Paris, France children Notre-Dame fire lead poisoning

This 6 August 2019 video from France says about itself:

A top French labour union and environmental health groups have banded together to demand Notre-Dame Cathedral be covered and sealed after the fire that destroyed its roof, deeming it an ongoing source of lead pollution.

By Sam Dalton:

Paris’s Notre Dame fire: Two children test positive for lead poisoning

12 August 2019

Four months after the April 15 fire at the Notre Dame cathedral, during which up to 440 tons of lead roofing was dispersed by smoke into the surrounding areas of Paris, at least two children have tested positive for dangerous levels of lead in their blood.

The revelations are an indictment of the local Parisian government of Socialist Party Mayor Anne Hidalgo and the national government of Emmanuel Macron, which have worked to cover up the lead poisoning scandal since the fire occurred and insisted that there is no danger to the population. The government’s actions, including its refusal to close local schools, have meant that hundreds of children have been kept at creches and on school grounds contaminated by lead for months. They are now in danger of permanent damage.

The Parisian Regional Health Authority (Agence Regionale de Santé–ARS) announced the results of the tests of 175 children on August 6. Sixteen were measured to have lead blood levels requiring continued monitoring (between 20 and 49 micrograms of lead per litre of blood), and two with levels above the 50 micrograms indicating a risk of lead poisoning.

While the French government’s categorization assumes levels below 50 micrograms of lead per litre of blood do not pose an immediate risk of blood poisoning, the World Health Organization states that even levels as low as 5 micrograms per litre can pose a significant danger to children. Given the small number of tests conducted so far, it is likely that many more people are now threatened with lead poisoning.

Of the two children recorded with higher lead levels so far, one was a student at a school located in the 6th arrondissement—within a 500-meter radius of the cathedral—that was closed on July 25, when Parisian authorities were finally compelled to respond to a popular outcry at the reports of lead contamination in the playground shared with a second neighbouring school.

Part of the school grounds had recorded lead concentration levels of up to 5,000 micrograms per square meter (μg/m2). This is more than 70 times the level of 70 μg/m² level specified by a 2016 French General Health Directorate advisory as signifying “risk of lead poisoning to children.”

The authorities’ cover-up of these results meant the school continued to function more than three months after the fire had occurred, during which time the government denied that there was any danger to the students.

On July 29, Annie Thébaud-Mony, the honorary research director at the National Institute for Health and Medical Research, told Le Monde that a measurement of 5,000 μg/m2 was “gigantic” and “corresponds to what one can see in decontamination factories for recycling batteries or treating electromagnetic waste materials. They are a sign of massive contamination that will inevitably create victims.”

On July 26, the environmental protection NGO Robin Hood filed a lawsuit against multiple government organizations for placing the population in danger through its response to the lead danger. The suit charges the Macron administration’s Ministry of Culture, the mayor of Paris, the local councillors of the 4th, 5th and 6th arrondissements of the city, as well as the ARS, with the placing of other individuals’ lives in danger, non-assistance to individuals in danger, and providing false and misleading information to the public.

“We estimate that, since the start, there has been a shortcoming of information diffused to the public and that [people] have been victims of false information and toxicity,” said Jacky Bonnemains, the president of the organization.

The organization had published an alert about the risk of lead pollution from the cathedral’s spires and roof on April 19—four days after the fire. This was followed up by a letter sent to the ARS for the Ile-de-France, the Minister for Culture, Minister of Health and the Minister for Labour. The letter requested that the authorities “put in place as soon as possible a coordinated protocol for monitoring dust and lead particles and other toxic substances in and around the cathedral.”

These appeals were ignored.

The Robin Hood NGO also published a letter received from University of Manchester Professor Michael Anderson. He emphasized the importance of rapid decontamination, given the risk that “lead particles will be carried into water sources.”

Not until a month after the Notre Dame fire were tests for lead levels ordered by the Parisian authorities. The results of the tests were made public in leaks published by Médiapart on July 18. They showed that of 196 tests in 10 schools and creches within 500 meters of the cathedral, 31 recorded levels equal to or greater than the 70 μg/m2 threshold, and some many tens of times over.

The local Parisian government covered over these figures, citing only average concentrations of lead, rather than the highest local points of concentration, which children could nonetheless be exposed to.

