COVID-19 infected four-year-old on intensive care

This 16 October 2020 video says about itself:

The Colombian Ministry of Health confirmed 6,823 new infections of Covid-19 and 151 deaths in the last 24 hours. With this figure, the number of cases registered since the beginning of the pandemic has increased to 936,982 and the number of deaths to 28,457. teleSUR

Translated from Belgian daily De Standaard, 16 October 2020, by Eveline Vergauwen:

A boy of four years old, Kaïs, is in intensive care. His father reports that he has hyperinflammatory syndrome, an overreaction after being infected with covid-19. “It rarely occurs in children,” says pediatrician Petra Schelstraete (UZ Gent). But he is not the first.

Kaïs’s father warned other parents on Facebook about the disastrous consequences of Covid-19 for his son. “Covid can also be dangerous to children,” he noted. …

In the first wave, the link was made with Kawasaki disease, which suddenly seemed to occur more often. “The response is similar to Kawasaki disease, which is also an overreaction of the immune system,” Schelstraete explains. “But while Kawasaki usually occurs in children under the age of five, after covid-19 we also see an overreaction in older children. With covid-19 we see that children are also much sicker.”

The link between the immune system overreaction and a corona infection has also been proven in recent months. “Many of the children who showed these symptoms during the first wave have been shown to be linked to covid-19.”

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