Coronavirus disaster, worldwide

This 15 September 2020 video says about itself:

Murder, Corruption, Coronavirus & Death of Democracy: Welcome to Bolsonaro’s Brazil. Glenn Greenwald

“There’s no question, Brazilian democracy’s imperilled”.

BLACK AND HISPANIC KIDS DIE MORE FROM CORONAVIRUS A detailed look at COVID-19 deaths in U.S. kids and young adults shows they mirror patterns in older patients. Of 121 deaths the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention examined, many had one or more medical conditions. The CDC found 54 were Hispanic, 35 were Black, and 17 were white, even though overall there are far more white Americans than Black and Hispanic. It may reflect many things, including that many essential workers who have to go to work are Black and Hispanic parents. [HuffPost]

There was a college mental health crisis before COVID-19. Now it may be worse.

Trump is less trusted internationally than Putin and Xi after his COVID-19 bungling.

TRUMP ADMIN STIFFED USPS FOR COVID-19 POSTCARD Trump’s administration reportedly has yet to pay the U.S. Postal Service for a postcard it sent out in March prominently displaying the president’s name alongside a series of guidelines for combating COVID-19. The cost of producing and sending the postcards to an estimated 138 million addresses across the U.S. was $28 million, with $4.6 million spent on printing alone. Meanwhile, as the 2020 election approaches, the new postmaster general, Louis DeJoy, has prioritized budget cuts over getting people their mail on time. This could imperil voting by mail. [HuffPost]

From daily The Morning Star in Britain today:

Schools struggling to cope with ‘out of control’ Covid-19 testing issues, unions warn

SCHOOLS are struggling to cope with “increasingly out of control” Covid-19 testing issues, teaching unions warned yesterday.

NASUWT general secretary Dr Patrick Roach called on the government to prioritise the education sector for the allocation of tests in the light of the challenges.

In a letter to Schools Minister Nick Gibb, Dr Roach said the union was aware of around 600 pupils being told to self-isolate in one local authority area, and that the number was growing.

The union leader told Mr Gibb that pupils sent home with symptoms did not know when or where they would be able to access a test.

Delays in testing had meant that some students and staff who were part of a school “bubble” were not being isolated even where there were multiple suspected cases.

“This is putting at risk the health and safety of others within the school and within the local community,” Dr Roach said.

Organisations representing school leaders and governors have also called on PM Boris Johnson to “take charge” of tackling the delays in obtaining Covid-19 tests to ensure that schools remain open.

The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), school leaders’ union NAHT and the National Governance Association have written to Mr Johnson to express concern about testing.

The letter warns of a “deep sense of foreboding about the potential for the system to become ever-more riddled with delays” as more cases emerge, which would be “increasingly disruptive to children’s education.”

The ASCL said it had received 264 emails from schools and colleges with symptomatic staff and pupils who were struggling to access tests.

Hundreds of schools have been hit with Covid-19 cases since it became compulsory for pupils to return.

Some have closed their doors days after reopening while others have told whole year groups and classes to self-isolate for two weeks following confirmed cases.

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