Rufous-capped warbler at Panama feeder

This video from Panama says about itself:

Striking Rufous-capped Warbler Visits The Feeder – Aug 22, 2019

We got a visit from the perky, vibrantly-colored Rufous-capped Warbler. This attractive, long-tailed warbler can often be found gleaning for insects low in brushy or weedy areas hopping about with its long tail cocked.


Nuthatch, bluebirds at Georgia, USA osprey nest

This video from the USA says about itself:

White-breasted Nuthatch Perches For A Close Up – Aug. 20, 2019

This White-breasted Nuthatch stays perched in the tangled branches of the Osprey nest in Savannah, Georgia. These compact passerines get their common name from their habit of jamming large nuts and acorns into tree bark, then whacking them with their sharp bill to “hatch” out the seed from the inside.

Two camera views are available—one PTZ camera and a fixed cam. Mouse over the playhead and click on the little camera with the arrows inside it, then select the camera you’d like to view.

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This video from the USA says about itself:

Eastern Bluebirds Scale Branch Near Savannah Nest – Aug. 20, 2019

Two juvenile male Eastern Bluebirds investigate the broken branch next to the Savannah Osprey nest. Notice the spotting on the backs and chests of these blue-backed explorers? It’s a sure-fire clue that you’ve found yourself a young bluebird!

Dragonflies and young house martins

Naardermeer marsh plants, 19 August 2019

On 19 August 2019, we went to the Naardermeer nature reserve.

Near the entrance, barn swallows flying. A great crested grebe swimming.

We see construction activity. Wildlife corridors are built underneath the railway; to save lives of grass snakes, moor frogs, otters, pine martens, etc.

On the footpath to the Muggenbult viewpoint, a male black-tailed skimmer dragonfly.

A grey heron.

Naardermeer marsh plants, near dragonfly, 19 August 2019

Along this bit of marsh, a beautiful green and blue dragonfly flies. An emperor dragonfly?

Naardermeer, on 19 August 2019

Naardermeer, 19 August 2019

Rowan berries.

On the footpath, a smallish red dragonfly.

A great cormorant flying.

Naardermeer, Muggenbult, 19 August 2019

As we arrive at the Muggenbult viewpoint, a coot couple and their chick swimming.

A male gadwall duck.

White and yellow water-lily flowers.

Two adult mute swans swimming with one youngster.

Naardermeer mute swan, 19 August 2019

A great crested grebe with two youngsters.

We walk back. On the visitors’ centre buildings, house martin nests, both artificial and built by the birds themselves. To both, parent house martins fly to feed their chicks.

Naardermeer, sundew, 19 August 2019

Close to entrance/exit of the nature reserve is a patch with carnivorous plants: sundew.