Cuckoo wrasse, new fish species for the Netherlands

This is a male cuckoo wrasse video, made in an aquarium.

Translated from the Dutch Stichting Anemoon ichthyologists:

21 December 2016 – On the Cleaver Bank, 150 kilometers northwest of Texel island, using an ROV, an underwater vehicle operated remotely, a cuckoo wrasse has been observed. This is the first report of this species in Dutch waters.

Curaçao sharks and cattle

This Dutch video is about sharks around the Caribbean island Curaçao, and cattle in Dutch nature reserve Klompenwaard.

Curaçao school children learn about sharks

This 20 December 2016 Dutch language video is about school children on the Caribbean island Curaçao learning from the Save Our Sharks organisation about sharks.

Caribbean sharks research and conservation

This Dutch language video says about itself:

19 December 2016

The project Save Our Sharks is about the protection of Caribbean sharks; they do research and provide information and education to raise awareness among the islanders of the importance of sharks.

Dutch fish in winter, videos

This 16 December 2016 video shows many small freshwater fish, mainly young common roach, gathering in a lake in the Netherlands for winter.

A northern pike is present, so the small fish are restless.

Arthur de Bruin made this video.

This 16 December 2016 video shows many small freshwater fish, young common roach, gathering in Naardermeer nature reserve in the Netherlands. They are also restless, maybe because a predator is near.

Christiaan Krop made this video.

Grey heron, buzzard quarrel about eel

This 16 December 2016 video is about a grey heron which had caught an eel. A buzzard took the eel away. The heron tried to get it back, but failed.

Gerjan Petter from the Netherlands made this video.

Cormorant catches pike, photo

Two cormorants and a pike

This photo shows two great cormorants. One of them has caught a pike.

The photo was made in the Hengforderwaarden near Olst in the Netherlands, by Gerd.