Indonesian punk band plays traditional Indonesian instruments

This 2016 music video from Indonesia says about itself (translated):

PUNKLUNG (Punk Calung)

PUNKLUNG (Punk Calung) a music group from Cicalengka, Bandung Regency, a fusion of two cultures as a representation of “Music Without Borders”.

With the vision and mission of “having a critical spirit but still preserving the traditions of our ancestors” so as not to let them become extinct, let alone claimed by others!

Song – Blood Juang

Written by PUNKLUNG

A calung is a bamboo tube xylophone used in Indonesian music of Sundanese (west Java), Javanese (central and east Java) and Balinese (Bali island) language regions.

A west Javanese angklung is not an expensive instrument. So, comparatively accessible to Indonesian punk musicians, most of whom do not have much money.

My Indonesian correspondent Ari wrote:

There’s a band from my hometown [in west Java] that incorporated angklung (bamboo xylophone-like instruments) as their main instruments: PUNKLUNG (Punk Calung). They sing in Sundanese, which is our local language, different from the Indonesian language.

There is a kind of parallel with the Irish Pogues, with influences from both punk rock and Irish folk music.

Indonesian traditional music genres have maybe the biggest variety in xylophone-like instruments in the world. Eg, in gamelan ensembles. With Balinese gamelan traditionally being faster than Javanese gamelan, so maybe a bit more reminiscent of punk rock.

Remember the xylophone in Hong Kong Garden by Siouxsie and the Banshees from Britain.

Another Punklung music video says about itself (translated):

Punklung is a punk community that aims to preserve regional culture, especially in West Java. Punklung was formed by Iday, Dempak, Somad, Demok, Putih, and Adi based on motivation to rebuild the local culture. In achieving its goals, the community, which was founded in 2000, uses acculturation of punk and Sundanese culture in its performances. Apart from the genre of punk music with a fast and stomping beat, Punklung also performed social and political-themed songs to show punk culture to the wider community.


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