Footballers Mbappé, Neymar get coronavirus

This 7 September 2020 video in French is about footballer Mbappé, who has tested positive for coronavirus.

Dutch NOS radio reports today, translated:

Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappé has tested positive for corona. The attacker for the French national football team therefore misses the international match against Croatia.

Mbappé is the seventh PSG player who turns out to have coronavirus. Neymar is also infected.

Tawny owl and mushroom

Mushroom, 6 September 2020

This a Parasola sp. mushroom which has suffered from drought. This 6 September 2020 cellphone photo is from a woodland near Joppe in the Netherlands.

That day, dozens of goldfinches and also some blue tits feeding on sunflowers along the road.

During the night, male and female tawny owl calls.