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Lesser spotted woodpecker in Belgium

This video shows a lesser spotted woodpecker in the Zevenbergenbos woodland near Ranst in Belgium.

Marc Gorrens made this video.


Racism in Dutch election campaign

Ugbaad Kilincci

Translated from Dutch NOS TV today, about Drenthe province:

The Somali Dutch woman Ugbaad Kilincci, a PvdA

‘center left’ political party, sister party of British Labour, German SPD etc.

local council candidate in Emmen, was abused several times yesterday. The woman, while she was campaigning, was called a “black monkey” and “headscarf [‘kopvod’, literally ‘animal head rag’] mongoloid“. She was also told that she had to “fuck off to Africa“.

Kilincci tried to keep smiling, but eventually went home. “I’ve always stayed kind. I told these people that I did not agree with them and then wished they would have a nice day, but at one point, I had no more words”, she told Dagblad van het Noorden daily.

Ms Kilincci has lived in the Netherlands ever since she was one year old.

Geert Wilders‘ xenophobic PVV party participates in the 21 March local election in Emmen.

Red fox, badgers at sett

This 1 March 2018 video shows a red fox and two badgers at a sett.

Maybe the fox used the badger sett because of the winter cold.

Anne Westerhof in the Netherlands made this video.


United States Koch brothers making dissent illegal

This video from the USA says about itself:

Kochs and ALEC Behind Criminalization of Dissent Bills in Five States

17 March 2018

Iowa, Ohio, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Minnesota and Louisiana have introduced or passed legislation to criminalize environmental dissent. There is evidence that bill mill organizations such as ALEC and the bipartisan group Council of State Governments (CSG) had their hand in shaping these bills says investigative journalist Steve Horne.


Swedish great grey owl on video

This is a Swedish great grey owl video.


Catholic clerical child porn in Idaho, USA

This video from the USA says about itself:

Retired Boise priest appears in court on child-sex-related charges

5 February 2018

Father W. Thomas Faucher is accused of possessing and distributing child pornography.

By Martin Cizmar in the USA:

Idaho priest busted with massive trove of kiddie porn, allegedly had ‘desires to rape and kill children

17 Mar 2018 at 17:44 ET

A retired Idaho priest is facing more felony charges as prosecutors say he had 2,000 images and videos, including images that depicted the rape and torture of kids.

Prosecutors say they have since discovered chat logs in which Rev. W. Thomas Faucher talked about his “desires to rape and kill children.”

“There are countless, countless, countless graphic chat conversations on his computer where he is very specific about how his sexual interests are evolving”, a prosecutor told the court while filing new charges. “He discusses in great detail the desires he has to sexually abuse and even kill children.”

Faucher, 72, of Boise, was arraigned in February on charges including sexual exploitation of a child, distributing sexually exploitative material involving children and possession of marijuana, LSD and ecstasy.

He was given an eviction notice from the church-owned home where he lives though he has until April to leave. He is out of jail on bond and living at the home.

In February, police raided his home and found a massive trove of child pornography and drugs after an adult came forward with charges that he molested them 40 years ago. Some of the images involved infants, prosecutors said.


White storks foraging, video

This 17 March 2018 video shows two white storks resting and foraging for food near Lelystad in Flevoland province in the Netherlands.

Maybe they were just back from spring migration from Africa?