Birds, damselflies, frog in the Netherlands

This 26 July 2016 video shows various bird species, including spoonbills, great crested grebes and white storks, and an edible frog and mating blue-tailed damselflies in the Blauwe Kamer nature reserve in Utrecht province in the Netherlands.

Edible frogs in Dutch Veluwe region

This 21 July 2016 video shows edible frogs in the Dutch Veluwe region.

Underwater wildlife in Britain

This video from Britain says about itself:

Explore a watery world with pond dipping

21 July 2016

Summer is a great time to go exploring, and whether you’re by the sea, a pond or any other water, it’s also a great time to learn more about underwater nature first hand.

Butterflies, damselfly and frog video

This 23 June 2016 shows wildlife, like butterflies, a damselfly and a frog, after rain in the Mallebos woodland on Voorne island in the Netherlands.

Amphibians, mammals at bird photo hide

Edible frog, 10 June 2016

At the bird photography hide are not only birds. There are also other animals, like this edible frog.

Edible frogs, 10 June 2016

More than one edible frog in the pond just outside the hide.

Edible frogs, on 10 June 2016

The Internet side of the hide mentions common frogs living here. This species hatches earlier, in spring, than edible frogs, which are for the first time in this pond in this 2016 summer.

Edible frog on bank, 10 June 2016

Sometimes, frogs sat on the bank, watching their mirror image in the pond.

Edible frogs in pond, 10 June 2016

Then, they jumped back in the water again.

Kingfishers sometimes visit the pond, but not when we were there on 10 June. Maybe there is more chance of seeing a kingfisher earlier in the year, when the frogs are in the tadpole stage and are easier to catch.

Kingfishers also eat another amphibian species living in the pond: smooth newts.

On 10 June, we often saw bank voles drinking at the pond and running around.

We did not see other mammal species living near the hide: roe deer; red squirrel; red fox.

Maps show genetic diversity in mammals, amphibians around the world. Charts provide a baseline to study humans’ effects on species. By
Kate Travis, 7:00am, October 21, 2016: here.

South African bullfrog versus butterflies

This video says about itself:

1 June 2016

Amazing video of an African Bullfrog surreptitiously creeping up to a group of butterflies before finally going in for the kill with his long, sticky tongue.

Taken in the Kgalagadi National Park in South Africa.

Video by: Riaan Ferreira.

Common toad in Spain

This 7 June 2016 video shows a common toad in the Murcia region in Spain.