‘Mild’ COVID-19 infection is not mild

This 2 October 2020 video by the Washington Post in the USA says about itself:

Before Trump tested positive for coronavirus, Boris Johnson almost died after his diagnosis

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive for the coronavirus in March and spent time in intensive care before telling the public he nearly died. Read more here.

‘Covid-19 has left me a shadow of my former self – here’s what lies in store for Boris’; from the British Conservative Daily Telegraph.

From the New York Times in the USA:

For Boris Johnson, a Grim Premiership That No One Foresaw

“What on earth happened to the freedom-loving, twinkly-eyed, Rabelaisian character I voted for,” asked one columnist.

Translated from Dutch NOS radio today:

Many patients who have recovered from coronavirus appear to still have problems after almost six months. The Longfonds [Lung Fund] and Maastricht University have followed more than a thousand patients since the start of the coronavirus crisis.

“More than half of them have six or more complaints,” said Michael Rutgers, director of the Longfonds, in the NOS Radio 1 Journaal. “And nine out of ten are not yet free of complaints. That is quite alarming. It is not the case that everyone who has had coronavirus will keep these complaints. It concerns this specific group.”

Good guidance

Rutgers mentions complaints such as fatigue, muscle pain, shortness of breath and headache. Most of the participants in the study (94 percent) were not in hospitals: they had mild complaints. The average age of the respondents is 48 years and 86 percent of them said they were in good health before the coronavirus infection.

“It still needs to be investigated further, we are far from there yet. I would conclude that we should not be too frivolous about the period after the acute coronavirus complaints. It may be that you end up with misery for a long time. I think that those people need to be properly guided.”

8 thoughts on “‘Mild’ COVID-19 infection is not mild

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