Sawfly larvae feeding, video

This video shows sawfly larvae feeding on leaves.

Inge Koesen made this video in her backyard in the Netherlands.

Silver-studded blue butterfly dancing, video

This video shows a silver-studded blue butterfly, moving in a way which looks like dancing.

MarijkeS from the Netherlands made this video.

Dung beetle rolls dung ball, video

This video shows a dung beetle rolling a dung ball; in Nationaal Park Veluwezoom in the Netherlands.

Red fox gets itchy, video

This video is about a red fox getting itchy between blueberry bushes in Gelderland province in the Netherlands.

Red deer scared by camera trap, video

This video shows a red deer mother and her fawn, walking in a forest in the Dutch Veluwe region with two other deer.

The mother discovers the camera trap; sees herself reflected in the lens; and then, runs away, scared.

Deer and wild boar at night, video

This video shows red deer and wild boar at night, in the Veluwe region in the Netherlands.

Wild boar video

This video is about wild boar, seen from Herikhuizen observation point in the Veluwe region.

One can see owls and bats there as well.