British Conservative anti-refugee policy, satire

This video says about itself:

5 March 2014

A young girl’s life gets turned upside-down in this tragic second a day video.

This is what war does to children.

By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Tory tooth fairy set to visit child refugees

Saturday 29th October 2016

Internal memorandum from the Ministry of Propaganda (sorry… Home Office. Old habits die hard).

Minutes of Home Office discussion on human rights and immigration.

For civil service eyes only.

It has been brought to the department’s attention that its plans for dental checks on so-called minors has received a setback from the plebs in the hoi polloi (predictable) but even worse, received support from the Sun.

As usual the proceedings began with the more antediluvian elements in the department calling for the banning of the hijab.

This has now become traditional despite at least one senior member of the department implying that any device meaning that the female sex was invisible could only be a good thing.

This opinion was, as usual, espoused from the confines of his gentleman’s club, or, as he describes it, the last bastion of sanity and institutional misogyny. Thank God he doesn’t know what Twitter is. Frankly an abacus would be a challenge for the honourable member in question.

So, logically, the word on the grape vine is that he is to be shunted to the Treasury at the next reshuffle where the figures are so astronomical no-one really understands them and all the harm that can be done has already been done.

His expressed opinion, once highly popular in the party has, apparently, been somewhat toned down in recent months to one more approximating amelioration. The reasoning behind said shift, it is important to note, has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that our new PM is, shudder, a woman.

Besides which, our departmental understanding is that — despite being one of the fairer sexMs May has no compunction when it comes to putting the exquisitely made boot into her fellow females.

It would seem, quite properly, that the recent calls for equality which sent the Civil Service into paroxysms of panic need not be adhered to in the strictest sense. Or even at all.

As usual it was left to the civil service to point out that a ban on religious attire, although not without its obvious merits, could in a very real sense open a Pandora’s box.

Such a ban, it was argued, could mischievously be interpreted to extend to the wimple and the habit and the last thing we want is nuns wandering around in mufti. Far better to be able to avoid, I mean identify, them at a safe distance.

It was agreed that the proposal be shelved until such a juncture, in the fullness of time, when such thorny problems could be properly “thrashed out.”

This turned out to be an extraordinarily unfortunate turn of phrase and led to not a few of those present apparently drifting off misty-eyed to the halcyon era of their prep school days. At least one honourable member retained an unhealthy gleam in his eye for the remainder of the meeting and upon its conclusion departed with an alacrity that belies both his age and supposed infirmity muttering something about an appointment with matron. The mind boggles.

Which brings me to the next item on the agenda, the vexing issue of child migrants, or rather adult migrants posing as children to gain entry to this sceptred isle.

At first the department seemed minded to consider the policy put forward by David Davies MP that the teeth of so-called minors be scrutinised as an assistance to determining their true age.

Davies’s proposal, although whole-heartedly embraced by a few back benchers and the loyal press predictably met with outrage from the professional do-gooders who called it invasive, draconian and even barbaric.

Some even went so far as to compare the suggestion with the way horses are examined.

This brought much amusement from the assembled MPs who are, if you will excuse the pun, long enough in the tooth to know that the British public would never allow the government to treat horses in such a fashion.

Britain is a nation of animal lovers! And besides horses are far more valuable.

One MP, who shall not be named, pointed out that it was less invasive than cutting them in half and counting the rings. He probably wasn’t serious but you never can tell with the Home Office who have their own, ahem, idiosyncratic way of interpreting the world. Curiously this is markedly similar to that of Josef Goebbels.

The proposal was reluctantly put on a back burner after it was pointed out that if introduced as policy it might prove an incentive for particularly small adult migrants to remove all their teeth and pretend to be babies.

I provide this synopsis for your perusal and consideration but frankly I do not feel that even the employment of the 30-year rule would suffice in this case.



Permanent Secretary Home Office.

The Tories are trying to divide us by spreading hatred of migrants – we must not allow them to succeed, says SABBY DHALU: here.

Danish music, bus against Donald Trump

So, there is not only musicians’ opposition to Donald Trump in the USA … and in the Netherlands … and in Britain. This music video from Denmark says about itself:

18 October 2016

Anti-Trump song. “Stop The Trumpet!” Share if you agree!

Danish-American producer Noah Rosanes and his team of Danish musicians, graphic designers and animators have for the last two months been working on the music and the animated video for “Stop The Trumpet!”

Noah’s vocal is backup up by The Billy Surfs, Mexican born Julian Maraboto has a rap feature too, and the song title is enhanced by a distinctive trumpet theme! The song’s political references shine through when you listen to Rosanes’ lyrics with the ironic opening line “Build a wall ten feet taller, only makes your “hands” look smaller!”

