COVID-19 news today

This 26 August 2020 video says about itself:

Mexico outbreak: Alarming mortality rates among health workers

Coronavirus deaths in Mexico have exceeded 60,000, the third-highest death toll in the world behind the United States and Brazil.

Infections among healthcare workers are also among the highest, making efforts to curb spread in the country all the more complicated.

Al Jazeera’s Manuel Rapalo reports from Mexico City.

USA: New COVID-19 cases skyrocket at University of Alabama and University of North Carolina. By Matthew MacEgan, 26 August 2020. Since reopening in-person instruction, the University of Alabama has reported 566 new cases of COVID-19 and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 646 new cases.

By Renae Cassimeda, 26 August 2020. A teacher from Fort Collins was recently fired for raising safety concerns as school openings in Colorado unfold in dangerous and piecemeal fashion, while the state now has 55,700 COVID-19 cases and 1,926 deaths.

I had COVID-19 but tested negative five times.

Doctor slams United States Republican party National Committee coronavirus video as “propaganda.”

German schools reopening without safety measures as coronavirus cases increase. By Marianne Arens and Gregor Link, 26 August 2020. The federal and state governments in Germany are setting the stage for a further explosion in the number of cases by reopening schools.

India emerges as a global epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic. By Wasantha Rupasinghe, 26 August 2020. India is the third country to surpass 3 million registered coronavirus cases, and its official death toll, widely considered to be an underestimation, is approaching 60,000.

Rising COVID-19 death toll underscores decades-long crisis in Australian aged care. By Clare Bruderlin, 26 August 2020. The tragic fatalities are the outcome of the corporatisation of the sector by successive Labor and Liberal-National federal governments.

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