Bonnemains noted that the government has focused its attention on rebuilding Notre Dame rapidly before the 2024 Olympic games, but “making the cathedral sanitary has been completely overlooked.”

Children are particularly vulnerable to lead poisoning, absorbing four to five times more lead than adults. Lead poisoning can cause many health difficulties, most severely, irreversible brain damage.

A deep clean of the schools that had been closed down in July began last week. The cleaning teams wore heavy protective gear appropriate to the danger of the site, which in the past three months children used regularly for play. Meanwhile the reconstruction efforts have now been halted on the site of Notre Dame itself, acknowledging the danger posed to workers. Nonetheless, the government has refused to accept calls by NGOs and the … CGT trade union federation to place a plastic cover over the cathedral itself.

Even the totally inadequate measures enacted so far have been due to public outrage at the government’s lies and indifference to the health of the population. The emergency bill passed in the confusion following the fire ordering the immediate reconstruction of Notre Dame provides authorities with “exemptions or adaptions applying to the protection of the environment and the evacuation and treatment of waste.”

The fire itself was the outcome of the starvation of resources on the cultural site, including staffing cuts and overworked personnel unable to properly utilize the complex fire detection system.

USA: Bottled water distributions begin as lead water poisoning crisis erupts in Newark, New Jersey: here.

LEAD CRISIS HITS NEW JERSEY Residents in Newark, New Jersey, are facing a growing emergency over lead contamination in the city’s drinking water supply. The crisis is the result of years of mismanagement and has forced city officials to warn tens of thousands of residents against drinking tap water for fear of lead poisoning. [HuffPost]

On Tuesday, city officials in Newark, New Jersey were forced to halt handouts of bottled water over concerns over expiration labels. The emergency distribution had just begun on Monday in response to reports last week of high lead contamination in the city’s drinking water even after the use of home tap filters: here.


Boston police destroys homeless disabled people’s wheelchairs

This 10 August 2019 video says about itself:

Police Destroy Wheelchairs For The Homeless, Throw Out Their Possessions

Police in Boston Tuesday night reportedly destroyed three wheelchairs belonging to homeless city residents in a garbage truck compactor as part of a crackdown targeting the city’s transient population.

“Operation Clean Sweep” began August 2 after a county corrections officer was allegedly struck during a fight involving a number of people on “Methadone Mile”, a stretch of the city near Massachusetts Ave. and Melnea Cass Boulevard where there are a number of clinics and treatment centers. The area has a high homeless population, many of whom have been the target of the operation in the five days and counting it has continued.

Read more here.

Refugee deported to his death in Iraq

This 9 August 2019 video from the USA says about itself:

Trump Gets Man Killed

Trump is costing people their lives. Cenk Uygur, Mark Thompson, and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

“A 41-year-old Detroit man deported to Iraq in June died Tuesday, according to the American Civil Liberties Union and two people close the man’s family.

The man, Jimmy Aldaoud, spent most of his life in the U.S., but was swept up in President Donald Trump’s intensified immigration enforcement efforts. Edward Bajoka, an immigration attorney who described himself as close to Aldaoud’s family, wrote on Facebook that the death appeared to be linked to the man’s inability to obtain insulin in Baghdad to treat his diabetes.”

Read more here.

DIABETIC MAN DIES AFTER BEING TRANSPORTED TO IRAQ A diabetic man from Detroit died Tuesday after being recently deported to Iraq, a country he had never lived in before, the American Civil Liberties Union said. Jimmy Aldaoud’s death was likely caused by his inability to access insulin, sources close to his family told Politico. [HuffPost]

On August 6, Jimmy Aldaoud of Detroit was found dead on the floor of an apartment over 6,000 miles away in Baghdad, apparently after a diabetic shock. He had arrived in Iraq for the first time in his life just two months ago with almost nothing but a small amount of insulin and 50 US dollars. He spoke no Arabic, knew literally no one in Iraq, and had begged ICE officers not to send him there: here.

United States massacres survivors oppose Trump visiting

Protest along the road where Trump passed in El Paso, USA, AFP photo

By Eric London in the USA:

Trump in El Paso: The culprit returns to the scene of the crime

8 August 2019

Donald Trump returned to El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, yesterday, the scene of two mass shootings last week that killed a total of 31 people. These staged visits were seen by the citizens of El Paso, Dayton and millions more for what they were: a dishonest attempt by Trump to evade the fact that he instigated and bears principal political responsibility for what took place.

