Arubans mourn Mitch Henriquez, killed by The Hague police

This video from Aruba island in the Caribbean, about the requiem mass for Mitch Henriquez, killed by police in The Hague, says about itself (translated):

1 July 2015

Aruba is outraged by the death of Henriquez following his arrest in The Hague this weekend, as one can see from the many responses in social and mainstream media. During the church service there was mainly grief and practical issues such as what about the three children now who are on their own in the Netherlands. Their mother is in fact in Aruba. She and Mitch had exchanged so he could be with his children in the Netherlands on Father’s Day.

Little girl stops fundamentalist hate preacher

This video from the USA says about itself:

1st Grader Backs Down Homophobe Street Preacher

29 June 2015

Zea faces down a fire and brimstone street preacher, at a festival in Columbus, the day after the SCOTUS marriage equality ruling.

Comfest is a family-friendly, free, community music festival.

This was not a march, or a political event. The preacher was accosting festival goers, including other families with children. His rhetoric, before being confronted by a small girl, was graphic, and bigoted. He was escorted out by police a short time later. Zea was not there to protest. She volunteers at Comfest every year, and was on her way to spend her volunteer tokens on pizza.

From daily The Independent in Britain:

Girl, 7, stares down hate preacher at Ohio festival with simple pro-LGBT rainbow flag gesture

The incident has since been turned into a T-shirt

Adam Withnall

Wednesday 01 July 2015

A seven-year-old girl has inspired hundreds of thousands of people and been immportalised in a T-shirt after she confronted a hate preacher with a simple pro-LGBT gesture.

In an incident captured on camera by her father at a community festival in Ohio, Zea Bowling can be seen silently holding up a rainbow flag to a preacher yelling about “sodomy and brimstone”.

Ryan Bowling, Zea’s father, said he had told her about the US Supreme Court‘s majority decision to uphold same-sex marriage the day before.

And he said that when she heard the preacher, she “was shocked as to why he would bother to come to [the community festival] just to be so mean”.

In the video, people can be heared cheering on Zea as she confronts the preacher, and other onlookers approach to give her a high-five.

Mr Bowling said the preacher was “visibly deflated when he saw her coming”, and he can be seen turning away during the video.

The moment has been viewed more than 200,000 times since footage was uploaded by Mr Bowling, and he told Raw Story the crowd at the time had been “passionately on her side, right away, shockingly so”.

“People actually cried. I almost didn’t film it. It was pretty powerful, and I was trying not to be in my phone. Somebody I didn’t know sniffled pretty loudly, and I realized I might be missing something kind of important.”

Mr Bowling has since provided a link underneath the video to an Ohio clothing maker who has turned the viral moment into a T-shirt.

Designed by Zachary Traxler and adorned with the text of the 14th Amendment, proceeds will go towards Zea’s family and an LGBT charity.

Death of Aruban in The Hague not an ‘incident’

This is a video from the Zuiderpark in The Hague in the Netherlands, showing the lethal arrest of Aruban Mitch Henriquez at the hands of police.

Translated from an NOS TV interview today in the Netherlands with Glenn Helberg, chair of the organisation of Caribbean people in the Netherlands, about the death of Mitch Henriquez at the hands of the The Hague police (as the Dutch government admitted today):

Helberg is happy for the family [of Mr Henriquez] that clarity came so soon. “This helps them immensely in the handling of their grief.”

He also said that this death is not an isolated incident and should not be called so by the police. “There is something very wrong when people feel unprotected by the police. It is now time for soul searching by the police.” …

Furthermore Arubans [on Aruba island, interviewed by the local NOS correspondent] hope that for the officers involved, if they would be found to be actually guilty, there will be no impunity.

Tony Blair’s wife and Qatar dictatorship

This video says about itself:

7 October 2013

Ahmed talks about some of the human rights abuses that are going on as Qatar prepares to host the World Cup.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Hillary Clinton lobbied by Cherie Blair to meet Qatari royal, emails reveal

Lobbying activities of Clintons and Blairs under scrutiny after emails show wife of former UK PM sought ‘women to women’ meeting with US secretary of state

Dan Roberts in Washington

Wednesday 1 July 2015 11.18 BST

Cherie Blair repeatedly pressured Hillary Clinton to meet a leading Qatari royal during her time as US secretary of state, according to newly released emails that raise fresh questions about the lobbying activities of all three political families.

The wife of the former British prime minister Tony Blair exchanged 19 emails with Clinton over a four-month period in 2009 as she sought to arrange the meeting on behalf of Sheikha Mozah, an informal but influential ambassador for Qatar on the world stage.

“Sheika Moser has approached me privately saying they are keen to get their relationship with the USA onto a more positive footing and she was hoping for a ‘women to women’ one to one private meeting with you,” Blair wrote in the first of a series of emails addressed to Hilary [sic] and released by the US state department after a legal battle to recover correspondence Clinton had stored on a private server.

After initially suggesting they shared a philanthropic interest in disability charities, Blair added: “I am sure the conversation would not be confined to these issues but would be about the US/Qatar relationship generally.”

A protracted series of followup emails then detail Blair’s attempts to seek a mutually convenient date in both women’s diaries, some cryptically only referring to “my friend from Q”.

“Great,” Blair replied to Clinton when the meeting was confirmed in principle. “When I see what a difference you are making it reminds me why politics is too important to be left to the bad people.”

Clinton’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination has prompted close scrutiny of the Gulf state’s donations to the Clinton Foundation, which was set up as a philanthropic venture after her husband left the White House.

She has denied that such foreign donations had any bearing on her work as secretary of state, but the foundation has been accused of violating an agreement with the Obama administration to stop taking overseas money while she was in office to avoid any perception of undue influence.

The Blair family’s fundraising activities have also led to close scrutiny of their finances since leaving Downing Street, but they too stress that much of their work is philanthropic in nature.

Spokespeople for the Blairs were not immediately available for comment.

The Clinton emails, which were voluntarily turned over by the secretary of state and released this week by the state department after intervention by a US judge, also show other close links to the Blair family.

One memo from the informal Clinton adviser Sidney Blumenthal shows him acting as a go-between to persuade the secretary of state to help promote Tony Blair’s short-lived bid to become EU president.

Jonathan Powell tells me that remarks about Tony would be appreciated but that what would really be significant will be your conversation with Merkel,” Blumenthal wrote.

He also wrote repeatedly to warn Clinton of declining US relations with Britain, urging her to help then prime minister Gordon Brown repair ties between the countries or risk a still chillier reception from the opposition leader David Cameron.

“Consensus across the board in Britain – center, right, left – is that the Atlantic alliance – the special relationship – the historic bond since World War II – is shattered,” said Blumenthal.

“There is no dissenting voice, not one, and there are no illusions. Opinion is unanimous. The bottom line is that the Obama administration’s denigration of the UK is seen as the summation of the Bush era.”

CLINTON EMAILS SHOW SENIOR OBAMA STAFFERS KNEW OF PRIVATE EMAIL IN 2009 President Obama’s former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel requested the private email address in 2009. [AP]