Grey heron catches mole, video

This video is about a grey heron which has caught a mole, in the Eempolder nature reserve in the Netherlands.

Angeline Rijkeboer made this video on 19 March 2015.

Worms on videos

This video says about itself:

Potworms (or Enchytraeids) are small white worms that live in environments that contain a high percentage of organic material (such as worm bins).

This is a time-lapse video about earthworms.

Penduline tit in Belgium, video

This video is about a penduline tit, feeding in Belgium on 22 March 2015.

Frank Linssen made the video.

Nuthatch collects mud for its nest, video

This video shows a nuthatch collecting mud. The bird will use the mud to make the entrance to its nest smaller, so that animals bigger than itself won’t be able to enter.

Richard Polderman made this video on 23 March 2015, at nature reserve Gorselse Heide in the Netherlands.

Snacking squirrels video from the USA

This video, from the National Wildlife Federation in the USA, is called Snacking Squirrels.