Wild California condor visits man who saved it

This video from the USA says about itself:

Large condor regularly visits man who saved its life as a baby

13 June 2017

The condor was nursed back to health by the man after the bird fell from his mother’s nest as a baby.

And the condor clearly didn’t forget his rescuer, as video footage shows the pair greeting each other with hugs and one big warm embrace, after the condor returned.

After being rescued, the condor – the largest bird in North America – was then able to learn how to fly and return to normal life.

It is not unusual for the condor to fly back and visit its rescuer, and according to locals the bird is said to return to visit the man fairly frequently.

Whitethroat sings, video

This 17 August 2017 video is about a whitethroat singing.

Roelke Nieweg made this video in Alde Faenen nature reserve, Friesland province in the Netherlands.

Common cranes, autumn migration in Sweden

This September 2009 video is about a flock of common cranes, on autumn migration in Sweden.

Black woodpecker in Sweden

This video shows a black woodpecker in Sweden.

Moorhens in Sweden, videos

This video is about a moorhen in Sweden.

So is this video, featuring a nest at an unusual place.

Pigeons, young coots and herring gulls

Pigeons, 13 August 2017

13 August 2017. While we were on our way to a carnivorous plant exhibition in the Leiden botanical garden, we saw these domestic pigeons. Like all photos on this blog post, a macro lens photo.

Pigeon, 13 August 2017

While the pigeons looked for food on the bank, an adult coot swam in the canal with two youngsters. One of the chicks was obviously older than the older one, having already a white belly and being bigger. A man threw a piece of apple near the coots. Immediately, a herring gull dived to catch the apple. Also immediately, the parent coot drove away the herring gull.

Pigeons, 13 August 2017

Meanwhile, the pigeons kept looking for food.

Pigeons, on 13 August 2017

Domestic pigeons in various colours.

Pigeon, on 13 August 2017

Sometimes, many birds flew away, leaving only one.

Pigeon, Leiden, 13 August 2017

Herring gull, 13 August 2017

We continued, along another canal. There, we met two herring gulls. Maybe one of them was the gull we had seen earlier with the piece of apple and the coots.

Herring gulls, 13 August 2017

Maybe the bird on the left is the male of this couple; and the bird on the right the female (females being a bit smaller in this species).

We arrived at the carnivorous plants exhibition. So, stay tuned!