Italian and Israeli punk, music videos

This January 2020 punk music video from Italy is called Call The Cops – Wasting My Time.

This June 2017 music video from Italy is Call the Cops – They Believe.

Adding to my recent blog posts on punk in Italy and in Israel, this post. Hat tips by Terry, bass/female lead vocals of Cheap ‘n’ Nasty, author of the four songs on this EP:

The Bologna, Italy band of the top videos, which toured the USA in 2017 are not the only ones called Call the Cops. According to, there were/are at least three others: a California, USA electro-pop band; a class struggle punk rock band from Baltimore, Maryland, USA, disbanded in 2007; and a band from Arizona.

The video below here is by a young band from Haifa, Israel; which was on tour with the Bologna Call the Cops in 2019.

The March 2019 video says about itself:

Akrabut – Hiroshima Palastina (Full Album)

(Recorded at Beit Alpha/Tel Aviv – Mix And Master By Gad Terrorfranca)

00:00 – Hayom Ve Lo Mahar 01:26 – Kluv 04:00 – 67 05:07 – Gardom 06:44 – Shin.Kuf.Resh 08:59 – Akrabut (Feat.Hala)

This is a 2018 live video of Akrabut.

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