British Conservative-Irish terrorist coalition, parody song

This satiric music video from Britain is called Dr May (feat. Snoop DUP) – “The Next Episode”.

It is a parody of the song The Next Episode, by United States rappers Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg.

The parody video says about itself:

12 June 2017

A classic G-funk anthem celebrating the coalition between Theresa May’s Conservatives and the DUP.


Na na na na na
It’s the motherfucking DUP
(Snoop DUP!)
Na na na na na
You know we’re mobbing with the Tory party

Snoop DUP, we be burning shit up
UVF, UDA, we be blowing shit up
No wait, actually, we’re NOT blowing shit up
We’re a legitimate organisation
Snoop DUP signing up to a coalition
Arlene, Snoop Dodds, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson
Ian Paisley and all the Orangemen
We’re socially conservative and now we’re in government
Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, ripping it up
Getting whorey with the Tories, now you’re living with DUP
Don’t be getting an abortion, don’t do anything gay
But if you do, get on your knees and fucking well pray
DUP, Tories reigniting the Troubles
Loud bang as we burst your liberal bubbles
Paramilitary violence is okay with us
If you’re Catholic, stay the fuck away from Carrickfergus

Na na na na na
It’s the motherfucking M-A-Y
(Theresa May, motherfuckers!)
Na na na na na

You know I’m mobbing with the DUP guys
We need a government that’s strong and stabilised
So we struck a deal for confidence and supplies
Brexit donation came from someone in disguise
Could be the Saudis ‘cause they are such key allies
They helped the Leave campaign get advertised
But not in front of Northern Irish eyes
Now my Brexit mandate is compromised
‘Cause Lynton Crosby filled my campaign with lies
It used to work, but then the public got wise
To the overarching PR exercise
And all the while, lefties mobilised
Now Boris Johnson’s got his eyes on the prize
Standing next to Lord Buckethead in Maidenhead
Watching swathes of the country get painted red
I felt smaller than Donald Trump’s chode
And I realised that it’s the next episode

Snoop DUP and May
Coalition on a mission for Brexit
We’re Snoop DUP and May
Keep the progressive alliance at bay
We’re Snoop DUP and May
Fuck the Good Friday Agreement
We’re Snoop DUP and May
Hope you’re ready for the next episode

We’re DUP and May!

British far-right coalition government, parody song

This parody music video from Britain is called N-DUPz – “I Need You“.

The song is a parody of British hip hop group N-Dubz’ I Need You. That group consisted of members Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer.

The parody says about itself:

11 June 2017

N-DUPz are (l-r): Duppy, Tulisa May and Foster.


Last night was a blur, but I remember a
Strange phone call from Theresa May
She had a majority but lost a bunch of seats
Needed a coalition tout de suite
Say hello to the DUP
Reprehensible views on abortion
No homosexuality
It’s immoral, offensive and obnoxious
See, I don’t understand how could love a man
Save Ulster from sodomy and get it fucking banned
We also believe climate change is a con
And creationism should be taught in every classroom

I dropped a ball, I need propping up
Come form a government with me, DUP I need you

Fuck the Good Friday Agreement
This is too damn convenient
Let’s keep Great Britain blue
Oh DUP, I need you
I’ve been searching all over parliament
The Lib Dems called us charlatans
Desperation dictates
DUP, I need you

The results of the UK election are a disaster for the British ruling class: here.

Rupert Murdoch and British election upset, Beatles parody

This 9 June 2017 satiric music video from Britain is called The Jeremy Corbeatles – “Fuck You, The Sun“.

It is a parody of the song Here Comes the Sun, by the Beatles.

Big right-wing media billionaire Rupert Murdoch ran away furiously from the election room of his Times newspaper when he heard that the British Conservatives had lost their majority in the general election.

It says about itself:

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn adapts a classic Beatles number for Rupert Murdoch, Paul Dacre and Richard Desmond.


