry messenger, forums, twitter, facebook by unknown sources. Mr. Najji Fateel, a member of the BYSHR board of Directors and a torture victim as well as Mr. Abdulhadi Alkhawaja, previous regional Coordinator at Frontline and previous President of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights also had their personal information distributed in addition to their car numbers.

Prof Eoin O’Brien states that the report of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) is ambiguous in its assessment of events at Salmaniya Medical Complex where the doctors treated the injured pro-democracy demonstrators (Opinion, November 29th). I disagree. There are two unambiguous strands to the findings of the report, one positive, the other negative: here.