Coronavirus and politics in the USA

This 9 November 2020 video from the USA is called No Heir Apparent To Republican Party.

U.S. BECOMES FIRST NATION TO SURPASS 10 MILLION VIRUS CASES The United States became the first nation worldwide since the pandemic began to surpass 10 million coronavirus infections, according to a Reuters tally. The grim milestone came on the same day as global coronavirus cases exceeded 50 million. The United States has reported about 1 million cases in the past 10 days, the highest rate of infections since the nation reported its first novel coronavirus case in Washington state 293 days ago. Meanwhile, Biden will reportedly begin to phone local leaders this week to encourage mask mandates that help stem the spread of COVID-19. [Reuters]

OCASIO-CORTEZ STRIKES CAUTIOUS TONE Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who won reelection with more than 68% of the vote in New York’s 14th District, criticized leaders and other elements of her party for being distrustful of her and other more progressive members — who, she argued, have been pivotal in winning votes and candidates for the party. She also accused Democrats of historically forgetting about grassroots movements and activists once elections are over, adding it’s to be seen whether the Biden administration will behave any differently. [HuffPost]

Trump is attempting a coup in plain sight.

ARKANSAS POLICE CHIEF RESIGNS AFTER CALLING FOR DEATH TO ‘MARXIST DEMOCRATS’ The police chief of a small Arkansas town has resigned after writing social media posts calling for “death to all Marxist Democrats” and saying he hoped certain Democratic leaders, including former President Barack Obama, would be “drawn and quartered”, Marshall Police Chief Lang Holland resigned after it was revealed that he had posted offensive comments on right-wing social media site Parler, Mayor Kevin Elliott announced. [HuffPost]

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