Fuck you, The Sun!
Ha ha ha ha
Fuck you, The Sun!
The Mail and the Express

Rupert Murdoch, I’ve tried my best to be magnanimous
Rupert Murdoch, I can’t contain it any more

Fuck you, The Sun!
Ha ha ha ha
Fuck you, The Sun!
The Mail and the Express

Paul Dacre, the smile has disappeared from your face
Paul Dacre, you can’t fool everyone all the time

Fuck you, The Sun!
Ha ha ha ha
Fuck you, The Sun!
The Mail and the Express

Sun, Sun, Sun, suck your mum
Sun, Sun, Sun, suck your mum

Richard Desmond, you tax-avoiding shit porn baron
Richard Desmond, I might just laugh my arse right off

Fuck you, The Sun!
Ha ha ha ha
Fuck you, The Sun!
The Mail and the Express

Sun, Sun, Sun, suck your mum

UK election 2017: The Sun, Daily Mail and Express newspapers binned in protest at Jeremy Corbyn coverage: here.

Donald Trump’s covfefe, parody music

This satiric music video from Britain says about itself:

Donald Trumpsteen – “Covfefe

This satiric music video from Britain says about itself:

31 May 2017

Donald Trump channels his inner Bruce Springsteen on new single “Covfefe”.


The times are tough now, just getting tougher
No politician has ever been treated rougher
Covfefe, come on baby, covfefe
Well I’m looking for a lover who will come on in and covfefe
I’ve got all the best words – have you heard this one?
It’s what you call the bed a Russian whore has pissed on
Covfefe, shut the door and covfefe
Well I’m looking for a lover who will come on in and covfefe

Backing track by KaraokeDiamonds

WHY YOU’RE SEEING ‘COVFEFE’ ALL OVER TWITTER It has to do with another presidential tweet — and his follow-up. [HuffPost]

Kellyanne Conway: Bowling Green Attackers Were Covfefe Immigrants: here.

UNDERSTANDING WHAT THE IMPENDING BIRTH CONTROL ROLLBACK MEANS FOR YOU “The Trump administration is on the verge of rolling back a federal rule that requires most employers to cover birth control in their health insurance plans at no cost to women. The White House Office of Management and Budget posted on its website that it is reviewing an interim final rule that would allow religious employers to deny contraception coverage to their female employees.” [HuffPost]

Laughing a crime in Trump’s USA?

This video from the USA says about itself:

LOL? This Activist Faces Jail for Laughing at Jeff Sessions

3 May 2017

An activist was convicted Wednesday on criminal misdemeanor charges for laughing during Attorney General Jeff Sessions‘ confirmation hearing. Desiree Fairooz, 61, a long-time member of activist group Code Pink, was arrested on January 10 during the hearing’s opening statements. Tighe Barry and Lenny Bianchi, also members of Code Pink — who were dressed as members of the Ku Klux Klan as commentary on what Code Pink describes as Sessions’ racist past — were also arrested for causing a disruption. Barry and Bianchi were escorted out of the Kennedy Caucus Room and arrested first.

From the Huffington Post in the USA today, with video there:

Woman Who Laughed At Sessions‘ Confirmation Hearing Convicted Of A Crime

Desiree Fairooz was found guilty on two counts: one for engaging in “disorderly or disruptive conduct” with the intent to disrupt congressional proceedings and a separate count for parading, demonstrating or picketing.

Hillary Clinton Does Not Belong in the Anti-Trump Resistance Movement. Posted on May 4, 2017. By Sonali Kolhatkar.

Trump Administration Hires Official Whom Five Citadel Students Accused of Sexual Assault. Posted on May 4, 2017. By Justin Elliott.

Trump’s new programme spuriously equates minority ethnic immigrants with criminals, writes Emile Schepers.

Trump’s ‘illegal alien’ hotline gets calls on ‘criminal Martians’

This video from the USA says about itself:

Trump‘s ‘Crímínal Alíen’ Hotline Trolled With UFO Calls

30 April 2017

So, instead of the information on ‘illegal’ Mexicans, South Americans, Muslims etc. that Trump wanted, he gets calls on fictional ‘criminals’ from planet Mars, planet Plutarch, etc.

Funny bird photos

This 25 April 2017 video from Zuid-Holland province in the Netherlands shows funny bird photos.