Animal abuse scandal in Germany

This German video says about itself (translated):

Shocking images from stables of agribusiness leaders – suspected animal welfare violations

22 September 2016

In stables of leading functionaries of German agricultural associations there are apparently massive animal welfare violations. That show secret recordings by animal welfare activists, made available to NDR TV and Süddeutsche Zeitung daily.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Prominent German agriculturists under fire for cruelty against animals

Today, 19:12

A newborn piglet being brutally beaten to death, pigs and turkeys with open wounds, animals bleeding to death without anesthesia. Some very prominent German agribusiness people, including a parliamentarian and agriculture association directors, have fallen into disrepute by a television report.

The images shot with hidden cameras show how animals in the holdings of these well known agriculturists are treated terribly. The recordings were made by the German campaign group Animal Rights Watch, and cover a longer period in 2015.

The images were handed over to the regional television channel NDR and the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. Who had the material reviewed first by independent experts before publishing. “These are serious violations of the law on animal welfare and they are without any doubt, criminal”, responded veterinarian Diana Plange.


These top-level managers are the presidents of the Central Association of German Pig Production and the turkey producing VDP organization and the presidents of two subdivisions of the powerful farming federation DBV. One of the two last named is also a CDU party parliamentarian in the Bundestag.

One of them has now admitted that there are problems in his business and that he regrets the images that were shown in the report.