European toad tadpoles video

This video shows toad tadpoles.

After two to three months, European toad tadpoles become small toads.

Jan Kuipers in the Netherlands made this video.

Betic midwife toad video

This 21 May 2016 video shows a Betic midwife toad. It was recorded in the Sierra de Burete, Murcia region, Spain.

This toad species is endemic to mountainous areas in south-eastern Spain. Its scientific name is Alytes dickhilleni; after Dutch zoologist Dick Hillenius.

Tree frog resting, video

This video shows a tree frog resting.

Chris Kuik from the Netherlands made this video.

Rare spadefoot toads on Dutch golf course

This is a common spadefoot toad video.

Today, Dutch Vroege Vogels radio reports good news about common spadefoot toads, a rare species in the Netherlands.

Three years ago, spadefoot toads were freed on Landgoed Bleijenbeek golf course in Afferden, Limburg province. It turned out this was a good environment for the toads: lakelets, sand and plants not too tall.

Wildlife corridors, succesful for all wildlife

This video says about itself:

2 August 2012

A picture essay of Wildlife Corridors from around the world.

Dutch Vroege Vogels TV reports this week about two wildlife corridors in North Brabant province in the Netherlands.

It turns out these corridors are succesful for many kinds of wildlife:

snails, mice, rabbits, weasels, buzzards, roe deer, wild boar; all of them cross the wildlife bridge. …

A great success at both wildlife bridges is the so-called wet zone, an area with pools for amphibians. There are already eggs of common frogs found there and even a natterjack toad, a species which forester Mari de Bijl did not expect there. He also thinks that no wildlife viaducts should be allowed to be built without wet zones.

Toads’ mating season, video

This video is about common toadsmating season in the Netherlands. Several males try to mate with one female.

Jan Buys made the video.

Many house martins and a rainbow

This video is called Common house martin (Delichon urbicum) in artificial nest.

Still in Extremadura, Spain, on 9 April 2014, after seeing the woodchat shrike.

As we walked to Jaraicejo village, a male stonechat on a pole.

Close to the village, a pond, where a little grebe swam, dived and called. Iberian green frogs called as well.

At 20:15, many house martins flying in front of a rainbow.

There will be more about Extremadura and its bird life on this blog. But it will have to wait a bit, as many photos need to be sorted out.