White-tailed eagles in new Dutch wildlife film

This is a 27 November 2014 video interview, in English, with cameraman Paul Edwards.

For the new Dutch wildlife film Holland, natuur in de Delta, Paul Edwards was in the Biesbosch national park for months; filming a white-tailed eagle nest and great crested grebes.

The film is expected to be in the cinemas in September 2015.

New Dutch wildlife film, premiere in September 2015

This video is a teaser for the new Dutch wildlife film, called Holland, Natuur in de Delta [nature in the Scheldt and Rhine rivers delta].

Its première will be on 24 September 2015.

It is by the makers of the succesful wildlife film The New Wilderness.

The film has five main characters: the sea eagle; the beaver; the hare; the scarce large blue butterfly; and the stickleback.

In 2017, the film makers plan to finish a third film, on the Wadden Sea region and its nature.