After Democratic officials greeted Trump on the tarmacs in El Paso and Dayton, sizable protests made it impossible for the president to show his face in two of the states he won in the 2016 election. Yesterday in El Paso, nurses and doctors at the hospital that treated many of the victims signed a petition demanding the president be barred from entering the building.

On July 29, the World Socialist Web Site responded to Trump’s references to the city of Baltimore as a “rat and rodent infested mess” where “no human being would want to live.” Hours before the first of last week’s shootings took place in Gilroy, California, the WSWS warned:

Words have meaning and consequences. The denunciation of an American city and its citizens by a sitting president in such blatantly racist terms has no precedent in the history of the United States. Trump is playing with fire, and he knows it. He and his advisers believe that his racist comments will not only encourage and rally his supporters on the far right. Trump also calculates that his blatant provocations will intensify an already unstable political environment, with an immense potential for violence, and create conditions that will enable him to invoke dictatorial powers to uphold “law and order.”

Trump is, to put it bluntly, an accomplice of murder. But the significance of the events goes beyond Trump himself. The shootings and the response to them marks a turning point in American society.

On Tuesday night in New York City, the sound of a motorcycle backfiring caused thousands of people to panic, stampeding through Times Square in fear that yet another mass shooting was underway.

In a city that prides itself on its pluck and confidence, over a dozen were injured as people fled into restaurants and attempted to force their way into passing vehicles, desperate to escape. A Broadway theater performance of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird halted mid-scene. An actor in the performance, Gideon Glick, tweeted:

Stopped our show tonight due to a motorcycle backfire that was mistaken for a bomb or a shooting. Screaming civilians tried to storm our theater for safety. The audience started screaming and the cast fled the stage. This is the world we live in. This cannot be our world.”

This is the mood that exists in the aftermath of a week in which three major shootings took place. The fact that the backfire of a motorcycle could cause a panic in America’s largest city, a thousand miles from the latest shooting, shows the desperate state of American society. Millions of people in the US and internationally have become aware that something is deeply wrong.

Such shootings are all too commonplace in the US, taking place more than once a day in 2019 and generating a tremendous degree of nervousness and insecurity. Americans are killing Americans in record numbers. Many fear that they or a loved one could be the next unsuspecting victim of a mass shooting.

The protracted buildup of immense social tensions has created conditions of embryonic civil war. Given the degree of political confusion and distress, this has so far taken a socially pathological character. But in order to treat social sickness, the conditions in which the disease emerged must first be identified.

First, the US government has ritualized state violence and carried out 30 years of permanent war. The US government has unleashed unprecedented levels of violence on countries like Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya and Pakistan. The police, using the weapons of the wars abroad against the domestic population, kill more than one thousand people a year, without facing punishment.

A whole lexicon of state violence—including words like “disposition matrix”, “shock and awe”, “extraordinary rendition” and “officer-involved shooting”—has developed over the last two decades, expressing the degree to which violence has become embedded in American life. Now this violence is blowing back into American society with extreme force.

Second, massive levels of social inequality dominate all aspects of political and social life. The rich have acquired unprecedented fortunes and transformed themselves into the most criminal and corrupt ruling elite that has ever existed in human history, showering themselves with endless wealth and rewarding every form of financial criminality.

Trump represents the rotten combination of all of capitalism’s most criminal elements: Wall Street, real estate speculation, casinos, TV entertainment, the military and long dealings with the Democratic and Republican parties.

Third, the political establishment works to suppress any progressive expression of social opposition to inequality and war. Above all, the entire state, media … is engaged in the suppression of the class struggle.

This foments a deep sense of frustration and social alienation. Such broad social phenomena produce and intensify forms of psychopathy exhibited by many shooters.

It is not an apology for fascism to recognize that the shootings have social roots. Fascism is, as Leon Trotsky wrote, a form of political pathology—the politics of despair. Those who engage in fascist rampages are on suicide missions and do not expect to live.

Often. Not always.

The social anger which exists among broad masses of people must acquire a politically progressive character.

Another process is developing on an international scale: the emergence of mass working-class opposition to social inequality. The wave of mass demonstrations that inaugurated 2019—including in the US, Algeria, France, Sudan and many other countries—have expanded as the year continues.

