Singing robins, eight hours video

This video from Britain says about itself:

8 HOURS ● Bird Song & Sounds ● BEAUTIFUL Video of Robin Birds Singing & Chirping

Filmed in 2016

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Crabs, oyster, fish video

This video from the Netherlands says about itself (translated):

Oct 25, 2016

While one shore crab creeps into the Pacific oyster to push it open with its back two others get away with the loot. The sand gobies swim curiously around it. Filmed by Mirjam van der Sanden.

Bittern on video

This 25 October 2016 video shows a bittern in the Netherlands.

Theo Las made the video.

Beetle eats dead beetle, video

This 25 October 2016 video shows a Nicrophorus vespilloides burying beetle eating a dead dung beetle.

On the burying beetle’s head, mites travel along.

Christ Grootzwagers in the Netherlands made this video.

Wasp lays egg, video

This 18 October 2016 video by Michael Grobbe from the Netherlands shows a female parasitoid wasp, boring a hole into wood and then laying an egg on a longhorn beetle larva.

Eagles, egrets in Spain

This video says about itself:

Booted Eagle over Tarifa (slow motion flight)

Booted Eagles (Aquila pennata) over Tarifa, Spain, 18th September 29016.

I was lucky to see this beautiful species in Spain; like I saw the birds in this other blog post there. And these birds as well:

This video says about itself:

Western Cattle Egrets (Bulbulcus ibis) coming into roost in Tarifa, Spain. 21st September 2016.