While the world is watching the upcoming presidential election with trepidation, dual Danish-American citizen Noah Rosanes couldn’t stand by just watching. As Trump’s poisonous messages quickly escalated, so did Rosanes’ fear of what the future would bring under a Trump presidency. Rosanes created “Stop The Trumpet” based on this fear.

“Like many others, I felt powerless over the way Trump presented his twisted view of the world. I’m sincerely scared of how the world would look if he gets the world’s most powerful job,” says Noah Rosanes.

“Trump is a man without political experience who only incites hatred and creates division at a time when we in particular need to stand together around the world. Sometimes you have to step up and do something and as a musician this is my way to communicate ” explains Rosanes.

Noah Rosanes has already gotten a lot of support.

On November 8 – Election Day – the entire musical team behind “Stop The Trumpet” will be performing the song live at the Democratic Election Night Party 2016 in Copenhagen.

“Stop The Trumpet!” is out on all digital platforms and the video will be release on October 17.

Written and Produced by Noah Rosanes

Noah Rosanes: Vocal/Guitar
Julian Maraboto: Mexican Rap
Trumpet: Asbjørn Kamban

The Billy Surfs:
Drums: Johannes Gissel
Bass: Rasmus Todbjerg
Backing Vocals: Sara Broberg

Concept: Noah Rosanes

Art Direction: Anekdote Studio

Illustration: Nicolai Boye Brodersen, Signe Dejgaard Jensen

Motion Graphic Design/ Animation: Stig Christensen, Birk Kromann

This video says about itself:

Americans’ first reaction to anti-Trump music video “Stop The Trumpet”

15 October 2016

“Stop The Trumpet!” is an anti-Trump anthem accompanied by an animated music video. Here people on the street see the video before it came out!

From The Local in Denmark:

Danish anti-Trump campaigns target American voters

Published: 27 Oct 2016 09:06 GMT+02:00

If you were on the streets of Copenhagen this week or merely just scrolled through your social media feeds, you more than likely came across two Danish campaigns pleading with American voters to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.

On Wednesday, at least one of the 1-A buses in the Danish capital was wrapped in an advertisement from the Socialist People’s Party (SF) reading ‘Americans Abroad: Vote’. Just who SF wants the Americans to vote for was made quite obvious by the the close-up of Republican candidate Donald Trump’s face in which the wheels of the bus were made to give him a pair of googly eyes.

This video is called Even This Bus In Denmark Is Rolling Its Eyes At Donald Trump.

SF leader Pia Olsen Dyhr told broadcaster DR that while the ad was meant in good fun, she finds the idea of a Trump presidency “frightening”.

“It is meant to be a bit funny. One can’t be in doubt that it was done tongue in cheek. We want to tell American citizens: ‘Remember to vote, it has consequences’,” Dyhr said.

The anti-Trump bus ad comes at the same time that a Danish-produced animated music video is quickly making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter.

Danish-American producer Noah Rosanes and a group of Danish backing musicians, graphic designers and animators last week released the music video ‘Stop the Trumpet’.

The song opens with a line that targets one of Trump’s signature positions and one of his perceived physical shortcomings: “Build a wall ten feet taller, only makes your hands look smaller”.

The video shows an animated Trump being blown back in forth by trumpets and getting stomped in a virtual game of whack-a-mole. The song’s chorus says “we’re gonna save the world” but only if we first “stop the Trumpet”.

According to a poll, only 4% of people in Denmark would vote for Trump if they could vote in the US presidential elections.

Comical clowns, ‘killer’ clowns, political clowns

This video says about itself:

10 October 2016


By Paddy McGuffin in Britain:

Beware of the real clowns in public office

Saturday 15th October 2016

The Paddy McGuffin column

Right, I’m back! What did I miss?

I jest of course because even in the lead-lined, sea bed-located bunker into which this column inters itself on such infrequent occasions the madness could not be prevented from seeping through.

Basically it’s all been about clowns, right?

As if that was in any way different to every other two-week period in the annual schedule.

But no, the media have whipped themselves and everyone else into a frenzy over the so-called prevalence of marauding killer clowns, apparently terrorising people both in the US and, as with so much else of their junk “culture,” copied in Britain.

At first I thought this was a serious news story.

Quite right, I thought.

The ridiculous hair, the ludicrous outfits, the nonsensical gibberish and the constant levels of outrageous and wildly inappropriate behaviour.

It’s about time they did something about the continued travesty that is Donald Trump and his mentally defective cheerleaders.

But it gradually dawned that this was not the angle the hysterical mainstream media was taking.

And then this column got angry. You see, since childhood it has inadvertently gone against the prevailing orthodoxy and really liked clowns.

Far from being coulrophobic it would class itself as firmly in the “philiac” camp.

