The Cure, Rotterdam concert 1979

The Cure on Rotterdam, September 1979

The Cure on Rotterdam, September 1979

This 9 September 1979 photo shows British band the Cure, playing at the Rotterdam, the Netherlands New Pop Festival 1979 in the Zuiderpark.

I took photos there with my Kodak Pocket Instamatic, the cheapest, smallest and simplest camera available. In 2005, photo shops stopped developing and printing Instamatic films. That meant the end of photography forever for me and others for whom expensive cameras for which you needed a Sc.D degree were not an option.

You could only make 12 photos with an Instamatic film. So, I had to be careful not to waste film.

I photographed the Inner Circle reggae band.

I made photos of the Specials.

And of the Cure, as this one also shows.

The Cure in Rotterdam

The Cure in Rotterdam. New Pop Festival, 9 September 1979

3 thoughts on “The Cure, Rotterdam concert 1979

  1. I didn’t know you were such a live concert enthusiast…😳 Such fun!
    I remember, many years past, having a small camera taking twelve images that needed to be dropped off at the Kodak counter of the Pharmacy. And yes, we had to be exceptionally careful in those days, film developing was rather expensive!
    Today I take tens of images with my digital camera/video equipment and my cell/mobile phone camera to, hopefully, have at least ‘one’ good shot.. 😏
    Haven’t times changed, Dear Kitty.
    By the way, it’s lovely to see you posting.


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