Amazon kills worker, bullies her 12-year-old daughter

This 4 March 2020 video from the USA about Jeff Bezos‘ Amazon says about itself:

Amazon Forces 12-Year-Old Daughter of Worker Who Died to Answer Questions About Her Death

Status Coup’s Jordan Chariton interviews the sister of Poushawn Brown, a woman who worked at an Amazon warehouse and was tasked with testing other workers for COVID-19. Poushawn unexpectedly died after sounding the alarm with Amazon HR. Christina tells her story and what the family has had to deal with since.

***The family has a GoFundMe to support Poushawn’s services and her 12-year-old daughter if you are able to help.
***MORE DETAILS: here.​
***FULL STORY: here.​
***Poushawn Brown, a 38-year-old Amazon worker who suddenly died in January after working in her Virginia warehouse’s COVID testing area for several months, complained to human resources and supervisors about Amazon’s unsafe and unsanitary conditions early on in the COVID-19 pandemic, emails obtained by Status Coup show.***

US ruling class moves to remove remaining restrictions as pandemic continues to spread: here.

6 thoughts on “Amazon kills worker, bullies her 12-year-old daughter

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  2. Today, Our Revolution members in Alabama are standing with a Congressional delegation including Representatives Andy Levin, Jamaal Bowman, Cori Bush, Terri Sewell, and Nikema Williams.

    Together, we are demanding that Amazon stop exploiting their workers and respect their fundamental right to unionize.

    While it’s great that Joe Biden has rhetorically come out in favor of these brave workers, they need action, not just words. Meanwhile, Amazon continues to get rich off of lucrative government contracts paid with our tax dollars.

    Add your name here to join us in demanding that Joe Biden stop rewarding corporations that exploit workers with our tax dollars!


    It’s fully within the president’s power to stop doing federal business with Amazon or any other federal contractor that busts unions and doesn’t treat their employees as human beings who deserve a living wage and safe working conditions.

    If Joe Biden wants to look like he stands with workers and receive the political benefit that comes with that, he needs to actually do something.

    Sign here to demand that Joe Biden take action to support Amazon workers. The time for all talk and no action has long passed!

    In solidarity,

    The whole team at Our Revolution


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