Clowns teach us valuable life lessons such as: “Don’t go up to strangers, especially if they’re wearing grease paint and particularly if they are in possession of an abnormally large hooter.”

They also teach us, from an early age, about the pain and pathos that life inflicts, particularly if a Tory or Republican government gets in.

Clowns, in the main, are a noble breed who sacrifice themselves to help others if only to forget their troubles for an hour or two, and who hold up a sometimes painful reflection of our baser selves.

Who reading this can honestly say they have never wanted to smack someone in the mouth with a custard pie or round the back of the head with a plank of wood? Or much, much worse.

A classic case in point, when it comes to the artistry of the form, is that of Joseph Grimaldi, often described as the king of clownery.

Grimaldi’s life on the stage started at around the age of three and, despite the physical and mental agonies he suffered for his art, he remained on it almost until his tragically early death as a crippled wreck of the man he used to be, carried to and from performances because his brutally abused body would no longer allow him to walk.

Making people laugh is a serious business, as any decent comic will tell you, but by anyone’s standards Grimaldi was hardcore.

He suffered for the audience’s amusement.

In most settings that would be heroic.

The original role of the clown was, while in some ways similar to that of their latter-day equivalent, much more philosophical and dare I say it profound, at the same time as providing light relief and yes also spectacular acrobatic and mirth-inducing skill.

The fact that certain individuals appear to have been donning the guise for allegedly nefarious purposes (no-one at time of writing has actually been convicted of anything) is of course a cause of concern but if, as the press seems intent on suggesting, they are seeking to lure and therefore one supposes entrap or abuse children, there are far less terrifying yet insidious outfits they could have worn.

Jesus or the Easter Bunny for a start.

Meanwhile our hacks are so “concerned” about the potential of another John Wayne Gacy (no, I hadn’t forgotten about him) that they are letting the real fools — in Westminster and Washington — literally get away with murder.

Let us take as an example our current Home Secretary Amber Rudd who basically used her party conference speech to brand all immigrants as scum. And then furiously denied that she was in any way racist.

To employ a phrase I have used previously, much like Tory policy, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, stick an orange up its arse and whack it in the oven.

And then of course there’s Boris… I struggle to recall a time when Britain had a minister purportedly in charge of foreign affairs who had such little grasp of international politics.

But never mind the fact that his global knowledge stops somewhere around the end of the Peloponnesian war. This week he took hypocrisy to a whole new level by calling on the public to protest outside the Russian embassy in London over the country’s involvement in Syria.

This would be the same Johnson who, as mayor of London, spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax-payers’ money to try to evict peace campaigner Brian Haw from his perfectly legal position in Parliament Square over his sustained opposition to the war that started all of this.

The same Johnson who sneeringly ignored two million people opposing the illegal invasion of Iraq.

You can’t have it both ways just because it suits you now, you fatuous arriviste.

It is becoming increasingly apparent to all but the most slavish and dim-witted in our society that Johnson’s sole “qualification” for the role of foreign secretary appears to be that he played Risk when he was an over-privileged pre-pubescent.

Give him a couple of weeks and he’ll be announcing the invasion of Kamchatka.

Here, as with the ongoing game of mutually assured destruction being waged on the other side of the pond, when it comes to elections the gullible public gets what it deserves and most assuredly deserves what it gets.


We must resist Amber Rudd’s divisive immigration proposals if we are to build unity and solidarity between migrants and the wider working class, writes DON FLYNN: here.

Trump, Clinton parody song

This video from the USA says about itself:

Time of my life” featuring Trump and Clinton

10 October 2016

The Internet provided some humor to the second presidential debate. This video, created by [Dutch] Lucky TV, shows Trump and Clinton along with a new version of “Time of My Life” and has racked up thousands of likes.

Wikileaks Drops E-Reader Version of Clinton Speeches Alongside New Email Dump. Emails lay bare what members of Hillary Clinton’s own inner circle believe to be her vulnerabilities—from ties to big money to scandal-laden husband, by Lauren McCauley: here.

On Syria Policy, Critics Warn, Both Trump and Clinton Get It Very Wrong. Clinton said she would not resort to American ground forces in Aleppo, but military experts say that’s exactly what her “no fly zone” requires, by Lauren McCauley: here.

British Blairite Labour leader candidate Smith defeated, satiric song

This 24 September 2016 parody music video from Britain is called The Owen Smiths – “I Know It’s Over“.

It is about Blairite candidate for Labour leader Owen Smith‘s defeat by Jeremy Corbyn.

The song is a parody of the song by The Smiths: “I Know It’s Over“.

