Pioneer punk band Ivy Green refounded?

This music video is Stupid Village by Ivy Green.

Ivy Green was founded in 1975, making them one of the first punk bands in the world. The song is from their 1978 first album.

They are from Hazerswoude in the Netherlands. The song is about Hazerswoude.

It is a bit similar to the song Silent Community by English band Penetration. Like Ivy Green, Penetration is from a village: Ferryhill.

Penetration singer Pauline Murray wrote the lyrics down for Dutch Pin fanzine, page 11. The song is from their 1979 album, Moving Targets.

This music video from England is called Penetration – London 100 Club – 19 August 2016 – Silent Community/Don’t Dictate.

Last night, I dreamt I walked in Leiden, and saw a banner saying: Ivy Green concert, 18 December. I thought: they are announcing that very early. But how great that that pioneer punk band has apparently reunited!

Then, I woke up.

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