In July and August, mass protests involving substantial percentages of the total population broke out in Hong Kong and Puerto Rico, filling the streets with people on islands off the coasts of the two largest economies in the world. The working class is now playing a more prominent role in these demonstrations, a fact which undoubtedly has fueled jitters in international markets. Protests of a similar scale have taken place in recent weeks in Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, Nicaragua and elsewhere.

A decade after the market crash and global recession of 2007–08, the billions-strong international working class is awakening across the world. Recently released data shows that in every continent, the number of strikes and large protests worldwide is an order of magnitude higher than at any time in the 20th century.

To oppose fascist violence and its enablers in the Trump administration, workers need a perspective. The fight against fascism must be connected to an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and socialist program that addresses the social needs of the international working class. Global economic life must be taken from the hands of the ruling class and reorganized on a planned, rational, socialist basis. The wealth of the financial aristocracy must be expropriated and redistributed according to need.

TRUMP CRASHES GRIEVING CITIES President Donald Trump promised to unite the grieving, angry communities of El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio ― both struck by tragic mass shootings just days ago ― during his visits. Instead, he posed for photo-ops in hospitals, attacked Democratic officials who have criticized him, and boasted about his rally crowd sizes. [HuffPost]

From CNN today:

President Donald Trump, his press secretary and his director of social media accused Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, both of whom are Democrats, of misrepresenting the reception Trump received from shooting victims during his visit to a Dayton hospital.

Facts First: This is false. While both Brown and Whaley criticized Trump’s past rhetoric, they were only complimentary about his visit to the hospital.

They should not have been complimentary.

At 2:32 p.m., presidential aide Dan Scavino Jr., who serves as White House director of social media, lashed out at Brown and Whaley.

“Very SAD to see Ohio Senator Brown, & Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley – LYING & completely mischaracterizing what took place w/ the President’s visit to Miami Valley Hospital today,” Scavino tweeted. “They are disgraceful politicians, doing nothing but politicizing a mass shooting, at every turn they can…The President was treated like a Rock Star inside the hospital, which was all caught on video. They all loved seeing their great President!”

Weeks before the Dayton massacre, the shooter’s mother called the police as she was uneasy about her son having bought an AK-style gun. However, police told her that her son could buy these weapons legally.

A State Department official has been leading a secret online life as a white nationalist leader and writer, the Southern Poverty Law Center claimed in an investigation: here.

Sick Permian reptile discovery

This May 2015 video says about itself:

Ancestral Evolution – Ichthyostega to Varanops

It takes over 3 billion years for our ancestor to evolve from a single cell to a foot-long armoured fish. Our future looks bleak but natural selection throws us a lifeline. Over millions of years and thousands of generations, our body adapts until we do something no fish has done before, breathe air! The air travels into a new organ, a lung. Take a breath and remember it’s because a monster fish chased our ancestor into stagnant water forcing them to breathe air. We’re Ichthyostega, we can breathe air or water, closing off our windpipe to switch between lungs and gills. Today our gills are gone but the mechanism remains and sometimes it spasms giving us the hiccups. 365 million years ago we stick our head out of the water, there’s a swamp behind us, paradise ahead, the choice is simple but the consequences are immense. We pull ourselves out of the water and change the course of history.

From PLOS:

Permian lizard-like animal suffered from a bone condition similar to Paget’s disease

Susceptibility to this type of disease may extend back to the Early Permian

August 7, 2019

A lizard-like animal that lived 289 million years ago suffered from a bone condition similar to Paget’s disease, according to a study published August 7, 2019 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Yara Haridy of the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin and colleagues. This is the most ancient known case of such a disease.

The animal in question belonged to an extinct group of lizard-like creatures called varanopids, relatives of the earliest ancestors of mammals or reptiles.

It is still uncertain whether varanopids were ‘mammal-like reptiles’, ancestral to mammals, or rather diapsids, ancestral to lizards, dinosaurs, etc.

The authors identified the disease in an isolated pair of tail vertebrae discovered in an Early Permian cave at Richards Spur, Oklahoma. Micro-CT scanning allowed examination of both the external and internal structure of the elements, revealing that in some places the bone had been thinned by abnormally high levels of reabsorption, while in other areas excessive bone growth had resulted in abnormal bone thickening and the ultimate fusion of the two vertebrae.

