‘Allahu akbar’ is terrorism??

This 11 February 2017 Dutch video is about police having closed down shopping mall Winkelhof in Leiderdorp village.

According to the video, on 11 April 2017 two boys in shopping center Winkelhof had shouted ‘Allahu akbar’!

That means ‘God is the greatest‘ in Arabic. It is a very common saying in mostly Muslim countries; eg, at funerals. The expression expresses the hope of the person using the saying that the forces of good will ultimately prevail, even in difficult circumstances.

In a very small percentage of the saying being used, it is by ISIS or similar terrorists during acts of violence. It was also said by Canadian islamophobic terrorist and Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen supporter Alexandre Bissonnette as he commited mass murder at a Quebec mosque, as a cynical reference to Islam intended to wrongfoot police investigations.

However, in far over 99% of cases, saying ‘Allahu akbar’ has nothing to do with terrorism. Just like saying ‘Thank God’ or a similar expression from a Christian tradition in the big majority of cases does not mean that the person saying it is a Christian fundamentalist terrorist aiming at killing supposedly ‘un-Christian’ persons.

How did police react to the reported saying of ‘Allahu akbar’? According to a newspaper report (translated):

The shopping mall was searched for suspicious objects and the environment was closed off. Police allowed no one to go inside.

The police took the threat seriously and called on people to avoid the Winkelhof area. The bowling center and the gym could not be reached any more. A police helicopter was deployed to track down the perpetrators.

Who ultimately could not be found. Because no hazardous objects were found, the shopping center became accessible again at approximately 18.45.

Would police have reacted as massively to some non-Islamic saying?

When you send a helicopter to catch a candy thief — no really, they did that in Canada.

United States homophobic preacher guilty of child abuse

This video from the USA says about itself:

Pastor On Orlando Massacre: ‘These People All Should Have Been Killed

13 June 2016

Pastor Steven Anderson, whose hate knows no bounds, celebrated the deaths of 50 people at a gay nightclub in Orlando in a 4-minute mini-sermon that cited the Bible as justification for why they needed to die.

Read more here.

Better known United States fundamentalist preacher Pat Robertson also claimed the victims of the Orlando mass murder ‘deserved it’.

And these two preachers are not the only ones.

By David Moye in the USA:

4/11/2017 08:32 pm ET

Anti-Gay Pastor Found Guilty Of Child Molestation

The jury needed only two hours to find him guilty on all eight counts.

Last June, Georgia pastor Kenneth Adkins made headlines when he tweeted that gay people who died in the Orlando, Florida, nightclub shooting got what they deserved.

He made headlines of a different sort on Monday when he was found guilty of sexually molesting a teenage girl and boy.

The ‘Reverend‘ Kenneth Adkins is not the only homophobic ‘Reverend’ in a sexual abuse scandal. So is, eg, Scottish Roman Catholic Cardinal Keith O’Brien. As a cardinal, not just ‘Reverend’, but ‘Most Eminent’.

And there was Dutch Roman Catholic homophobic child abusing Bishop Gijsen. Being a bishop, also not just ‘Reverend’, but ‘Most Reverend’ and ‘Excellency’.

Like the Roman Catholic Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis in the USA, John C. Nienstedt. The Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt claimed that equal marriage for gay people was the work of Satan; but had to resign in a child abuse scandal.

A jury of three men and nine women deliberated for about two hours before finding the 57-year-old pastor guilty of three charges of child molestation, three charges of aggravated child molestation, and two charges of enticing a child for indecent purposes, according to FirstCoastNews.com.

Adkins did not react as the verdict was being read aloud in the Glynn County courtroom. He did not testify on his own behalf during the trial, according to ActionNewsJax.com.

Before the clergyman turned himself in last August, he had led congregations in Atlanta and Brunswick, Georgia, as well as in Jacksonville, Florida.

He was originally booked on one charge of child molestation and one charge of aggravated child molestation. At the time of his arrest, Adkins’ lawyer Kenneth Gough told WJCT that those incidents dated back to 2010.

“Warrants say that these events took place in 2010 and that’s a long time,” Gough said. “We don’t know why they’re coming up now.”

Additional charges were filed after the initial arrest, and Adkins has been held without bail since then.

Adkins is scheduled for sentencing on April 25, according to News4Jax. He faces up to life in prison.

“I know he was back there praying,” Gough told the station. “We were disappointed with the verdict, but we respect it. It’s part of our jury system, but we will be filing a notice of appeal, obviously.”

Adkins garnered attention two days after the Orlando shooting when he sent a tweet that read, “Been through so much with these Jacksonville homosexuals that I don’t see none of them as victims. I see them as getting what they deserve!!”