The lyrics are:

Oh boyo, I can feel the soil falling over my head
And now my leadership hopes are dead
Oh well, ‘nuff said

I know it’s over, still I sing
I don’t know where else I can go, boyo

Oh boyo, I can feel the soil falling over my head
Jeremy said he would let me back into the shadow cabinet
But I must ride off into the sunset
Don’t cry for me, please be happy
My tears will drench the back benches
Loud, loutish members of Momentum
They love Jeremy more than they love me

I know it’s over, still I sing
I don’t know where else I can go
It’s over, it’s over, it’s over
I know it’s over and it never really begun
But in my heart it was so real
And if I could speak to myself I’d say:

If you’re so radical, then why are you on your own tonight?
If you’re such a socialist, then why are you on your own tonight?
If you’re so very electable, then why are you on your own tonight?
And if you’re so very fit for purpose, then why are you on your own tonight?

JEREMY CORBYN’S emphatic victory yesterday will fill his many supporters with joy. With 61.8 per cent of the vote, Corbyn has received an even larger mandate to lead the biggest party in British politics than he did this time last year. This is remarkable. Because since the Islington North MP, veteran campaigner for peace, social justice and equality and long-term Morning Star weekly columnist was first elected to lead the Labour Party a year ago, he has been under constant attack: here.

Corbyn’s victory was achieved in the teeth of a coup attempt led by the party’s Blairite wing, supported by the vast majority of the party’s MPs and backed by every one of Britain’s TV channels and major newspapers, including Britain’s state broadcaster the BBC, and the nominally liberal Guardian: here.

Britain’s Cameron’s Libya war, parody song

This 20 September parody music video from Britain about the 2011 war on Libya is called SnoutKast – “Lib Ya!”

The song is a parody of the song by OutKastHey Ya!

The image in this video depicts British former Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron and the dead pig Mr Cameron is said by a fellow Conservative to have had sexual intercourse with as an initiation ritual of an élite student society.

The name Snoutkast in the parody title refers to that dead pig‘s snout.

The lyrics are:

Great Britain don’t mess around when there’s a mad dictator making crazy threats
Let’s go in all guns blazing with the Royal Navy and the RAF
Might leave a power vacuum but I’ve no time for coherent strategy
Just bomb them to the stone age and with luck you should be home in time for tea

Lib ya!

I think I get it, yeah I think I get it – the rebels took Benghazi and Gaddafi will kill them all
We get together with France and America, and bomb the crap out of ‘em so his regime will fall
They say we’ve made erroneous assumptions, that airstrikes, that airstrikes, that airstrikes
That airstrikes aren’t in our interests
So why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh are we still in denial when we say it’s not about the gold dinar?

Lib ya!
(Don’t wanna meet Gaddafi, just wanna take Benghazi)
Lib ya!
(Don’t wanna meet Muammar, just following Obama)
I’m not being honest

Alright now, chaps (yeah!)
What’s crueller than being ruled? (ISIS!)
I can’t hear you! I said what’s crueller than being ruled? (ISIS!)
Shiite, shiite, shiite, shiite, shiite
Now, okay, shiites – you gotta join up with the Iraqi forces and go fight those militant extremist groups!
I wanna see you all on your baddest behaviour! We’ll lend you some weapons, it’s like a favour
Here we go! Alright, now…

Fucked it, fucked it, fucked it, fucked it, fucked it like we did in Iraq
Fucked it, fucked it, fucked it, fucked it like I did with that…oink!

The decision of a British parliamentary foreign affairs committee to apportion responsibility for the destruction or Libya and its transformation from a functioning into a failed state to former British prime minister David Cameron further confirms the verdict reached by Irish revolutionary leader James Connolly over a century ago when it comes to the British ruling class. “Their crimes,” Connolly said, “would shame all the devils in hell”: here.

British Prime Minister Theresa May, satiric song

This 16 September 2016 video is a satiric song on British Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May.

The song is a parody of the song ‘Alright‘ (lyrics here) by British band Supergrass.

The lyrics are:

Snoopergrass – “Far Right

I’m not young, I’m not green
But I’m basically your new queen
Say goodbye to your rights
‘Cause I’m far right

I’ll repatriate migrants
And those claiming asylum

Last one out, hit the lights!
I’m far right

I’m not like you, of that you can be sure
Obviously you’re a pleb
Now ensnared in my web

But I’m not young, I am May
Got my hair nice and grey
Flog the NHS, think I might
‘Cause I’m far right

I’ll watch you at all times
Just in case of thought crimes
I’ll be numb to your plight
‘Cause I’m far right

I’ll take Boris as foreign secretary
Should be good for a wheeze
When he insults the Chinese

But I’m not young, I’m not green
I’ll spend loads on machines
You’re all in for a fright
‘Cause I’m far right

I’m not like you, of that you can be sure
Obviously you’re a pleb
Now ensnared in my web

But I’m not young, I am May
Got my hair nice and grey
Flog the NHS, think I might
‘Cause I’m far right