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United States soldiers used as lab rats

This video says about itself:

U.S. Government Using Its Soldiers as Lab Rats

30 May 2016

As we commemorate soldiers on Memorial Day, we should also remember the soldiers that were sacrificed by the U.S. government for psychological experiments and chemical and nuclear weapons testing. Nuclear weapons testing in the 1950s affected 100,000s of soldiers and civilians.

Curious young badger on video

This video shows a curious young badger.

Martijn Struijf in the Netherlands made this video.

Police stops Surinamese-Dutch rapper for driving while black

This December 2015 Dutch music video is the song Niet Weglopen, by well-known Surinamese-Dutch rapper Typhoon.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The [political party] PvdA has asked parliamentary questions in response to the police stopping rapper Typhoon. Police in Zwolle stopped Glenn de Randamie, as the rapper is called, from driving because a cop thought there was no match between him and his new car.

According to a police spokesman in the eastern Netherlands Typhoon was stopped because of his “young age and his brand new luxury car. But his skin colour played a role as well.” Police have apologized for the incident.

Labour leader Samsom says that there is a structural problem. “Ethnic profiling happens, also by police. This is not a single miss by an individual police officer. Racism and discrimination are persistent deep within society.”

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant today:

“This is a big error in Dutch society,” De Randamie writes on Instagram. “The investigating officer … admitted that he was biased, and took into account that it could be drug money. Unfortunately, this is the umpteenth time this happens to me and I happen to be ‘famous’ and the atmosphere is less tense after recognition. Many people do not have that privilege.”

Blue tit bathing, slow motion video

This 30 May 2016 slow motion video shows a blue tit bathing.

Peter van der Feen in the Netherlands made this video.

Water vole in garden, video

Carla van de Pol made this 30 May 2016 video in her garden in the Netherlands. It shows a European water vole feeding on ferns.

‘Black girls matter’ anti-police brutality protest in Washington, USA

This 30 May 2016 video from Washington state in the USA is called “BLACK GIRLS MATTER” POLICE BRUTALITY PROTEST IN TACOMA.