He told The Florida Times-Union that the tweet had nothing to do with the 49 people just massacred in Orlando and was solely a reference to the debate over expanding Jacksonville’s anti-discrimination protections to LGBTQ people. (He opposed that, too). But the tweet, which has since been made private, followed a string of other tweets about the shooting.

Rape Survivor Listens As Judge Praises Former Mormon Bishop Who Abused Her. A Utah judge called convicted sexual predator Keith Vallejo “an extraordinarily good man” before sentencing him to prison: here.

Birdlife and bird crime in Malta

This BirdLife in Malta video says about itself:

10 April 2017

After the waterfowl migration, we are now at the peak of the spring migration for herons and egrets. Raptor migration is also picking up.

Spring migration occurs between mid-March and the end of May when birds leave their wintering grounds in Africa to travel back to Europe to breed. It is in the birds’ instinct that as soon as this beautiful time of year arrives they start to build up fat and change plumage to enable them to start their long migratory trip.

During this mammoth migration, birds face many obstacles including the arduous journey over the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea, making the Maltese Islands a crucial stop-over point on the migration route for these birds to seek refuge and rest before continuing further north.

Here is some footage of different heron species which were observed at our Għadira Nature Reserve in the past days. A number of Grey Herons spent the night at the reserve where a Squacco Heron was also spotted together with a Little Egret.

Footage by Aron Tanti, editing by Nathaniel Attard.

This BirdLife in Malta video says about itself:

7 April 2017

As the spring migration continues, here is some footage of different bird species which were observed during the past days in different parts of the Maltese Islands.

Spring is the most beautiful season of the year and at this time of year many families enjoy the Maltese countryside and also visit BirdLife Malta‘s nature reserves to have a close encounter with nature. This is just a glimpse of what one can find right now in different parts of Malta and Gozo.

Footage by Antaia Christou, Simon Hoggett and Aron Tanti. Editing by Nathaniel Attard.

This BirdLife in Malta video says about itself:

The latest casualty of the 2017 spring hunting season is another protected bird of prey – a shot male Lesser Kestrel which was retrieved by the Gozo Police yesterday (4th April 2017). The Lesser Kestrel was suffering from injuries to the right wing and the left leg and had to be euthanised.

This BirdLife in Malta video says about itself:

3 April 2017

From birds of prey such as Marsh Harriers and a Common Kestrel to other smaller birds such as a Common Swift, a Barn Swallow and Hoopoes, the first week of the 2017 spring hunting season has already taken its toll on several protected species. Nothing was spared, as the total of known illegally shot birds since the start of the season on Saturday 25th March has now reached eight. Four of these protected birds succumbed to their injuries after they were shot down. More than half of these illegally shot birds were retrieved just over the last weekend alone from different parts of Malta and Gozo.

This Marsh Harrier was the first casualty of the season. It was retrieved from a field in Selmun on the second day of the hunting season. The vet confirmed it was shot and suffering from injuries to its right wing.

The fact that all of these shot birds were retrieved from different localities across Malta and Gozo clearly indicates that illegalities are widespread across the country during the current open spring hunting season. One needs to keep in mind that these retrieved injured birds represent only a fraction of the illegal hunting which is actually happening in the countryside.

This is why BirdLife Malta reiterated its call on the Government and on Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to close the hunting season with immediate effect as it had done in the past.

(Footage by Nicholas Barbara, editing by Nathaniel Attard)

This BirdLife in Malta video says about itself:

28 March 2017

Here is some footage of three Purple Herons (Russett Aħmar) in flight at Delimara. This footage was shot by volunteers from our Conservation team this morning.

The Purple Heron is a slender, snaky-necked heron of reedbeds and dense marshes. It is somewhat smaller than the Grey Heron, from which it can be distinguished by its darker reddish-brown plumage, and, in adults, darker grey back. It has a narrower yellow bill, which is brighter in breeding adults. It is often hard to see as it prefers to hide in the reeds, unlike the Grey Heron.

The long neck of the Purple Heron looks particularly snake-like, with more of an S-shape in flight. The call is a loud croaking “krek”.

This bird is regularly seen during migration; some singles, some in flocks and some in mixed flocks with other herons, mainly Grey Herons. (Footage by Antaia Christou, editing by Nathaniel Attard)

This BirdLife in Malta video says about itself:

On Sunday 26th March 2017 a flock of around 15 Black-winged Stilts spent a day at Is-Salina Nature Reserve.

Here is some footage of the salt pans full of life, as the beautiful birds attracted lots of people to the area as they mingled with other species which were feeding and resting on site at the time. It was the third time in a week that Black-winged Stilts were noticed at the Salina salt pans during the 2017 spring migration. (Footage and editing by Nathaniel Attard)