According to the researchers, this condition is most similar to Paget’s disease, a bone metabolic disorder marked by a breakdown in communication between bone building cells and bone destroying cells. Paget’s disease is commonly seen today in the hips and vertebrae of humans and has been diagnosed in other living mammals and reptiles as well as one Early Jurassic dinosaur fossil. The disease has been linked to both genetic and viral factors, though its precise cause remains controversial.

With only two vertebrae preserved, it is impossible to say how widespread the disease was in this animal’s body. If it was restricted to the tail, the animal may only have suffered minor pain and stiffness. This discovery marks the oldest known occurrence of a Paget-like disease and suggests that susceptibility to such disorders was already present in our early Permian cousins.

Haridy adds: “Paleopathology is the study of ancient diseases, here we scanned a pair of fused tail bones from a permian (280 million years ago) Varanopid (a superficially-lizard like animal), what we found was evidence of a bone disease similar to modern day Paget’s disease. This enigmatic disease is still not well understood in humans, however finding something similar in an ancient animal likely links it to something deep in our bone biology. This study is a great example of how when palaeontologists have well preserved fossils we can tell a lot more than just what animals were present, we can explore their biology, physiology and even what diseases ailed them!”

Imprisoned children dying in Trump’s USA

Imprisoned child in Trump's USA

By Kate Randall in the USA:

US doctors’ group urges probe into child migrant deaths from influenza

2 August 2019

A group of doctors from Harvard and Johns Hopkins has called on Congress to investigate the deaths of immigrant children who were held in government custody after crossing the US southern border in the past year. In a letter to a subcommittee of the Homeland Security Committee on Appropriations, the group warns of the “threat of infectious diseases—particularly influenza—inside detention centers holding children.”

According to autopsy results viewed by the doctors, at least three children have died in US custody, in part as a result of influenza, since December 2018. The deaths of the children—ages 2, 6 and 16, appear to reflect a rate of influenza death substantially higher than that among US children in the general population.

While the doctors’ letter is couched in polite terms, what they point to is an indictment of the departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services, who “may not be following best practices with respect to screening, treatment, isolation, and prevention of influenza.”

The letter says that children housed in detention centers are at a higher risk for contracting the flu due to lower rates of immunization and higher rates of other diseases such as tuberculosis, as well as lack of access to adequate health care earlier in their lives. Added to this are the trauma and stress endured during their long journey from Central America, from heat and exposure, inadequate food and hydration and treks through perilous terrain.

Other investigations by medical professionals have documented the traumatizing situation in the detention camps, in which children are most often detained far longer than prescribed by law, in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions. Medical assessment of the children is haphazard at best, and nonexistent at worst, and the children are treated not as refugees fleeing poverty and violence, but as young criminals.

The doctors also point to what they term “a ‘revolving door’ effect, in which the centers combine a rapid turnover of child detainees with long-term detention. They say an inflow of susceptible people within a closed or semi-open community can slow the creation of immunity, increasing the risk of disease transmission.

The doctors’ letter details the cases of the three children, all Guatemalan, whose autopsies have shown they died from influenza and its complications. News sources have provided other details of their deaths. The causes of death of three other immigrant children in custody have not yet been determined.

Three migrant child deaths

Felipe Gomez Alonzo, 8 years old, died on December 24, 2018 in a hospital in Alamogordo, New Mexico, six days after he and his father had crossed into the US near El Paso, Texas. He was in custody of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) when he developed a sore throat and nasal congestion. He was seen at a local hospital, where he tested positive for Influenza B and was then discharged back into federal custody.

Later that same evening, Felipe developed abdominal pain and vomited blood. His father asked that he be sent back to the hospital, but he became unresponsive on the way there and was pronounced dead after efforts to resuscitate him failed. His autopsy found he died from an overwhelming infection from the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria as a complication of Influenza B.

Two-year-old Wilmer Josue Ramirez Vasquez died on May 14 of multiple respiratory infections related to influenza as well as gastrointestinal infections. He was brought April 6 to an emergency room in El Paso, Texas. The severity of his condition prompted his transfer to a pediatric intensive care unit, where he was admitted. It was found he had multiple respiratory and gastrointestinal infections, including Influenza A, Ascaris l umbricoides, Shigella, and E. coli detected in his stool. He died eight days after being admitted to the ICU.

Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vaquez died at age 16 on May 20. He crossed the border alone near Weslaco, Texas on May 13, and was then held for six days at a processing center for unaccompanied minors in nearby McAllen, where he fell sick on May 19. A nurse practitioner found he had a 103-degree fever and he tested positive for the flu.

He was prescribed Tamiflu, an anti-viral, and transferred to the Border Patrol station in Weslaco, where he died the next morning. An autopsy report obtained by the Texas Monthly provides new details about his death. The autopsy shows he died from the flu, complicated by pneumonia and sepsis in his CBP cell.

According to the autopsy report, Carlos was fed at 2 a.m. May 20, and agents reportedly checked on him every hour. According to a video viewed by Dr. Norma Jean Farley, a contract forensic pathologist for Hidalgo County, he “is seen lying on the floor, vomiting on the floor, and walks over to the commode, where he sits and later lies back and expires.” The report notes without explanation that “the time on the video is incorrect”, so the exact time of the boy’s collapse is not known. Carlos was found at 6 a.m. that same morning and declared dead 12 minutes later.

The doctors’ letter says that of the approximately 74 million US children, there were 124 deaths due to influenza reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), or about one reported death per 600,000 children. By comparison, with at least three deaths in as many as 200,000 immigrant children detained, the rate is about one in 67,000, nearly 10 times higher.

The doctors’ recommendations

The Harvard and Johns Hopkins group makes the following recommendations to curb the spread of the flu among child detainees:

• All children should be screened for symptoms of flu-like illness upon intake and transfer to a new facility.

• Children with flu-like symptoms should be tested for the influenza virus according to CDC guidelines.

• Children with flu-like illnesses should be isolated in their own room, or in a room with others with similar illness.

• Children with flu-like symptoms should be given antiviral treatment pending testing for influenza, as treatment is most effective if initiated in the first 48 hours of symptoms.

• Children with severe symptoms, including respiratory failure and pneumonia, should be immediately transferred to the hospital.

• All children over the age of 6 months should be vaccinated according to the proper schedule per age.

It is highly doubtful, however, that any of these recommendations will be followed. In fact, it is difficult to even determine what type of protocol is being followed in the detention centers holding children. The US government has not provided an assessment of vaccination rates among detained migrants.

The CBP is required by law to transfer unaccompanied children to the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) within 72 hours, but officials acknowledge repeatedly failing to meet that requirement this year. According to two CBP officials and two other government officials who spoke to the Washington Post on condition of anonymity, about half of the children are being held longer than 72 hours, some longer than a week.

In a rare visit in May to a detention facility near the southern tip of Texas, the Post found the center was holding 775 people, nearly double capacity, and that “adults and their toddler children were packed into concrete holding cells, many of them sleeping head-to-foot on the floor and along the wall-length benches, as they awaited processing at a sparsely staffed circle of computers know as ‘the bubble.’”

Conditions of children in detention

Judy Melinek, a forensic pathologist and CEO of PathologyExpert Inc., who also signed the letter to Congress, told Texas Monthly that she was shocked at the conditions in which children were being held. She viewed young Felipe’s autopsy report.

“Prolonged custody of mixed groups of migrants from different regions in close quarters increases the likelihood of transmission of respiratory pathogens such as influenza,” she said. “In my opinion, there needs to be a public health audit of the policies and conditions in these migrant camps and a forensic review of all migrant deaths.”

The CBP has not responded to specific questions about Felipe’s care, but a spokesperson claimed people with flu “are handled as appropriate, depending on the specific circumstances. Children with flu may be diagnosed and treated on-site by CBP medical personnel or may be referred as appropriate to the local health system for diagnosis and treatment.”

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, all children require what is called a “medical home”, a personalized approach to primary care that relies on the relationship between the patient, physician and a coordinated care team. This is especially true for children leaving immigration detention facilities, due to the psychological trauma and physical health risks they have endured.

However, with children being treated as prisoners rather than refugees, they and their families are fearful of being in contact with the immigration system once they have left detention. Also, doctors providing care to children at CBP facilities are barred from communicating with physicians in the surrounding community.

According to the CDC, in addition to influenza, cases of pneumonia, tuberculosis, chicken pox, scabies and lice have been reported among migrant children at border facilities and shelters and during ORR screenings. This is the hell on earth awaiting children and their families fleeing Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.