Egyptian singer arrested for eating banana

This 15 November 2017 music video is by Shyma from Egypt.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Egyptian singer arrested for ‘inciting debauchery’ after eating a banana in music video

‘I didn’t imagine all this would happen and that I would be subjected to such a strong attack’

Rachael Revesz

A pop star has been arrested in Egypt on suspicion of inciting debauchery in a music video.

[21-year-old] Shyma, who was shown dancing in her underwear and eating fruit in front of a classroom of men and a blackboard with “Class #69” written on it, was detained after the video caused numerous complaints. …

For Shyma’s supporters, the pop star’s arrest was a symbol of women’s oppression in a country that was voted the worst in the Arab world for women in 2013.

I’d say that Saudi Arabia is still a lot worse.

Egypt has announced a bid to ban atheism in the hopes that it will stop people from “turning” gay: here.

Leila Amer: Egyptian singer arrested over video branded a ‘moral disaster’ by conservative lawyer. Arrest comes less than a month after another singer was sentenced to two years in prison over a similar case: here.

British Theresa May stabbed in back by her own Conservatives

This is a music video of British punk rock band The Damned playing their song Stab your back.

Talking of backstabbing – British Conservative politicians are doing that right now to their own Prime Minister Theresa May.

Today, the (pro-Conservative, Rupert Murdoch-owned) Sunday Times writes that Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May is facing pressure from her fellow Tory MPs, 40 of which it says have agreed to sign a letter of no confidence if she fails to settle the Brexit divorce bill. Eight more no confidence Conservative MPs would, according to party rules, make enough to force Ms May to have a new party leader election.

The Daily Telegraph (nicknamed ‘The Daily Torygraph’) headlines on its front page today: Harness Thatcher to beat Corbyn, Tories told. That would be a bit difficult, as Baroness Thatcher died in 2013. And she was cremated, not buried, so the Conservative party cannot even dig up a rotting corpse to ‘harness’.

The Daily Torygraph Telegraph does not say whether the Conservatives, in their desperation, might consider ‘harnessing’ their supporter, old Margaret Thatcher mate and serial child abuser Sir Jimmy Savile. Contrary to Thatcher, in Savile‘s case it would at least be possible to dig up a rotten corpse. Kind of fitting now with one Tory sex scandal after another.

BORIS JOHNSON finally said sorry yesterday as pressure mounted on him to resign after making a colossal blunder that could see a British mum spend an extra five years in an Iranian jail: here.

Robin wishes Merry Christmas, video

This video from Britain says about itself:

Christmas Carols, Music and Birdsong 🎄 Featuring Robin Red Breast

9 November 2017

Christmas Carols and Bird Song 🎄 One hour of traditional instrumental Christmas songs and carols accompanied by the sound of gentle bird song. The bird in the video is the European robin. If you’re ever in Britain around Christmas time, you’ll find pictures of robin red breasts adorning Christmas cards, ornaments, stamps, chocolate boxes, shop windows and Christmas wrapping paper.


It’s all inspired by the robins who used to deliver the Christmas cards in 19th century Britain.

In the 1800s, British postmen wore bright red uniforms. They wore red in honor of the crown since red is considered both a Royal color and an important color on the English flag. (Incidentally, this may also be one of the reasons why British post boxes were eventually standardized to be red). The postmen in their red-breasted coats resembled the much-loved British bird, the robin red-breast, earning Victorian postmen the nick-name: Robins.

Around Christmas time, people would eagerly await the Robins’ delivery of Christmas cards from near and far. Some greeting card artists were inspired by this to illustrate their cards with the joyous delivery of letters, and instead of drawing a postman, one artist decided to draw the Robins’ namesake, the robin birds, delivering letters in their little beaks. The trend caught on and survives to this day despite the fact that the postmen’s red coat uniforms and the postmen’s Robin nickname have long been retired to the history books.

Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall

Belgian Brabant killers, satiric music video

This music video is of Belgian band The Strangers, singing in Antwerp dialect their song Bij de Rijkswacht, about what was then, in 1991, the paramilitary Belgian national police. The tune of the song is In the Navy, by the Village People in the USA.

However, the Rijkswacht does not exist any more. In 2001, it was abolished, and reorganized as the ‘Federal Police of Belgium’, after scandals like the Dutroux affair.

This week, another Rijkswacht scandal became public; their links to the Brabant killers murder gang. That gang specialized in murdering many people at supermarkets and department stores. It turned out that ‘the Giant’, probably the leader of the murderers, was a member of the Diane elite unit of the Rijkswacht. According to witnesses, ‘the Giant’ was racist and wanted an extreme right coup d’état in Belgium. This raises questions once again, about the links of the Brabant killers to the extreme right and NATO.

As the Strangers now have their 65 years jubilee in the week of the new discoveries on the Brabant killers, Belgian TV comedy program De Ideale Wereld made a new music video with new lyrics of the Strangers song Bij de Rijkswacht.

It shows police facial composite photos of ‘the Giant’, elite policeman cum mass murder boss, and other gang members, probably Rijkswacht officers as well.

The new satiric 2017 lyrics, also sung in Antwerp dialect, are (translated):

In the Rijkswacht
everything is covered up.
In the Rijkswacht
everyone is silent and nobody talks.
In the Rijkswacht
only the toilet leaks.
In the Rijkswacht
In the Rijkswacht

In the 1980s
the Rijkswacht was all-powerful.
The country was in big trouble.
Because we tried to make it more right-wing
with a visit to the Delhaize supermarket.
If you are at the cash register
then shoot the mass of people.
Then it was all possible.
Get away in our Golf Rijkswacht car,
worship Adolf Hitler,
no remorse till our deathbed

‘The Giant’ confessed his murderous activities at last on his deathbed to his brother

In the Rijkswacht
everyone is a buddy
In the Rijkswacht
you can destabilize the state without being punished.
In the Rijkswacht
dressed as a cop or as a pirate

‘The Giant’ dressed up like a pirate during carnival

In the Rijkswacht
In the Rijkswacht

Singer Fats Domino, RIP

This music video from the USA is called Fats DominoBlueberry hill.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Fats Domino dead: Rock and roll legend dies aged 89

Iconic artist’s career spanned more than five decades and saw him sell over 65 million records

Legendary artist Fats Domino has died age 89, according to local reports from New Orleans.

The American singer, pianist and recording artist pioneered rock and roll and inspired countless artists, including Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

Local TV station WWL-TV cited his daughter as the person to confirm his death, saying he died peacefully surrounded by family.

Antoine ‘Fats’ Domino was born in New Orleans LA, in the lower ninth ward on 26 February 1928.

This 1986 music video from Houston, Texas in the USA is called Fats Domino Live Full Concert.